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RIP Jamppi
Aleksib | 
Finland aqua_rius Poizon taking this man's spot because of his connection to a steam account with CS:S VAC ban from 2013. Faceit Mikey said it's probably a case of sold old steam acc that someone got banned on later. Damn this guy deserved the opportunity :(
2019-10-23 21:31
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omg he died???
2019-10-23 21:32
no he lost change to play OG
2019-10-23 21:33
Canada thelegend27 
rest in ipurchasingstrength
2019-10-23 21:33
2019-10-23 22:41
Australia MikeOxmauI 
2019-10-24 10:35
Ukraine w1nth 
The perfect OG: jks (Some finnish player like sergej) NBK Aleksib valde
2019-10-23 21:35
Valde XD
2019-10-23 21:40
Valde is good wtf men
2019-10-23 22:38
Valde XD
2019-10-24 05:13
Crawl like a worm on the ground when you say Dark lord's name
2019-10-24 09:09
Magisk | 
Armenia s1xX 
Valde is good imo
2019-10-24 09:16
Valde XD
2019-10-23 21:44
Portugal baki_ 
2019-10-23 21:45
2019-10-23 22:37
Portugal baki_ 
thre is no poizon in his roster xD
2019-10-24 14:46
poison is finnish? You didn't know this? :P
2019-10-24 14:55
Russia Ilyichee 
Valde XD
2019-10-23 22:03
2019-10-23 22:05
Greece NaviGuy 
Valde XD
2019-10-23 22:26
2019-10-23 22:43
Other Bebestan 
Valde XD
2019-10-23 23:04
Israel Trust_me_bro 
Valde XD
2019-10-23 23:17
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2019-10-23 23:19
2019-10-23 23:48
Wtf Valde xD
2019-10-23 23:54
NBK xaxa XD
2019-10-24 01:41
nope Kjaerbye poizon NBK Aleksib valde
2019-10-24 02:04
Think you missed the point
2019-10-24 08:47
2019-10-24 09:10
NBK, n1, i like NBK, but he should retire
2019-10-24 10:17
Davidp | 
Switzerland SRB! 
dota 2 OG.. +1
2019-10-24 19:25
Why would jks downgrade tho International rosters have always failed with the exception of FaZe. Meanwhile RNG #8 in very good form once again,
2019-10-25 05:26
poizon is amazing player but jamppi was like next zywoo with sick stats, hope he can fix this mess OG lineup still very good
2019-10-23 21:39
Poizon is way too inconsistent. Really low lows, a new WorldEdit basically.
2019-10-23 21:49
Vietnam ALE! 
You're saying it because u are finnish and trying to support jamppi but poizon can get in to the rank about being consistent you should find a new way to make him look bad.
2019-10-23 21:56
2019-10-23 22:56
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
2019-10-25 08:05
Vietnam ALE! 
its really empty statement
2019-10-23 21:57
Portugal R4nger)( 
Poizon > Jamppi anytime bro
2019-10-23 23:14
United States FrothaIPBan 
Jamppi literally boosting his stats against the Finnish teams like Sergej. He’s good but you can’t say he’s better than Poizon
2019-10-23 23:53
United Kingdom Aqishimaaa 
imo poizon is better, only ever seen jamppi in finnish cs, in like tier 5
2019-10-24 01:45
he did play against old cr4zy and furia lineups
2019-10-24 09:20
I have not claimed that Jamppi or Poizon would be better than other. But Jamppi also does well in FPL and his level does not drop no matter what sort or opponent there is.
2019-10-24 14:23
United States FrothaIPBan 
2019-10-24 18:15
poizon is better than jamppi anyway lol onliner
2019-10-23 21:42
Look at his lan stats. He always does well even on lan
2019-10-23 21:44
yeah but against tier1?
2019-10-23 21:45
He literally doesn’t get a chance to play t1 with the rest 4 bots in his teams
2019-10-23 21:48
How dare you? GOD XARTE is the only good player in sj
2019-10-23 22:06
2019-10-24 09:15
havent played yet this couldve been his chance
2019-10-23 21:49
Vietnam ALE! 
he should start with HR Windigo kinda team. Poizon is way better rn and consistent
2019-10-23 21:58
i dont know what u mean by consistent and way better but yes he is more experienced playing against high level teams
2019-10-23 22:02
Vietnam ALE! 
he should play with some consistent tier 2 team and play against t2 and t1 then he can come up for OG.
2019-10-23 22:04
>Aleksib , Nbk ,valde , issa >t1 Hope you're joking.
