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200kg squat before 16
Finland shrekspenis 
so i turn 16 on december 5th, do you guys think its possible for me to hit a 200kg squat before that? atm my 1rm is 180kg, did 5x5 150kg rpe 8-9 to powerlifting depth 3 days ago.
2019-10-25 19:45
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My best is also 180 but I don't think I can hit 200 that soon. However I'm older and you are in the perfect age for strength development, so maybe. BTW good job on that 150 5x5
2019-10-25 19:51
yea i've been training for only a little over year and people have hard time believing my numbers because of my age.
2019-10-25 19:54
Good genetics, age and a good program can really do wonders.
2019-10-25 19:56
100% agree
2019-10-25 19:59
can you give program example pls for chest back and arms pls
2019-10-26 18:39
"" you can find a lot there, a lot of tips, videos and shit you can either bring to your own program or just use programs there. its for every type of body type etc... hope u find it okay
2019-10-26 19:48
I train for olympic weightlifting so I focus a lot on squats and deadlifts as strenght builders, I only do benches from time to time.
2019-10-26 22:21
it doesnt have to be genetics, if he is lets say 1.74m tall he has an easier time looking big, i dont look that big and ima almost 80kg, i have long arms and legs so hard to put muscle but a small person has lower range of motion and looks beefy at 70kg
2019-10-27 10:27
Honestly how big you look is not that important, but of course a predisposition for gaining muscle mass helps. In terms of levers I will agree that generally shorter people can lift more weight but that also depends on femur length to leg, torso to leg ratio and the length of your limbs relative to your body. Look up Lu Xiaojun for the ideal body configuration for levers in weightlifting and you will see that despite his ridiculous numbers he is not gigantic.
2019-10-27 11:49
yea, thats what i mean, my best was 60kg 8/10 times at 19 when i was 74kg, since then havent been going to gym but just eating my way to 80kg, I am gigantic and whenever i pack weight it goes to abdomen part and legs but almost never to arms, but back is steady tho
2019-10-27 11:57
BnTeT | 
Indonesia 9uesz
yes ,everyone on hltv can do 250kg back squat before 16
2019-10-25 19:52
2019-10-25 19:55
Lithuania simo32
i squat 300kg and im 12
2019-10-25 23:08
Bulgaria d0peY1
omg, i used to squat 350kg at 12, now im 13 and i squat with 600kg...
2019-10-26 00:35
Lithuania simo32
shit nigga
2019-10-26 01:08
im 11 and i squat with my neightbours car just no gym around , ez 800-1.3k kg depends on the cars nearby
2019-10-26 02:10
Lithuania simo32
ur lying theres no cars that weigh 800kg... are you mistaking cars for americans??
2019-10-26 02:49
Bulgaria d0peY1
probably, but those are fit americans... i had a friend who is 1800kg on diet.. typical amerikano
2019-10-26 11:23
report for n word MY NIBBA
2019-10-27 00:21
2019-10-27 02:24
Europe RJM
im 14 and i do 205kg 2 rep max and bench 125kg x3, bodyweight 70kg
2019-10-25 19:53
2019-10-25 19:55
Sweden Sw4de
nope, not enough time
2019-10-25 19:55
i have over a month tho, ordered new strong ass pre workout and am motivated as fuck, are you sure?
2019-10-25 19:55
Sweden Sw4de
i'm sure i wouldn't be able to do that in such a short amount of time.. but maybe you could idk how fast u progress. good luck anyway, hope you make it
2019-10-25 23:02
thanks mr.sw4de
2019-10-26 01:47
United Kingdom VOSSKi
idk man it will be tough i'd say you could get to 190 easily, but 200 might be a stretch just put your mind to it, and you can do it :D
2019-10-25 19:58
yea im progressing real fast atm and my form is getting better. i strongly believe i can do it
2019-10-25 20:00
if u weigh 190 its only 10kg of additional weight, its ez man
2019-10-25 19:58
i weigh 83
2019-10-25 20:00
why u weigh so much at 16 wtf
2019-10-25 20:04
im 14% bodyfat and 177cm so i'd say its muscle
2019-10-25 20:10
Netherlands Removed
2019-10-26 18:51
2019-10-26 18:56
training for a year, 16 yo and 180kg squat, sure man. Post form check otherwise gtfo
2019-10-25 20:07
it's in my first thread, not powerlifting depth but parallel
2019-10-25 20:09
post a vid.
