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ban DrDisrespect
s0m | 
Korea SugaHyung I don't really watch PUBG streams and I only knew about this clip today because my friend showed me it and this cretin needs to get banned permanently. This guy actually goes on air saying that because his wife is Filipino, that automatically makes what he did on stream "racist". Idiots like him happen to also be the most popular streamers LMAO. Keep spitting facts Jimmy Wong! You're more of a man than DrDisrespect's insecure self will ever be.
2019-11-06 03:51
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Canada xQcOW 
ForsenCD WTF
2019-11-06 03:53
2019-11-06 03:53
2019-11-06 16:08
how do people call this entertainment?
2019-11-06 03:55
Netherlands Boutdis 
february 2018 XDDDDDDDDD
2019-11-06 03:56
little spoiled brat
2019-11-06 03:57
United States KKonian 
It would probably be a ban today, but it was a different time back then
2019-11-06 03:59
Sweden hoey 
forsenCD WTF
2019-11-06 03:58
s1mple | 
Lithuania Makatas 
noone cares
2019-11-06 03:59
Maldives Valorant 
bro that clip is not from pubg, its from like 2016 because stupid asians would play on NA and EU servers and annoy everyone by cheating/lagging.
2019-11-06 04:00
forsenCD Clap
2019-11-06 04:03
that's funny af ngl
2019-11-06 04:04
dude the h1z1 clips are just straight up funny
2019-11-06 04:05
leaf | 
Canada ZHF 
forsenCD wtf
2019-11-06 04:20
streamer drama is worst drama
2019-11-06 04:23
trk | 
Brazil NahT_ 
2019-11-06 04:24
Poor Jimmy doesn’t understand 2016 h1 :(
2019-11-06 04:25
leaf | 
United States Frotha 
Was 2018 tweet fren
2019-11-06 04:31
First of all, Windows 95? Second, none of that is racist, how can people even get offended by that? Honestly I didn't know asians were such snowflakes, I would really expect them to be less sensitive than all these european and american sjw
2019-11-06 04:27
Expected from weeb snowflake
2019-11-06 06:42
Instead of copying someone else's argument because you can't find your own (or rather, someone else's way to escape a conversation because of a lack of arguments), can you instead tell me what's racist about imitating a foreign language or making fun of a certain country or group of countries? This is called humor, but I guess you're the kind of guy to only laugh when the joke is on others but not on you. For example, am I supposed to be offended by that? If so please tell me, because I find that funny as hell.
2019-11-06 16:09
device | 
Denmark 4vs0 
issues with society u know if he did that with black people the entire internet would be cancelling him
2019-11-06 05:14
What do you mean like talk a gangsta is that what you mean if he did that to black people lmao? Also have some context as well this was in 2k16 when chinese players invaded na and eu h1 servers and cheated, lagged abused and then would spam mic china numbah one or some other shit in chinese. Also im pretty sure its got to a point where people just dont get affended enough so they go and try to find a way to get affended
2019-11-06 06:49
wonder how much of a % he gives to twitch to not ban him..... if it was any smaller streamer = insta ban for life
2019-11-06 04:27
Poland cr0p 
he dont have to give anything he just create the movement on the platform so hes one of the main reason why twitch is earning money. Also every "partner" streamer "gives to twitch" because they get i guess around 50% of the sub cost and the rest is taken by twitch. And the thing is that he was more Disrespectful when he was smaller than he is now so that point is also not the best one. Since he became more and more popular he had to cut most of the things that made him to the point where he is now - like CHINANUMBAWAN. TBH idk how can anyone take this as racism its the same if i would call a racist anyone in internet who said KURWA to me. WHERE IS THIS WORLD GOING?
2019-11-06 16:29
Yugoslavia NaMNaMNaM 
forsenCD Hey guys. uuuuuh... I kinda have a little bit of an announcement, I just wanna be completely transparent with you guys, as you guys know I have a beautiful family, and a wife, and kid. And I wanna be transparent that I've been unfaithful, and I'm probably going to be taking some time away, t-time off, to focus on... Stupid fucking mistakes man, imma take time off to focus on my family. and-and I just wanted to you guys to know that, and I apologize to you guys and slick daddy, you guys are... I apologize to you guys, my sponsors, and twitch, and this is not who I am and this is not who I represent. And, that's it.
