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Asia karan12345610 
This is their last chance to do well, atleast make it to finals they have been together for like 32-34 weeks no trophy no finals otherwise they aren't top 10 imo too on top of that they lost to m1x and VP in last month omegalul
2019-10-23 14:36
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-botJ +g0dfig
2019-10-23 14:37
gla1ve | 
Australia oce 
I mean they did win a Dreamhack and have reached top 7. I would say that's pretty fcking good.
2019-10-23 14:37
When they won dreamhack? And top 7 isn't a achievement when you're playing in almost every good tournament and still haven't won a trophy , even eg fnatic won a tournament and avangar won a blast + made to major final , mouz are still to make to a final
2019-10-23 14:53
gla1ve | 
Australia oce 
If you watch there games you'll see how close their games are. Frozen has had a huge jump from tier 10 cs to tier 1 so he's still developing. > < The dreamhack they won -AVANGAR have completely fallen off ever since they won blast and made it to the Major final -Idk wtf happened with Fnatic but that was as insane run which nobody predicted -Mouz is basically a completely new roster it takes time for teams to develop. Don't expect them to become the best team in the world just yet.
2019-10-23 14:56
This is the 2and tournament avangar are playing after the blast , not to mention mouz lost to VP in a similar kind of tournament And other than adren no one on avangar is experienced and they were playing in low tier tournament before that , mouz have one of the best igl + best awper in the world + 2 of the best young talents + a decent entry fragger with a lot of experience you would atleast expect them to make a fucking final
2019-10-23 15:03
gla1ve | 
Australia oce 
-Best awper in the world? wtf who? Yes, I do suppose you would expect them not only to make it to finals but win the whole fucking event on paper this team is insane. Give them time my friend trust.
2019-10-23 15:05
That's what mouz fanboys call him
2019-10-23 15:40
United Kingdom Shoomus 
best awper in the world?????? tf
2019-10-23 15:06
5-0 to 6-9 if I speak...
2019-10-23 14:51
Sweden hyllie 
they are SHIT. the only reason why they won the pistol and the round after was because of ropz getting a fkn ace and ropz winning a 1v3. sad team
2019-10-23 14:54
India K_chin2 
Inconsistent AF
2019-10-23 14:56
I think the most likely scenario is -ChrisJ +some young talent.
2019-10-23 14:56
@ropzicle · 7 Hrs. Half of our team is sick & no voice, going to be a long day but we will try our best no matter what 😎
2019-10-23 15:04
Lolol I guess they are sick for months now
2019-10-23 15:07
2019-10-23 15:14
true, but no need to judge today -> "This is their last chance to do well"
2019-10-23 15:20
Imagine being one of the best teams on train, known for their huge comebacks on ct side and then almost losing to some tier10 chinese team with 2 russians and fnatic xD
2019-10-23 15:13
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