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Phone or cpu
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Okay i have a nokia 8 and a ryzen 5 1600 Now i have 2 options Buy a new phone Or buy a new cpu I play a lot of csgo which needs a good cpu but i also use my phone ALLOT and the lcd of my current phone is broken AF Plz help
2019-10-31 18:26
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Brazil furia_fan 
2019-10-31 18:27
2019-10-31 18:30
Brazil furia_fan 
tbh i don't play cs so idk about spec but it seems like you can get decent framerate like 200? on some shit that prob cost half the price of a new phone
2019-10-31 18:35
im not op :) I just think getting new expensive phones nowadays is a big waste of money if you're just using it for normal stuff like browsing internet, social media apps, youtube, etc
2019-10-31 18:40
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Well thats the problem i get burn in and such and that is really annoying with netflix and games
2019-10-31 19:20
Okay, get a 300 euro phone + 400 euro cpu when you can afford it, rather than buying 1 iphone or 1 new galaxy
2019-10-31 19:41
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Im not planning to buying an iphone soon lol but in which order i should get em
2019-10-31 20:54
phone first because ryzen 1600 is still a good CPU.
2019-10-31 20:55
Brazil furia_fan 
well you can also get an older model of each burn in is with oled, so you can just get an lcd. i believe iphone11 is lcd but pro is oled. X was also the first model with oled
2019-10-31 20:58
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Im only looking for brands like xiaomi nokia sony etc
2019-10-31 21:12
Brazil furia_fan 
sony is great but they are more expensive than iphones lol((((
2019-10-31 21:26
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Thinking about a xiami mi 9t pro tbh
2019-10-31 21:48
fer | 
Portugal NMS467 
[1+] ftw mens))) A bit expensive but worth value if you like stock experience
2019-10-31 22:47
Japan Bag_Of_Crabs 
thats great value for money! i was looking at that but ended up with iphone 11 because i work on a mac and the ecosystem is just way too comfortable to give up. but the 9t pro is really nice. also look at realme x2 pro. great bang for buck. (or just x2)
2019-10-31 22:50
fer | 
Portugal NMS467 
I would only use that phone if I installed some custom rom with clean stock android like lineage or something same with Xiaomi. I can't stand those chinese roms.
2019-10-31 22:59
just buy both????
2019-10-31 18:27
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
ar ye drunk?
2019-10-31 18:29
MarKE | 
Mexico MarKeGOAT 
new phone that cpu still decent i think you should be getting atleast 200fps on low
2019-10-31 18:29
Netherlands JeffreyC 
On the new cache im lagging thats why im really struggeling to choose
2019-10-31 19:20
CeRq | 
Portugal portugaI 
why the fuck would you play cache, somebody holding you at gunpoint?
2019-10-31 19:43
That map is shit, dont play it. Even 8700k @ 5Ghz doesnt run it even close to good enough for my standards.
2019-10-31 19:47
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1 
phone ofc
2019-10-31 18:29
Buy food
2019-10-31 18:29
Netherlands JeffreyC 
My parents pay for it 😎
2019-10-31 19:23
2019-10-31 18:29
Turkey Sekolelele 
the answer is phone thank you i know i am so good
2019-10-31 18:34
Buy a new cpu pls nokia 8 is god
2019-10-31 18:36
Netherlands JeffreyC 
But i have burn in like hellll
2019-10-31 19:21
Germany ASMR 
2019-10-31 18:39
Croatia feelsbadmane 
CPU who cares about phone only use it to call mum or dad
2019-10-31 18:41
Netherlands JeffreyC 
I also game and watch netflix that why i have doubt between the 2
2019-10-31 19:22
buy an iphone 11 pro or don't buy phone at all
2019-10-31 19:24
North America PhantomX 
I think you buying a phone is better since you use it on a daily basis and the cpu prices are always getting down with time so buy one later, your cpu is decent enough to play csgo on low.. If you have problems on cache try to avoid that map on faceit
2019-10-31 19:25
Phone OFC, get dat mi9t pro, cpu is still more than enough
2019-10-31 19:28
CeRq | 
Portugal portugaI 
+1 smart dane
2019-10-31 19:45
Netherlands JeffreyC 
LOL exact phone i was looking to buy
2019-10-31 20:56
there you go
2019-10-31 21:54
shroud | 
Morocco KH4L1D 
phone is broken cpu is not clear choice here
2019-10-31 19:29
Buy a Galaxy S10
2019-10-31 19:29
Russia razorVJ 
I'd rather went to a great restaurant.
2019-10-31 19:30
f0rest | 
Czech Republic rusteDD 
none, order new screen from aliexpress, replace it and gg ez, buy hookers in amsterdam instead 😎😎
2019-10-31 19:43
buy a cheapass new phone for 50 euro
2019-10-31 19:46
u dont need an expensive phone, unless u are a 15 year old faggot bragging to ur faggot friends. CPU.
2019-10-31 21:49
Netherlands PasscaLl 
fps on csgo? if good then phone otherwise cpu
2019-10-31 21:50
both. life is too short to save mens)))
2019-10-31 22:09
Ukraine 30m81e 
> > > csgo needs a good cpu Nope. System Requirenments for CS:GO: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better. Ryzen 5 is more than enough.
2019-10-31 22:38
Croatia mds818 
nice joke
2019-10-31 22:53
coke and hookers
2019-10-31 22:40
u definitely get enough fps.. buy a new phone. i recommend the realme x2 pro. Nevermind the chinese phones stereotype, it's definitely unjustified. the phone has 90hz, 6-12gb ram, snap855+, 4 cameras and 4000mah battery. and only costs 400$
2019-10-31 22:41
Netherlands JeffreyC 
Where/when can i buy it lol
2019-10-31 23:10
Croatia mds818 
buy xiaomi and u have a good phone for a budget price
2019-10-31 22:51
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