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Zywoo #1 fans come here
device | 
World O_________O 
Tell me how do you become #1 when you lose to 100Thieves in semis? I predicted zywoo farming ratings and bomb out at semis again and look tada! KEKW
2019-11-09 13:35
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Confusing player and team in 2k19 lmao put jks or device in vitality and their rating goes to 1.1
2019-11-09 13:36
zywoos rating is inflated by vitality, same as when s1mple was playing with zeus they all bait for this 1 guy which is zywoo/s1mple
2019-11-09 13:40
s1mple was giving zeus aks and he would play with deagle
2019-11-09 13:41
ur talking 1 or 2 rounds when im talking an entire year come back after watching all their games and understanding navis playstyle (ahem terrible strats and bait for s1mple)
2019-11-09 13:42
wouldnt that be Zeus fault for shitty strats? Also, baiting for s1mple was the 1 thing that worked for them
2019-11-09 13:43
im only talking about how navi playstyle and vitality playstyle are similar and s1mple's rating being inflated like zywoos is now.
2019-11-09 13:45
the difference is navi is baiting was baiting for simple and vitality is not, zywoo is going first very often and you can see it almost every time unless he has an awp and he has a role to play/position to hold
2019-11-09 13:47
Same goes for Navi 2018 because S1mple didn’t have always the awp because of a lot of rounds Navi lost and they had bad economy.
2019-11-09 13:49
S1mple was under Zeus leader in any stats not even in Navi also worldwide. most entry highest KAST etc. So nope S1mple don't get baits without him Navi can't win a round that is the issue by the other players. Zywoo played today like apax. S1mple even on his worst days show more than playling like a bot.
2019-11-09 13:54
playing passive = having more consistent stats. Zywoo plays agressive and shows the same consistency. His kills have impact, you dont see him exitfragging/savefragging every second round, do you. Stats dont matter, you can have the best entry frags stats but still be a passive player, trust me. And simple in fact doesnt have the best entry stats, zywoo on the other hand is top1 entry player worldwide according to your glorified stats. Simple was quite agressive in the past though, with that i can agree
2019-11-09 14:33
Boombl4 | 
Russia Mer1an 
Are u fkn kidding me???? S1mple passive xaxaxax
2019-11-10 11:20
yep, literally non stop baiting past year
2019-11-10 12:22
and you're pulling that fact out of your ass zywoo is opening and assisting just as much as anybody else in the team
2019-11-09 13:48
Cry here Device fanboy. Device is the one who is farming against shit teams
2019-11-09 13:49
what the fuck does top 5 filter mean (not to mention the map counts) are u braindead? expected from sweden
2019-11-10 00:53
s1mple do such rating even now. You are talk shit all day lonmg
2019-11-09 13:52
Watched all games and S1mple played often with worse guns. When Navi forced round, they dropped always a AK to the player that was feeling it. It’s not S1mple‘s fault that he was almost always feeling it. But when flamie or electronic were feeling it, Zeus/S1mple and Edward dropped Ak‘s to them.
2019-11-09 13:48
For the 1000th time, Ratings are inflated by a winning team, not a losing one. The "bait" factor is insignificant compared to being in more situations of numerical inferiority and eco rounds because of loss, which kills a rating
2019-11-09 13:47
Unless vitality are actively hindering them, I don't believe that jks would drop to 1.1 (dunno about device, haven't seen him play enough to know whether that's true or not) Also, zywoo didn't step up when he needed to on nuke, if he did vitality would've won handily 2-0.
2019-11-09 13:42
well jks is the star player of a team of equivalent level to a Vitality team who has zywoo. His rating now is 1.15 over the whole year so it wouldn't surprise me if it dropped to 1.1 if he replaced Zywoo
2019-11-09 13:50
yeah but 100T doesn't support jks on the level that vitality supports zywoo. If they were to switch, I personally think jks's rating would go up (even if he still wouldn't be able to carry the way zywoo can).