2019-10-25 20:14
2019-10-25 20:16
if its you, and you are 16 and natural then good job. The depth would definitely not count in competition tho'
2019-10-25 20:23
thanks, and i know. ill try to hit it with comp depth before going for a bigger weight
2019-10-25 20:29
Nt, saw this guy on youtube yesterday
2019-10-26 00:59
me too
2019-10-26 01:50
The guy in this video is squatting 220kg, 5 plates on each side, but you wanna pr 200?
2019-10-26 02:17
First plate is 20, rest are 15s. If you actually have hard time believing, I can send u a pic of that nike bag with the exact same gear in it
2019-10-26 02:31
+1 impossible, i have a friend with fucking sick muscles hes 17, hes training for 2years and can only do 180kg squat.
2019-10-26 02:20
you don't need visible muscles to squat heavy
2019-10-26 11:28
true, some have superior bodybuilding genetics and some have superior strength genetics
2019-10-26 14:47 look at this guy, he's pretty small but deadlifts 700lb
2019-10-26 14:58
good luck when ur 40 and ur not able to walk anymore ^^ bones are not fully developed yet and ur growth is not 100% u will suffer my frend.
2019-10-25 23:06
oh ur one of those virgins
2019-10-25 23:48
Europe obvious
You are the virgin, doubt you lost your virginity at 15yo in Finland
2019-10-26 01:03
dno what does my nationality have to do with this
2019-10-26 01:46
Europe obvious
Nt dodging my main concern, you are a virgin.
2019-10-26 02:01
no, i presented a counter-question, which you were unable to answer to. im not a virgin
2019-10-26 02:04
Europe obvious
oh okay, so let me sum it up: You squat 180kg and you lost your virginity already all at 15yo. Yeah nt. One of those is a lie, if you were really try harding gym that much I doubt you'd have time for girls. And I wasn't trying to answer your question anyway, it's not that I wasn't able to answer it lmao. Finland is a country with shy people, that is generally known. 0/8
2019-10-26 02:13
Investing 2 hours to the gym a day doesnt take much out of the day
2019-10-26 02:15
Europe obvious
It does actually, if you go to school, then you travel to the gym, take supplements, spend 2 hours in the gym, you travel back home, take supplements, and you gotta have a good rest too, so usually you'd aim to go to sleep early. I'm starting to doubt you even more. You are either a virgin or you are not even close to a 200kg squat. And I forgot food prepping and all this other shit.
2019-10-26 02:19
My mom makes my food, takes 2 minutes to blend pwo, creatine and malate and drink it. Gym is about a 5 minute walk next to me, takes 5 min to drive to school so ive got plenty of time
2019-10-26 02:27
Europe obvious
Nah I still think you said you aren't a virgin only cuz I called you out on that. There is nothing to be ashamed of anyways since you are 15, but just don't call other people virgins if you are one yourself.
2019-10-26 02:32
I wouldnt call other people virgins if i was a virgin. its like calling other people fat when you're fat, makes no sense.
2019-10-26 02:37
did u wake up yet
2019-10-26 02:55
2019-10-26 03:02
might be a logical thought to stay away from a point that could be turned against yourself, but in reality people on the internet almost always go back to call people things that they are concerned about with themselves. its called projection. I dont feel the need to call anyone a virgin, since its a useless "messurement" of someones "worth" and is in the the lowest category of insults. The fact that i am not a virgin does not give me the feeling of being superior, because once you have sex regulary, it loses meaning (in the context of being called a virgin, or calling someone else a virgin) and other factors take its place at the top of the list. Which is why you see different conversations on hltv. Some are only concerned with woman and sex and virginity. probably under 18 or virgins. Others are only concerned with wealth and money and cars, probably between 20 and 30 and so on. The only thing that matters is setting goals and bein able to reach them, if you can do that(and the gym, aswell as sports can be a great tool to learn how to reach goals), all will be fine and at what time in your life you have sex the first time doesnt matter(as long as you dont wait too long and build up insecurities). I thought i was late losing virginity with 15 because some of my friends were already doing it with 13/14, in the end it never mattered at all when, how or with whom i lost my virginity, only for 1 year in my head.
