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Zeus ,please come back!!!
Turkey engin4000 
Only 14 y.o. kiddos can think, that he was useless. He was the best cis igl and without him Navi is like expensive car without an engine. With Zeus Navi managed to won against team like Heroic and was decent most of the time. During his leading Navi played good, won trophies , played 3 Major finals and S1mple became the world best player.
2019-10-23 22:24
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Qatar PrisMcsgo 
zeus is shit. its just that guardian is also shit and navi needed to sign sh1ro or sexpower
2019-10-23 22:26
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
Navi always tried to avoid roster changes as long as they could and now getting Guardian whom they gonna replace in a year or so?! dafuq navi, was he for free or what lmfao
2019-10-23 22:28
FaZe really wanted cold so there’s a chance they were willing to sell him for cheaper and navi realized that
2019-10-23 22:33
koosta | 
United States yghj 
smol brain
2019-10-23 22:29
Russia EG_top1_0major 
low-experienced boiz would be useless
2019-10-23 22:31
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
no they'd actually get frags unlike botdian
2019-10-23 22:32
Sh1ro is a shit player, no wonder t1 doesnt pick him up
2019-10-23 22:33
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
his ratings says hes good
2019-10-23 22:35
2019-10-23 22:36
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
well, let him play in t1 and i bet you that he will perform.
2019-10-23 22:38
> let him > and I bet > he will So let him show something against tier1 opposition in his current team and then we talk about Na`Vi to consider him at least, ok?
2019-10-23 23:47
Absolutely. They had to sign Sh1ro or at least give him a chance with 1-2 months trial. Fanboys say "guardian have to adapt" , well the moment he joined FaZe he immediately overperformed. Now he speaks his native language and still cant perform.
2019-10-23 23:26
Zeus is a drama queen with garbage strats and an ego the size of an elephant. Changing your IGL is the most complicated move a team can make, they should become better over time.
2019-10-23 22:29
Russia Ypp1 
At least he is 1x major winner.
2019-10-23 22:38
So is rush, wanna bring him to navi?
2019-10-23 22:58
Russia Ypp1 
Im not sure, but he isn`t garbage, bro. May be he has some shit strats, but he is still the moral keeper of the team, like and psychologist, so he isn`t useless.
2019-10-23 23:00
They have a team psychologist though. I don’t say that raising the spirits of your teammates isn’t important or anything, but it’s the least important thing an igl can do.
2019-10-23 23:07
Zeus was a bot. But at least he kept this toxic bunch of guys together somehow. Now their toxicity will destroy them
2019-10-23 22:38
Poland Astoner55 
Boombl4 calling is pretty OK, it will get better for sure, he is still learning, also he is young and he really has the drive to win. The real problem is Guardian, he was playing with an AWP in positions that required him to have impact, you could see he was taking peeks, holding important angles etc., he is just shit. That's all. If they sign someone young and motivated, and good (!), then it's only a matter of time until Navi breaks to top5.
2019-10-23 23:29
zeus biggest garbage
2019-10-23 23:29
snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
Navi don't need Zeus, Bombel is not the problem he is great IGL Navi's problems are: Guardian being shit and s1mple being toxic as fuck It was a great idea to bring AWPer and let s1mple rifle, but Guardian is just too old and washed up If Navi will get some really sick awper like shiro (yeah I know that he did not prove himself yet, but you cant say that he is not skilled as fuck+ he would be much better than guardian for sure) or xsepower BUT, If I was Navi's CEO I would just kick s1mple, and see if team will get better without that toxic fuck. He is not as good as he used to be anymore so he is not untouchable Well maybe not kick, but bench for few tournaments IMO his toxity could be the biggest problem in Navi, without Zeus there is no one that can stop him from being toxic as fuck
2019-10-23 23:41
Good analaysis but some players in sports are just untouchable. You can't sub Messi or Ronaldo off or you can't bench s1mple. These moves are risky sports wise and costly marketing wise.
2019-10-23 23:54
Zeus Navi never won a major.
2019-10-23 23:45
Hai, senks fo sapport bat ay wont cam beck, sori gg
2019-10-23 23:46
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