2019-10-23 22:44
Vietnam ALE! 
issa was playing ok with t2 HR aleksib valde tier 1 players u can argue about nbk tho anyway yes this team have a potential to be tier1
2019-10-23 22:58
"playing OK" , valde , he's not the beast he was , aleksib is not really a top individual player , just average , good igl tho and NBK is just french diva that will ruin this team with his whining. So no , there is no hope for this team. Maybe , just MAYBE if they get rid of NBK on time and bring a decent fragger , then yes they have potential. NBK can be really good individual imo if he's focused on being only a fragger , but he's such a diva that he'd constantly fight with Aleksib over the IGL role.
2019-10-23 23:04
Vietnam ALE! 
I don't think they have a gut to do this in OG kinda team.
2019-10-23 23:08
2019-10-24 09:33
Finland Faust_fSt 
2019-10-24 10:25
Finland ZesseX 
SJ hltv rank 40 Windigo hltv rank 42 hr hltv rank 80
2019-10-23 22:24
Vietnam ALE! 
name last 10 opponents from these teams rank doesn't mean anything hltv gave fnatic 6 or smth after 1 event win
2019-10-23 22:56
still playing vs decent teams like HAVU, KOVA; helsinki reds etc,
2019-10-23 22:26
poizon against tier 1 teams when?
2019-10-24 09:11
in wesg 2018 they had decent opponents, mibr, fnatic and g2.
2019-10-24 09:18
2019-10-24 12:22
the consequences of being linked to an ancient vac banned account are about as pathetic as the consequences of saying the n word both should hold no value
2019-10-23 21:43
Aleksib | 
Finland Mamppa 
Different game, 6 years old, he was probably like 12 and just started playing and friends told him to get hacks and he did. And now he shouldn't be invited? 0iq
2019-10-23 22:02
flusha | 
Finland MEZi 
did u even understand what he just wrote
2019-10-23 22:03
Aleksib | 
Finland Mamppa 
I agreed with him and added some speculations what happened then. Did u read what I wrote?
2019-10-23 22:04
yes. once a cheater always a cheater. GET FUCKED FINNISH CHEATERS :D
2019-10-24 02:02
True true
2019-10-24 02:39
I agree, take away all of n0things prize money
2019-10-24 08:28
ban s1mple aswell
2019-10-24 19:22
2019-10-25 05:08
Yeah thats true definition of 0 iq. So many kids fall for this and I think vac ban for a kid is punishment enough. I know from experience xD
2019-10-24 08:53
Please valve clear Jamppi’s record, I know they usually wait for the team to reach the minors but pls!!
2019-10-23 21:44
Its gonna be painful. Imagine reaching minor finals and valve drop this bs....
2019-10-23 22:48
Thats really fucked up. Vac banned in source 6 years ago like why should that affect anything?
2019-10-23 21:44
Australia Irtiza 
Valve doesnt care
2019-10-23 22:02
weird question, but due to his old vac ban, would he be able to compete in valve tournaments such as majors?
2019-10-23 22:27
Finland Vkims 
Yes ofc
2019-10-23 22:30
Ok cool! Just had to check if OG passed on him because it entailed some consequences due to VAC, but seems just like hygiene factor that OG dont want to associate with anyone VAC banned.
2019-10-23 22:32
If OG has one of the best Dota2 teams , im pretty sure they are aiming for top10 CSGO team and no top10 team should miss a major.
2019-10-23 22:46
but he just said that VAC ban dont affect your ability to compete in majors.
2019-10-23 22:50
we have to wait and see. it'd pretty sad if he can't as this guy has talent.
2019-10-23 22:53
it just sound like OG dont want someone that has cheated at one point in their life. Very sad if he get passed for that.
2019-10-23 22:54
If you have proven VAC on CSGO, no minors and no majors for you. And yes, Volvo does not even care if it is done as a 12 yo kid.
2019-10-23 22:59
yikes, thats terrible.
2019-10-23 23:00
Not really tbh, cheaters should be punished for real.
2019-10-24 00:01
So if you cheat when youre 12 years old you should be punished for life? Also it might not even be him. Sell your account and someone else cheat... No one is arguing that there shouldnt be any punishment, but more so that's way to harsh. But why stop here? Shouldnt valve take legal action? Do you think that would be appropriate behaviour?