2019-10-27 14:21
Bone and tendon strength increases as you get stronger so no, with proper form he will have nothing to worry about...
2019-10-26 11:36
ye but its different when they are not outgrown yet. just like a dog if u let him jump off couches and sofas alot in the first 4 years its possible his legs will deform same with too much weight.
2019-10-27 10:25
2019-10-27 11:46
well good luck running around with O legs in your older age if u go over the top with squatting , deadlifting no matter how good ur form is.
2019-10-27 14:26
Where is ur evidence that this will actually happen? Im getting a feeling you're a lazy skinny fat kid who hasn't touched a weight in his life?
2019-10-27 14:34
Ukraine Hierophant
press F to pay respect
2019-10-25 23:10
2019-10-26 00:17
Ukraine Hierophant
i have 140 but not max i left without food and money, enjoy this if u like it
2019-10-26 00:19
2019-10-26 00:29
Ukraine Hierophant
ez life)
2019-10-26 00:33
2019-10-26 00:37
2019-10-26 02:27
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w
yes, hf with your body when you reach your 50s
2019-10-26 00:23
2019-10-26 00:29
2019-10-26 18:37
stinx | 
Faroe Islands günT
if you have a 180 kg squat something tells me you know the answer to your question better than anyone else around here
2019-10-26 00:39
You just need to eat more burguer
2019-10-26 00:56
fuck a burguer
2019-10-26 21:57
first time i did squat on gym i ripped of my shorts behind. was awkward af, but i did come back home and got a new one.
2019-10-26 22:00
is it cos you ate a burguer?
2019-10-26 22:01
i squat 32k/month
2019-10-26 00:58
hi , im dj too
2019-10-26 02:14
same and i have a gf model from italy
2019-10-26 18:37
She doesn't mind you fucking 199 other girls a year?
2019-10-26 21:37
2019-10-26 23:42
We have a rule that I need to fuck her before I go to other girls 😎😎😎
2019-10-27 10:29 this is a crazy effective and hard program russians used durning the soviet times follow this and youll squat more than 200 by 16 yo
2019-10-26 01:55
ill look into it
2019-10-26 01:58
I've given this program a thought but it just seems so much that i would have to ditch deadlifts for the extra recovery.
2019-10-26 11:33
yeah i couldnt imagine deadlifting while doing this program or doing anything else at all really its just squatting for 3 months and youll make the 1rm pr of your lifetime you will probably deadlift more too tho at the end of this program
2019-10-26 13:17
2019-10-26 01:56
2019-10-26 01:58
Nvm found it
2019-10-26 01:58
Just dont fart trying.
2019-10-26 02:06
I wont
2019-10-26 02:32
Dont be so proud. It happen
2019-10-26 06:54
2019-10-26 12:52
lmao doing squats is gay just train, but dont do squats.
2019-10-26 02:19
So ur friend is gay?
2019-10-26 02:31
Ask him??
2019-10-27 12:33
Europe obvious
If you don't squat you're gay
2019-10-26 02:33
dude ur still growing dont lift weight , i had a friend that stopped growing due the heavy weight lifting ... now hes a manlet
2019-10-26 07:16
yea its really bad while still developing
2019-10-26 07:20 stop talking out of ur ass
2019-10-26 11:31
2019-10-26 18:34
Switzerland Schwandi
There are litteraly scientific references in the description.
2019-10-26 18:39
theres nothing in that just some names
2019-10-26 18:46
yes ik when i click the link theres nothing in it
2019-10-26 18:52
Switzerland Schwandi
2019-10-26 18:53
2019-10-26 18:54
lmao nt weak kiddo
2019-10-26 19:27
steroids r bad
2019-10-26 07:19
No u
2019-10-26 12:53
Do you program for urself or do u use free programs/buy programs?