2019-11-06 04:28
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
forsenCD Nice
2019-11-06 04:29
You are actually dumb as shit first off this was like in 2k16 people were not as offended when you would do stuff like that. Second in those days a lot of chinese players would join eu and na servers and would cheat or lag abuse in fps games especially h1 and would yell in the mic like china numbah one or some chinese bullshit. Its kinda insane how you snowflake retards get offended by everything these days.
2019-11-06 04:35
leaf | 
United States Frotha 
+1, he’s literally repeating what Chinese players said to him Or what I read from the tweets
2019-11-06 04:40
+1 True, & most chinese are cheating & toxic in h1z1 & pubg
2019-11-06 04:34
Showing an irrelevant NA tweet that only talks about 1/3 of my post. Also the people who are notorious for being the biggest snowflakes and started the shitshow. Look at all the comments on this thread everyone is saying the same thing, the first tweet you posted was made at 2k18 he and every other streamer said these kind of things at 2k16, how come it took 2-3 years for you snowflakes to get butt hurt about it? Cause no one cared about this back in those days. And actually all the hate that china got there was deserved as i said they came to eu and na servers to cheat, lag abuse and then spam mics with some random shit.
2019-11-06 06:42
It's only racist if you think yourself inferior to him and find that hurtful to your feelings, but then again it's all subjective. You wouldnt give a shit if you had more confidence in yourself. Grow up and stop giving a fuck about what others say about you.
2019-11-06 04:34
2019-11-06 04:34
Calling that racist is just silly honestly, fairly sure we all know who the insecure one is lol What's next, is the Swedish chef racist too?
2019-11-06 04:59
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
now drdisrespect gets all of my respect , it was really funny
2019-11-06 04:59
Ofc beta chinese guy gets offended Its not even offensive, i wouldnt feel offended if he imitated brazil accent or some dumb shit Offensive is the n word or monkey or ching ching little dick thats offensive
2019-11-06 05:20
Heres the problem with society today, they don't get directly offended so what do they do? they look around the internet to get offended, they want to be offended so they can complain.
2019-11-06 05:21
Australia Googgy 
2019-11-06 06:44
watching streamers cuz le funny? wtf is wrong with u guys
2019-11-06 06:44
??? where is the racist part? hes just making fun of chinese/asian people in the most westernized stereotype of way you watched rush hour? were chris tucker made constantly fun of the chinese in that movie? nobody was offended wow times have changed
2019-11-06 06:52
idk i found it funny, i wouldnt mind him roasting russians in a funny way as well. but i see how some people might find it fucked up :)
2019-11-06 06:59
no one gives a fuckkkkk. Dont lie, you have mad jokes about a race, religion etc. Just because your race gets made fun of its too far, get a grip cunt.
2019-11-06 11:22
sit faker
2019-11-06 11:25
Brazil fuNNa 
cheating on wife is ok
2019-11-06 16:04
Feb 7, 2018
2019-11-06 16:06
Canada _CTRL_ 
He is just playing a character, one that is rude and doesn't care about offending people so... are you really surprised?
2019-11-06 16:08
yeah jimmy wong is more of a man than a college basketball 7 ft chad millionaire just because he collects racism points on twitter legit
2019-11-06 16:11
TIL that yelling "Cyka Blyat" as non CIS is racism. Chinese are not a race. This is same level as someone calls Americans fat and gun crazy.
2019-11-06 16:13
Poland cr0p 
thats the point! oh.. so youre from Russia.. cyka blyat haha my man… oh so youre from Poland.... kuurwapierdoole hehe my man. but chinanumbawan is racist because f*ck logic. Cant wait untill we will get to the point when calling other racist will considered as a racist act
2019-11-06 16:34
Bulgaria goatse 
people putting "racist" in their tweets without any reason just to feel relevant are so pathetic
2019-11-06 16:16
United States laiff 
isn't this the guy who does cooking videos for kids
2019-11-06 16:18
Nothing wrong with speaking chinese!
2019-11-06 16:19
i keep watching and reading and i dont see racism 5/8 wasted a bit of my time
2019-11-06 16:31
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