2019-10-24 00:26
''Punished for life'' No not really, but you cant play in csgo majors/minors if its proven you have gotten vac banned. You're free to participate in next cs release whenever that is. Kid or adult, you chose your actions and if you decide to cheat in mm to waste ur own time and screw a bunch of other peoples enjoyment you deserve it. You know its against the rules so its nothing but your own fault. Nope why would they take legal action?xD Banned in cs:go and you cant play in majors/minors is a reasonable punishment, same for 1.6 and source.
2019-10-24 01:08
Wasnt it a CS:S account that got banned so by your logic he is clean now and can play in minors/majors
2019-10-24 10:28
Never said that, but yes not being banned in csgo is per definition being "clean".
2019-10-24 15:03
Europe twitchy_ 
When you create a behavior, you'll be more prone to repeat that on the future than someone who never did. Neuronal networks stays there, so it will be easy to take that road again. By the way, this is not about if he's cheating or he'll cheat in the future, it's about that he cheats for sure, so... That's why reinstatement to society of people who did some crimes is a joke.
2019-10-24 09:17
Netherlands staticNL 
afaik Valve doesn't care if you were vac banned in a different game. If you get vacd in csgo its a different story
2019-10-23 22:32
2019-10-24 00:46
Netherlands staticNL 
2019-10-24 01:18
Netherlands staticNL 
wrong reply
2019-10-24 01:18
If a alcoholic quits drinking he is still an alcoholic. A cheater is always a cheater
2019-10-24 01:58
So if i were an alcoholic and quit alcohol 15 years ago im still an alcoholic? Nice logic
2019-10-24 10:37
Yes you retarded Fin. Doesn't matter if you quit 50 years ago, an alcoholic still lacks the ability to moderate their drinking. In other words, one beer leads to another beer, which leads to another , and another, and then they're drinking everyday again just like they did 50 years ago. That is what an alcoholic is. You can never stop being an alcoholic, even if you don't drink.
2019-10-25 00:33
as if cheating is addiction lmao
2019-10-25 00:40
Why do you think people can't get addicted to cheating?
2019-10-25 00:45
why are you such a donkey?
2019-10-25 00:46
2019-10-25 07:09
U are so dumb
2019-10-25 08:46
Good pick up tbh, cuz he proves himself on tier-1-2 lvl
2019-10-23 21:45
probably not vac banned in source but in CSGO
2019-10-23 21:45
sources on it being CS:S ban?
2019-10-23 21:46 I think he even admitted on steam and it was a cs source vac ban in 2013 when he was 12/13 years old
2019-10-24 09:23
nowhere does it say its a source ban. it has to be csgo ban, why would anyone care about a css ban? many current pros have bans in source or 1.6
2019-10-24 14:22
He admitted it on his own stream and even saddyx was talking about it on his own stream
2019-10-24 20:38
cs:s is so irrelevant bro + he was like 12 at that time or osmething xD
2019-10-23 21:46
it shows lack of moral character
2019-10-23 22:03
dude when I was 12 I did stupid things too and was curious as well in the world of cheating + most people used to cheat too back in the days so why must he be punished for being a child?
2019-10-23 22:04
it was a bait
2019-10-23 22:20
sorry man im a blockhead xD
2019-10-23 22:21
Didnt seem like it tbh
2019-10-24 08:57
Brazil NahT_ 
#FreeJamppi inc
2019-10-23 21:51
i dont think that's the only reason.
2019-10-23 21:58
Europe unlukomaluko 
2019-10-23 22:42
I don't think either. Probably DeKay just pulling it out his hats, or it is something the source pulled from their hat, as they do not know everything. It could well be that the OG lineup trailed him and figured that Jamppi just does not fit.
2019-10-23 23:00
>dekay >pulling stuff out from his hat nope, he's pretty much the only reporter i can trust 100%
2019-10-23 23:53
Did you even read the story? Even he says it is a guess and probably only one of the reasons.
2019-10-24 14:20
lol, look at you explaining this for jamppi
2019-10-24 00:57
How is exactly this explaining for Jamppi, if I indicate that he might not have fitted the team?
2019-10-24 14:19
you are ignoring the sources and disregarding their credability because you're a braindead fanboy. trying to explain it some other way as if an organization would lie about something like that just because your jamppi didnt fit the team.
2019-10-24 18:10
multiple sources claiming it's related to the old vac banned account, they most certainly know something. imagine being just a 3rd party observer on a forum thinking the insiders probably don't know things but your baseless assumptions are more likely, hilarious :D
2019-10-24 01:48
If you read the DeKays report he says multiple source guess it is ONE of the reasons. Likely it is the only reason they know.