2019-10-26 11:30
I program for myself
2019-10-26 12:53
thats pretty impressive, i would hire a nice coach even if its online so you could peak at 200kgs before the comp, i think its possible source: 272.5kg squatter
2019-10-26 23:08
Been planning to hire a coach for a while now, probably will when i know what meet ill attend. I remember you, strong as fuck.
2019-10-27 13:33
JW benches 1880kg and squats 2700kg
2019-10-26 13:11
Yea i know
2019-10-26 13:29
Europe men)
u good but not best (jw best)
2019-10-26 23:36
Hello mens i squat 100kg give me tips
2019-10-26 14:09
lowbar or highbar?
2019-10-26 14:44
Havent really thought about it but lowbar i guess
2019-10-26 15:41
you squat more with lowbar and it's the better variation overall. perfecting your form is probably the most important thing
2019-10-26 17:22
I got the from OK, but any exercises that got you that strong cuz 200 t 16 is insane bro, props
2019-10-26 21:14
i dont necessary know the exact accessories that helped my squat but im guessing it's heavy ass leg press, lunges, deadlifts, speed squats and pause squats. those are the exercises that i've done and im guessing they have helped me a lot. also i've recently started doing this mobility routine for squats which has helped my depth enormously. thanks btw
2019-10-26 21:28
Thanks, ill do my best. Good luck on that 200
2019-10-27 10:53
Thanks man
2019-10-27 13:31
lmao we share birthdays, hello there
2019-10-26 18:40
Hello friend
2019-10-26 19:55
dont overdo it because your heart is gonna give in, you are basically cutting your lifetime unless you do it slow. its not steroids that kills the heart on bodybuilding, its the constant strain.
2019-10-26 18:40
So what u essentially are saying is that the way to stay alive the longest is to not get strong? unless u become some 180kg monster u are better off than ppl who are weaker...
2019-10-26 19:30
crossfit is the way to go, build enough muscles but also flexibility and controlling of your body
2019-10-26 19:42
I'd rather die earlier than do that faggot crossfit shit
2019-10-26 19:56
good, btw, its more gay to go to gym and watch muscular men than be all around fit sexbomb. i mean living to your 40's isnt that bad, even tho last years of those you have to live with heart symptoms similar to 90 year old.
2019-10-26 20:22
u do u
2019-10-26 21:29
if you are in a healthy bf % and don't weigh 180kg u are going to be fine and will most likely live to ur 80's or some shit...
2019-10-27 11:43
not if your heart has already worked several lifetimes of beats trying to maintain the muscles you have had younger.
2019-10-27 12:53
And where is the source for this?
2019-10-27 13:56
logic, when your heart has to work twice or three times more than usual just to upkeep the oxygen to your muscles its dead giveaway what makes bodybuilders die so early. people have this misconception that its steroids that causes it but its not because people that use steroids work out just as hard or even harder than ordinary gym fellow. view human body as a machine, lets say heart is gpu and i overclock it, would you expect it to last longer?
2019-10-27 14:12
+1 he is retarded bro
2019-10-27 10:48
Switzerland Schwandi
I think it is quite hard to go from 180 to 200 in just 1 month. Ofc you can try but i don't think the average person is capable of doing this. But on the other hand the average 16y.o doesn't even squat 100
2019-10-26 18:43
Yea but ill make it
2019-10-26 19:57
fer | 
United Kingdom kanezz
its def not a easy task i would'nt make in in such a short time but if you work hard and dedicate yourself enough you can do it lad. good fucking luck there
2019-10-26 18:52
Thanks bro, ill need it.
2019-10-26 19:57
Other delmaszm
20kg in 1 month on a PR seems too much. Especially when you shouldn’t PR that often Just look at pro weightlifter (It’s a bit different tho) they work 80-95% all year long and need to peek 100-110% on the D day Just get a good powerlift program and you’ll get there. Also don’t forget accessories work
2019-10-26 18:57
I only try 1rm like once a month
2019-10-26 19:56
Damn that's ambitious my dude. Idk if it's realistic. Unless you started working out like a month ago you can't increase your max that fast
2019-10-26 18:59
14 months, i believe i can do it. Did 5x3 with 170 today
2019-10-26 19:46
That 200kg better be to depth this time or ill hate on you like some of these weak bois in this thread lmao.
