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Life is just so sad.
North America NorthHotdogcream 
For the past 5 6 weeks I’ve been siting alone at lunch, and their were tables around me at my school. And than all of a sudden all the tables left because I “smelled” life is really rough, my clothes reek don’t fit well. Don’t have a lot of money to get good clothes and my back pack smells too. And that made me feel so bad when all the tables left, but what makes me happy is watching Renegades big play their matches. I love you all.
2019-11-07 20:48
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Greece Gianopoulos 
100 Thieves
2019-11-07 20:49
just fucking shower
2019-11-07 20:50
Malta ciORAN_NT 
2019-11-07 20:50
I shower every night..
2019-11-07 20:50
Mexico MEXlCO 
Shower at morning, use deodorant u stinky poo
2019-11-07 20:52
Finland Smoonah 
you must be the smelly kid in the class. There’s always one that smells like a dead skunk that’s been dragged through Greta Thumpbergs septic tank.
2019-11-07 20:53
Yup I am the smelly kid in class, I try and get nice clothes every 7 months and it still doesn’t work. I use 4 bottles of body spray in the morning and it still doesn’t work.
2019-11-07 20:55
Finland Smoonah 
have you ever tried bathing in tomato sauce
2019-11-07 21:45
if you're going to shower once a day the morning makes more sense. you don't need nice clothes, if you shower before going to school and wash your clothes then there's really no reason to be the smelly kid. DONT use 4 bottles of body spray, wash yourself with soap and use a normal, small amount of body spray instead.
2019-11-07 22:00
Australia Leftistt 
Renegades? who?
2019-11-07 20:50
Malta ciORAN_NT 
Come on just buy deodorant and buy clothes at thrift Shop, wash them damn dude buy a toothbrush
2019-11-07 20:51
Finland Smoonah 
eat pizza
2019-11-07 20:52
learn to be alone and nothing can stop u in this world. being alone is not a bad thing aslong u don't feel alone.
2019-11-07 20:52
Clean out your backpack and wash it over the weekend. Wash your clothes and towel regularly, use deodorant and antiperspirant. You become much more approachable and comfortable to be around if you simply have good hygiene. School can suck if you are socially inept or just shy sometimes, but just remember that if it does actually bother you that you're lonely, you need to see if you're actually putting in an effort to change that. Anyways, hope you keep enjoying 100T's grind to the top.
2019-11-07 20:57
Thank you so much
2019-11-07 21:10
Most people are so nervous wrecks that they need to use deodorant and antiperspirant to not smell like ass? I never smell ever, never use any of those things... Put on something as unnatural as chemicals, that is bad for you and others = good hygiene... this world is such a sick place.
2019-11-07 21:27
Mexico MEXlCO 
it affects on where u live, for example i live in a dry, hot city and i sweat a lot, but i believe in switsland u dont sweat as much bceause its cold. also depends on the person
2019-11-07 21:32
United Kingdom InsipidAsh03 
men i shower every morning + night, soap, etc etc, still smell bad after 1 hour of walking. sweat very easy, dont eat smelly foods. what do do?
2019-11-07 21:49
In my hometown during summer it can easily go up to 45 degrees, try not to sweat under such heat.
2019-11-07 21:51
school stinks itself
2019-11-07 20:57
Poland Hanse 
this is so sad can we have McDouble with fries and medium cola
2019-11-07 20:57
it gets better. but do what #12 said too
2019-11-07 21:03
bruh just go work if u cant afford clothes LUL
2019-11-07 21:35
United Kingdom KieranFR 
you don't need money to keep yourself clean
2019-11-07 21:46
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
bad meme attempt but as least u baited some ppl
2019-11-07 21:48
Poland Adisky 
wtf is this
2019-11-07 21:52
Sweden hagelin 
Life's getting better dude. Educate yourself, get a good job and don't follow your parents path in life.
2019-11-07 22:05
Denmark lonnyb 
do what #12 says, cut your long ass finger nails (don't even argue with me, i know your type) and try to socialize instead of worrying about a computer game team
2019-11-07 22:10
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