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ZywOo top 1 this year
Bulgaria Arsoyy 
Please let ZywOo be top 1. He is playing like a god he is almost 1.30 rating.
2019-10-27 01:33
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N2 i guess
2019-10-27 01:37
Iceland Anthonin 
He will, except if simple finish the year at a GOD level and him as a bot
2019-10-27 01:38
Ukraine zCainee 
1.device 2.b1mple 3.zwk/d Nah but for real zywoo won 2 tournaments because teammates succ so cant win anymore. Device ... just click on his picture b1mple somewhat better than zywoo idk.
2019-10-27 01:40
Bulgaria Arsoyy 
Device doesn't have really high rating on LAN and he won't be top 1. Doesn't matter the major mvp
2019-10-27 09:29
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Might wanna rephrase that, device has an incredibly high rating on LAN. Just not s1mple/zywoo (god) tier.
2019-10-27 09:42
device 3 tournaments 2019 lul
2019-10-27 09:32
just no...
2019-10-27 09:39
Looks likely
2019-10-27 01:41
Serbia toENDallWARS 
deserves it yes
2019-10-27 01:41
Poland HTMFS 
Nahh but top3, why not
2019-10-27 01:43
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Most MVPs (2 without even winning the tournament), highest rating vs top 10 (and a bunch of other stats), no off tournaments. Hes favored rn
2019-10-27 09:37
I don't think so. He must lead the team to the trophies. They won almost nothing. The semi-finals are some maximum. Individual statistics are fine, but not enough. Top 5 for sure.
2019-10-27 09:37
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
It's an INDIVIDUAL award. Zywoo cant control the rest of the team. Individual statistics were more than enough to make s1mple top 1 over device last year and Astralis had the most trophies of any team in any year of CSGO so far. This year will be no different.
2019-10-27 09:40
The individual award is also a ball d'or. So last year Modric won it in front of Messi. All because of success with the national team and RM. This is the same situation here. Zywoo has to win SOMETHING with the team. Even s1mple led NaVi to the trophy last year. For this year dev1ce is numero uno, no doubt.
2019-10-27 09:53
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
ECS? Multiple finals at cologne and malmo? Winning has never been a requisite for being top 1, it just helps but when you're as individually dominant as zywoo it's irrelevant. This is CSGO not football. Let's actually look at the history of the rankings in this game and see how they were reached instead of using completely unrelated sports and ideals, yeah? The player with the most impressive MVPs and best stats at big events has won every year. Dont see why this year would be any different. Device is no where close statistically and is surrounded by much better players. The achievements do not decide who the better player is, their performance in the server does.
2019-10-27 10:02
This is also a sport, more specifically an esport. The same principles are respected. This is what esport players are all about. Why do we talk differently? Individual statistics are great, but team results are important. Zywoo has almost nothing in that segment. And that's all wisdom. It will be time for him.
2019-10-27 10:08
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Yes the same principles. I.e statistics being the driving force of the award. The reason it was down to Messi and Modric in the first place is because they were the 2 most impactful players individually. Team results are much less important than individual performance for an individual award. Modric and Messi had very similar performance levels and Modric edged him out by having better achievements. No one is close to zywoo individually. Team results are important for determining the better team, not the better player, performance remains superior in that regard. Furthermore if achievements are so god damn important then why didnt Device get #1 last year while being on the team with the most tournament wins in a calendar year of any team ever?
2019-10-27 10:19
"Modric and Messi had a similar performance levels". You're kidding me already my friend)) If zywoo is really that good it will be time for him. By then, he should lead the team to the trophies. And thats it.
2019-10-27 10:22
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
So... you're out of arguments? Literally every year it's been this way. The most individually dominant player has placed 1st and there has been even bigger gaps in achievements in previous years. It's not gonna change this year just because CubaLibree says Zywoo's team needs to win another tournament. Zywoo cant control how his teammates play, that's the entire point of having an individual ranking, to grade players on performances. Dont you think it's more sensible to grade the players on what they can completely control than what their teammates do as well? You still havent explained why S1mple outranked Device last year if achievements are so important.......
2019-10-27 10:30
s1mple was nowhere near dev1ce last year in achievments and yet he was first. zywoo will most likely get it
2019-10-27 09:40
Ofc he will be
2019-10-27 09:39
Poland pimaZo 
He, Dev1 or Elige, but prop Zywooo top1
2019-10-27 09:44
Zywoo top 1 Device top 2 Elige top 3
2019-10-27 09:56
Finland Trashsports_2 
2019-10-27 10:23
NEO | 
Italy Vincenz0 
it's getting pretty borink these players who become #1 that can't even win a damn major.
2019-10-27 10:01
woxic | 
Turkey sedo7 
can't win single major, not even close to #1
2019-10-27 10:12
Only 2 months left and judging by his performance even when they lose, looks like he will be 1st for sure
2019-10-27 10:13
He has been so much better than anyone in this year,I think its basicly a done deal now,it would take something unreal from s1mple or elige/device to take it from zywoo.
2019-10-27 10:20
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Yeah theyd have to completely dominate a tournament
2019-10-27 12:09
14:30Vexed vs Fierce
21:00G2 vs
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