2019-10-26 19:06
+1 lol
2019-10-26 19:31
Yea I actually started doing mobility work a while ago and im able to squat to depth easilt now
2019-10-26 19:45
200kg at 16? lmao I squatted 200kg when I was 13. Get on my level.
2019-10-26 19:32
Nice man! Do you have any proof?
2019-10-26 19:45
Nah mate, just gonna have to trust me. The same way I guess I'll just have to trust you, eh?
2019-10-26 19:48
But I have linked proof on this thread
2019-10-26 20:01
Is that right? Link it again please :)
2019-10-26 20:05
Im on phone, its an imgur link go look for it
2019-10-26 20:07
2019-10-26 20:07
ah yes. I found it just before you posted it. If that's actually you, very impressive. I thought this was a troll thread so I tried to bait, in case you didn't notice. (I hope you did, wasn't trying to hide it). Not really competition deph. But impressive non the less. Still quite deep. WP.
2019-10-26 20:09
Yea i lowkey noticed u were tryna bait. I've done mobility work a lot recently and it has helped drive my knees out more which helps with the depth, so the 200kg will be comp depth if i ever get it
2019-10-26 20:16
You'll die instantly
2019-10-26 20:14
2019-10-26 20:15
Trust me. My friend did it and a black hole opened pulling him into it
2019-10-26 20:16
No wayy😯😯
2019-10-26 20:21
yes way 😥
2019-10-26 20:21
2019-10-26 20:31
inb4 "can i grow beyond 173cm" thread in 4 years
2019-10-26 22:02
but im 177cm
2019-10-26 22:07
lmao midget
2019-10-26 22:11
2019-10-26 22:16
why do you even lift? you gna look like a square XD
2019-10-26 22:25
to build a future
2019-10-26 22:27
don't kids do that in school nowadays? or did you drop out
2019-10-26 22:27
"nowadays" dont act like you're much older and smarter when you're trying to bait a 15 year old kid
2019-10-26 22:28
so you are actually a drop out? XD
2019-10-26 22:28
currently on the first grade of high school
2019-10-26 22:29
so what is behind your statement in #171? im genuinely interested
2019-10-26 22:30
competing in powerlifting and fitness related job
2019-10-26 22:31
XD 79iq much
2019-10-26 22:38
XD manchild much
2019-10-26 22:39
might aswell become a constructor worker
2019-10-26 22:45
as well*
2019-10-26 22:46
#177 Xd your point?
2019-10-26 22:48
2019-10-26 22:49
powerlifter's brain seems to be working as intended
2019-10-26 22:51
your uneducated uk brain is hard to understand
2019-10-26 22:52
i think it's just your powerlifter's brain not being able to get a grasp
2019-10-26 22:54
#177 Xd your point? how the fuck am i supposed to understand what you're trying to say here
2019-10-26 22:55
-> you corrected my typo -> i linked your comment stating that you are on the lower end of the IQ distribution
2019-10-26 22:57
i dont think it was a typo, i think its you being incapable to speak ur first language. how are you able to calculate my iq?
2019-10-26 22:59
im assuming it based on your sctivities, also jokes on you, i was actually born in chinese so english aint my monther tongue
2019-10-26 23:40
nt trying to bait with shitty english
2019-10-26 23:44
0/8 at this point. go lift some weights and keep destroying your already midget like bones
2019-10-26 23:49
2019-10-26 22:06
cmon man, be honest like your name says
2019-10-26 22:07
gym before fully grown = midget, back problems, posture problems. Why u go to gym that early.