2019-10-24 14:19
Brazil goatzera 
2019-10-23 22:02
United Kingdom @VOSSKi_tv 
who cars
2019-10-23 22:03
I train mens( Good player wtf(
2019-10-23 23:23
i new cache mens
2019-10-23 23:53
Spain akproxx 
There no problem with a css or 1.6 ban in csgo lol
2019-10-23 22:04
ye, deluded finland fanboys it's csgo vac ban
2019-10-23 22:05
2019-10-24 08:42
grux top1
2019-10-23 22:09
source ban doesnt matter lol
2019-10-23 22:23
clearly it does to them rofl
2019-10-23 22:26
shutup uneducated dog reason why he wasnt invited to fpl before recently was cus he had a source vac ban u dumbass they took a vote and he was allowed in low iq dog ncie coutnry lmao!!!!!!!
2019-10-23 23:47
Stop baiting Hans
2019-10-24 08:17
i am | 
Turkey kwhrajex 
nice poizon is way better
2019-10-23 22:32
Lmao simple have ban in cs:s or cs 1.6 and what? He play in tier 2 team . So jampy or noob or he cheating in cs:go
2019-10-23 22:36
Europe unlukomaluko 
I don't think that's true, it's not only a source ban surely not, there is so much players with source bans
2019-10-23 22:42
csgo vac
2019-10-24 18:11
Netherlands gelm1r 
good, everyone with a vac ban should NEVER get ever to play on pro stage again no matter if you were 8 y/0 and cheating for fun
2019-10-23 22:50
more like RIP OG
2019-10-23 22:52
United Kingdom @VOSSKi_tv 
once a cheater, always a cheater
2019-10-23 23:05
once a dickhead, always a dickhead
2019-10-24 09:40
OG wants to build an international superteam picks poizon what a joke
2019-10-23 23:05
2019-10-24 00:51
Germany pmb  
wtf there are a ton of pros who cheated or even actively cheat, why is this a problem here?
2019-10-23 23:11
if we are going to pretend they dont cheat or act like we cant say for 100% they dont cheat because they dont have a VAC ban, then when they actually fucking do have a VAC we need to treat it so.
2019-10-24 02:53
he was 12 when he did that calm down NA
2019-10-24 08:55
Canada JumpWithSpace 
I'm pretty sure it only matters if you were banned in CSGO, doesnt Happy have a vac ban in 1.6?
2019-10-23 23:16
A lot of players have
2019-10-24 00:27
it is csgo vac
2019-10-24 18:11
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1 
2019-10-23 23:17
juice | 
Iceland wrId 
hope the best for Jamppi s1mple also had vac banned old account and noone cares
2019-10-23 23:20
S1mples ban was ESL not VAC
2019-10-24 10:19
which is worse
2019-10-25 11:07
Damn Jamppi was the perfect fit
2019-10-23 23:25
2019-10-23 23:50
is there even a way to hold a dialogue with valve? i have this feeling that they can restrict alot of players without compromising or even communicate about it. im not sure about the above statement, just my thoughts and guesses
2019-10-23 23:53
Poizon is better, Jamppi can join BlameF and make coL a powerhouse
2019-10-24 00:32
good. hes still cheating on the scene. nice to see it not pay off for one of em atleast.
2019-10-24 00:41
Sweden kAED 
It's not a CSS vac ban you moron. You are allowed to play at majors with vac bans from 1.6 or css, but not from go. If it was from css it wouldn't be a problem
2019-10-24 00:42
-ISSAA +Kjaerbye if so then superteam inc
2019-10-24 00:49
2019-10-24 02:54
2019-10-24 02:58
Finland 7ones 
Useless mediocre team without Jamppi. Losers.
2019-10-24 00:54
Denmark baccster 
2019-10-24 01:11
Rest in peace Jamppi
2019-10-24 01:10
Kjaerbye seems to be moving in with valde to join OG, let's goooo
2019-10-24 01:24
i hope not.
2019-10-24 18:30
i feel like he's not done with cheating after i've seen many recently created clips so i feel good poizon is gonna get chosen. he is really talented and highly underrated. get him that spot, he'll be the next cerq.
2019-10-24 01:44
2019-10-24 18:12
could you link me some of the many recently created clips? or are you just talking about the one clip where the ''aimbot'' was clearly just server lag?
