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The South American Hope
shroud | 
Argentina juanme555 
If Brasil really cuts expenditure by 15% before 2022 , signs free trade with U.S , lowers taxes by 20% by abolishing half the federal taxes. and grows at 8% in 2021 and 2022. Brasil will either re-elect Bolsonaro or elect Joao Amoedo. Come on South America don't give up , this is just a bump of the road to freedom , Argentina didn't lose it forever...let's say we just forgot where we left it.
2019-10-28 21:42
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And Panama too , Brasil and Panama will have to carry.
2019-10-28 21:47
Joao Amoedo is too elitist to win a presidential election here Bolsonaro is creating beef with everyone who disagrees with him even the most "bolsonaristas" can't deny the bad moves from him. The "center-right" candidate with most chances would be Joao Doria who is just a puppet :/
2019-10-28 21:50
Every politician is elitist , Joao Amoedo is honest and tells the truth , he's the only one with a full complete sustainable plan at the very long term. I hope Brasil takes advantage of him.
2019-10-28 21:59
It simply won't happen. Even though he'd be waaay better than bolsonaro. Poor charisma and most of the northeast always go with lefties bc of lula or some retard who offers ez solutions so he will get stuck with his 3-6%, not even a good candidate for 2nd "round".
2019-10-28 23:45
I know this is true now , but if the North doesn't change it wont ever develop , the north has had mud streets and no sewage for decades , it remained the same with lula and it remained the same with Dilma , i know they struggle ... but they're not retarded , if they start to genuinely progress just a bit with more economic freedom being enforced , they'll have to start rejecting statism. I certainly hope so because if Brasil doesnt carry the FUCK out of South America the next 8 years , the whole continent will suffer a huge stagnation as the rest of the world develops. Botswana has already surpassed almost all of South America , we're starting to lose against fucking Afrika bro , there has to be something we can do D:
2019-10-28 23:48
Brazil cavaquinho 
probably will be Bolsonaro vs ciro gomes.if Bolsonaro(Paulo guedes) make brazilian economy great again, everybody wont remember those shits that he said, most part of population blames PT for this bad times, so if a guy in 4 years solved the problems, most part of people wont take chance to leftists again
2019-10-28 23:50
South Africa will win England in rugby yeah
2019-10-28 23:52
16:55Fierce vs Vexed
18:00Owned vs Cream
17:00HAVU vs Espada
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