2019-10-26 22:18
i've already reached my full height and lifting has nothing do with being a midget. also those others can be avoided with proper form so idk why the fuyck do people keep saying this bullshit
2019-10-26 22:25
idk iam at uni and physiotherapy is my major bro. when your body grows good form will not help its about your core and bones that grow and u put pressure on them its nothing to do with form. almost everyone has "big grow summer" when u jump from kid height to almost your normal. ( as 14 i jumped from 163 to 175 in one year and now iam 181 as 21yr old) u shouldnt do gym before that big grow year. My gf have. He started lifting weights as 14 before his growth and ended up 169cm as 20 yr old. My advice is start going to gym after 16th birthday. Before u can do push ups or body weight exercises not ones that includse weights.
2019-10-27 15:34
might be possible with the right program and coach but i think depth would be a problem judging by the footage you posted, low-mid 190's seem realistic
2019-10-26 23:13
I've done lots of mobility work recently and it's so much easier to hit depth for me now, i think i can hit 190 in like a week or so. did 170 5x3 today with comp depth rpe 8-9 also been adding these static holds with the barbell on my back, weight feels 2x lighter on the back
2019-10-26 23:21
just remember that stretching itself wont help you that much in terms of hitting depth @95%+ load, you have to strive for depth on every rep you execute, include 3 sec paused squats if you havent already
2019-10-26 23:41
yea, exactly what im doing on my warm up sets and sometimes after squat working sets. im also really focusing on driving the knees out and it feels amazing
2019-10-26 23:43
Anyways, I'm gonna say you won't be able to squat 200kgs to parallel just so you can prove me wrong and actually do it. I will be waiting for the thread you are gonna make on your birthday.
2019-10-26 23:49
thanks for challenging me, we'll see.
2019-10-27 00:03
even if you can just dont , progress slowly you are still growing and putting that huge of a stress on your body is not needed you will grow naturaly with time and you can progress the weight there is no point in just piling up weight
2019-10-26 23:21
i dont grow anymore, both my big brothers are 176cm and im already 177cm.
2019-10-26 23:22
dude when i mean growth i mean your muscules the tissue in them is underdeveloped , growth is not just a term for growing in height , no matter how much weight you put on whille working out wont make you develop any faster and its just unnecessary stress on your body , no matter what you do it just plain and simple it takes time
2019-10-26 23:27
what i've read and learned from experts doesnt match with this
2019-10-26 23:28
RIP your connective tissue
2019-10-26 23:24
tf is that
2019-10-26 23:25
ligaments, tendons, possibly bones if youre still growing
2019-10-27 02:34
I hope u r not alluding that it will stunt his growth or that he wont be able to walk when he is 40....
2019-10-27 11:50
What??? No, people who believe that are idiot. Thing is if he puts too much strain on them at such a young age then theres a higher risk for injury both now and in future. That's why ACSM recommends sticking to 5RM until 18-19.
2019-10-28 01:22
Finland Nikkoton
Dude those are very good results, but im gonna be honest. You can improve your 1 rep max that much in little over a month. Even if you started lifting last month it would be hard. But dont despair. Its not about what age you do what lift. Im 20 and I only squat 115 for 8 reps.
2019-10-26 23:35
im guessing you were supposed to say "you can't improve". im really motivated atm and am pretty sure i can hit it. i know, the age isnt the point here. it just seems so unbelievable to some people that a 15 year old can squat 180kg and i guess their reactions feed me.
2019-10-26 23:38
Finland Nikkoton
Yeah sorry dude. I meant that its not possible to improve that much in so short a time if you have been lifting for some time now. But like I said Its still very good result for you dude.
2019-10-26 23:52
we'll see bro
2019-10-27 00:04
Finland Nikkoton
yeah good luck bro. I hope you make it but im trying to be real.
2019-10-27 00:16
thanks man, appreciate it
2019-10-27 00:24
Finland Nikkoton
No problem mate. GL
2019-10-27 00:25
Serbia d1ckson
Acne inc. Beware
2019-10-26 23:54
i have some acne but nothing serious
2019-10-27 00:04
Serbia d1ckson
Watch out men)))
2019-10-27 00:20
i will men)) ty for caring
2019-10-27 00:29
Post a vid. Really its kinda hard to imagine these kinda results with a good form. Anyone can squat 3/4 200kg.