2019-10-24 19:38
Germany Montanablack 
2019-10-25 05:28
2019-10-24 02:00
jamppi is the better choice, especially having aleksib on the team, I like poizon, but he's too inconsistent I believe
2019-10-24 02:04
Kush | 
Netherlands protiny 
where is the part about it being bevcausae of an old ban in another game? Shouldn't be a problem right?
2019-10-24 02:08
it wouldnt be due to a ban from another game, its a csgo vacban
2019-10-24 18:30
Kush | 
Netherlands protiny 
oh thought it was a cs source vac ban? EDIT: Even OP says it's not a GO VAC ban. "Poizon taking this man's spot because of his connection to a steam account with CS:S VAC ban from 2013." CS:S as in "Counter-Strike: Source". Source bans don't carry over consequences to CS:GO. Multiple GO players have CS1.6 or CS:S bans. S1mple being one of them.
2019-10-24 18:51
If it's not a CS:GO ban why would they not sign him? He can still play major if its from css
2019-10-24 02:46
its a csgo vac
2019-10-24 18:30
NOOOOOOOOO :(((( I was really excited to see him in this team.
2019-10-24 08:31
2019-10-24 08:32
Finland Autisthicc 
maybe you shouldn't be cheater jamppi XDD
2019-10-24 08:35
Slovakia sanjuro 
who the fuck cares what happened in 2013, some dumbfucks living in the past
2019-10-24 09:00
my thoughts exactly
2019-10-24 09:54
i swear this thread has brought out the most retarded Finnish iq
2019-10-24 18:32
lol fuck americans, destroyed homes of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. never should let in any kind of competition. fuck them, that country should disband
2019-10-24 20:41
expected from finland. judging by your username i would guess 13-16 years old.
2019-10-24 20:50
nt burger, but close
2019-10-24 20:50
Germany Montanablack 
actually most of them were either killed by themselves or simply died to the diseases that the European settlers has unknowingly brought with them.
2019-10-25 05:27
you're right. tell your mother to forgive me for the rape. almost 6 years now.. get over it
2019-10-24 18:31
Slovakia sanjuro 
jamppi raped your mother?
2019-10-24 19:24
i swear this thread has brought out the most retarded murican iq
2019-10-24 19:37
It's fucking stupid that something he did when he was like 12 can affect him now
2019-10-24 09:04
-NBK + Jamppi and this looks awesome!
2019-10-24 09:51
Cry is pretty expensive rn.. :(
2019-10-24 10:25
Finland kommunisti 
Aleksib Jks Jamppi NBK Valde The dream
2019-10-24 10:30
2019-10-24 10:44
Why would jks downgrade?
2019-10-25 05:25
The story is Jamppi sold the account and the buyer cheated so the account got vac'd. Nuff Sad
2019-10-24 12:45
sure. no need to sell an account in the first place unless you boosted it with cheats or you cheated on it. no sympathy here.
2019-10-24 18:33
United Kingdom SUFYY 
Back in 2013, people are so fucking petty, just let him join OG instead, he deserves it smh
2019-10-24 18:50
no he doesnt, not proved anything against tier 1
2019-10-24 20:57
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
allways the same excuse :D and why you even want to sell your account? If not boosted or lots of skins etc
2019-10-24 19:52
XigN | 
Korea yooz 
fucking retard it was a CSS vac ban
2019-10-24 20:38
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
even if it was, once a cheater allways a cheater :)
2019-10-24 20:51
like s1mple, like flusha?
2019-10-24 20:51
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
2019-10-24 20:52
ok np
2019-10-24 20:53
Germany Montanablack 
not really, well it depends
2019-10-25 05:26
Forsaken 5 year ban from cheating on lan Jamppi 2013 CS:S ban -> cant play on high level
2019-10-24 20:53
cheater rekt)) cry
2019-10-24 20:53
thats what you get for being stupid HAHAHAHAHA
2019-10-24 20:58
2019-10-24 20:59
Bulgaria overflowww 
poizon much better than unproven tier 3 online finnish anti social bot
2019-10-24 20:59
Finland 7ones 
Maybe it is something else, like a more recent cheat. Cannot imagine something that happened in 2013 affects anything anymore. I do not buy that reasoning. They just do not want to ruin his career anymore than that.
2019-10-24 21:20
Cheater | 
China imd0g 
cheaters should get 10years in prison
2019-10-24 21:22
Germany Montanablack 
how do they even find these things out wtf
2019-10-25 05:26
og should just wait for s1mples contract to expire and get him if they want “super team” lol cus this team rn isn’t even top 5 material
2019-10-25 05:42
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