2019-10-26 23:56
2019-10-27 00:08
2019-10-27 07:33
U can do it without a problem. Just keep working out very hard and eat well. Do the same with Bench Press and Deadlift (basic exercises). Than you will get faster results in terms of force. Train also your mobility (10min) - i know everyone hates it, but it will help alot. The most important think is: Don't injured yourself! warm up well and nothing will happen :) I am also training and 2-3 years ago i was also very strong. But i never trained for max rep. I think you got there a special gym for strong man workout. Now i am getting again on my old level. Also a tip from me: you are young, maybe you will get the idea to use soon roids. Don't use it, keep training natural. Alot of friends of mine used roids, also with 16y and the did alot! Now, 7-8 years later, the are not using any roids more and the are looking very bad, like non lifter. The got health problems (heart) and the have mental problems.
2019-10-27 00:39
yea im doing deadlifts and bench too, but squat is my favorite exercise out of these and clearly the strongest. ill never use roids and they're just not worth it.
2019-10-27 01:20
It's normal that you can move the most weight with squats. I just gave u the tip, i didn't say that you use it. But you will maybe think about it. I moved more weight and i looked better than alot of roids user in my gym. That make me always laugh about them :D
2019-10-27 15:44
Serbia TheSerb
Man i mean if you are going to be a powerlifter sure keep it up but if you are doing it for nothing its pointless to do such big weights. You are damaging your joints and hearth is under so much pressure. You will also have alot of back problems.
2019-10-27 10:33
Joints get stronger as ur muscles get stronger, so no he is not damaging his joints.... And about the heart, it's the polar opposite, it's getting stronger and healthier from the lifting.
2019-10-27 11:48
Serbia TheSerb
Thats why most powerlifters die from hearth faliure at around 50 and also have unreal back pain becouse theyr vertebral discuses are squished from the pressure the back is taking. Also most have liver problems from the peds they are taking.
2019-10-27 12:06
Name 3 powerlifters who've died at around 50
2019-10-27 13:30
Serbia TheSerb
Konstantin konstantinovs at 40
2019-10-27 13:31
i said 3 tho, and he used roids. and btw look ed coan for an example. greatest powerlifter of all time 56 years old and still lifting and looking good
2019-10-27 13:52
Serbia TheSerb
Its still unhealthy you destroy your body with that weight its like runnin ultra maratons its gr8 that you can do it but the ammount of problrms that occur later is not worth it. My personal thougjt
2019-10-27 15:15
ur personal thought is incorrect tho
2019-10-27 15:17
Serbia TheSerb
It isnt proven wrong either i ve watched alot of interviews and they talk about back pain and health problems they have later in life
2019-10-27 18:27
Considering all people r different I'd say neither one of us is wrong
2019-10-27 20:13
Serbia TheSerb
Joints do get stronger at normal weights anything ubove 150% of your weight is unnecesary
2019-10-27 12:07
So you just agreed that joints get stronger, so why not push limit in terms of natural strength? in fact, tendons are stronger than muscles if u stay natural so if something would go bad then it is the muscles because they are weaker... to #241: the reason some powerlifters die at an early age is because they abused steroids...
2019-10-27 14:00
Serbia TheSerb
Doesnt mean joints cant snap and muscles cant tear under the pressure of those killograms
2019-10-27 15:10
Of course it doesn't but stating that it WILL happen is just presumptuous, stupid and ignorant.
2019-10-27 15:59
Serbia TheSerb
Yeah thats true these are my personal thoughts on powelifting i dont say its bad if you like it but its proven that it causes health problems
2019-10-27 18:28
that is CAN cause*
2019-10-28 13:19
Serbia TheSerb
I stated that, almost all professional athletes abuse peds
2019-10-27 18:26
but when u say that u assume that even recreational powerlifters take PEDs
2019-10-28 13:18
Spain 1996
5 years later guys im 1.69 m since ive been 15, is there any hope left for me??
2019-10-27 20:18
good one
2019-10-28 00:54
Do 199 kg and it's all good. Trust me bro.
2019-10-28 13:22
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