2019-11-09 13:51
this supporting thing with zywoo is just speculation and wishful thinking there is no data supporting it
2019-11-09 14:00
Zywoo was going in first with MAC-10 today, others with ak+krieg
2019-11-09 14:01
??? Zywoo is given so much more space to do what he wants compared to what jks gets in 100T. Zywoo is also set up into favourable positions by his teammates more often than with jks. It's not that jks doesn't get support, it's that jks is playing unfavorable roles for the team more often when compared to Zywoo (I'm not saying that Zywoo doesn't play unfavorable roles altogether, just that he is in them less often than jks is).
2019-11-09 15:42
I know that this is what you mean, but there is still nothing concrete supporting these claims of "favourable roles" and "space"
2019-11-09 15:53
There's also nothing concrete that says jks wouldn't thrive in an environment that vitality gives, which is basically what I'm arguing here.
2019-11-10 00:30
Well you have a team with a 1.29 best player that has an equivalent level to a team with a 1.15 best player. I am saying it makes sense to say that vitality without zywoo would be worse than 100t without jks. Therefore jks would have to face more tough rounds (numerical inferiority and eco rounds) if he was in zywoo's spot. So his rating would drop a little bit (1.15 to 1.1 is not a lot). Of course it s only speculation
2019-11-10 11:10
You can see it on the screen
2019-11-10 00:30
That's hltv' level of scientific enquiry lmao. Not surprised most of the posters are 18
2019-11-10 11:06
braindead comment making assumptions like usual 0/8 probably french
2019-11-10 00:49
Nice unbiased name and flair. Learn stats
2019-11-10 11:05
like i said, braindead probably french user making assumptions like usual
2019-11-10 11:16
im not saying he will be #1 2019, but he will 100% be above s1mple :) i think several Players have the possibility of getting #1 and s1mple is not one of them
2019-11-09 13:37
Poland wiktorex 
Several hahaha theres only 2 candidates and its zywoo and s1mple
2019-11-09 13:44
imagine thinking that :D s1mple isnt even top 3 this year you plebetarian
2019-11-09 13:51
Boombl4 | 
Russia Mer1an 
Omg prove it fucking dev0ce fungay
2019-11-10 11:24
he didn't even mention s1mple, but you danes for some reason always have to put him into the conversation, just cause he took that #1 from device or what?
2019-11-09 13:44
+1 xD
2019-11-09 13:51
im german and astralis is one of my least favorite Teams :) just stating Facts: s1mple is not #1 2019
2019-11-09 13:51
but why I don't get it xd another danish flagged dude wrote something like ''I'm ok if zywoo will be top1 as long as it's not s1mple'' imao, Astralis won so much and there is still salt that they are not getting completely everything.. okay then
2019-11-09 13:56
im not salty :D youre just reading more into it than there is.. like i said i dont like astralis.. i like NA Teams, nip and fnatic.. i just enjoy arguing with s1mple fans because i know im Right.. he has ONE mvp this year magisk has 1 Major mvp naf has 2 Niko has 2 device has 2 one of which is a Major elige has 3 zywoo has 4 and all of These guys won way more than he did and still People are stuck on his 2018 form :D its just hilarious to know 100% i will be proven right in 2 months
2019-11-09 13:58
the funny thing that it's not even thread about s1mple one bit, so basically u put it just for the sake of being here :D And why are u giving me this statistic? I didn't argue with you about #1 this year, seems like you eager to prove me something I already know, so if u want some butthurt it's a wrong address right now :P
2019-11-09 14:07
am i not allowed to Interpret the threads Topic any way i want and form my own narrative with it? the thread has "#1" in the title so i got reminded of how s1mple isnt #1 this year and wanted to share it with the world :) especially because most People who flame zywoo are s1mple fanlords and YOURE the one who started Talking to me :) i dont want to make you butthurt, but im not gonna let you tell me what to do
2019-11-09 14:09
well, you can do whatever you want, I just pointed out to you personally that it looks kinda weird and out of place, but whatever makes you happy men ;)
2019-11-09 14:12
wow that's real tunnel vision right there
2019-11-09 15:44
i look into the tunnel what do i see at the end of it? a salty s1mple-fan thats scared to 1v1 me in chess
2019-11-09 15:46
Calling yourself the undefeated hltv chess championship is like calling yourself Michael Jordan after schooling a bunch of disabled kids. It's not really an achievement
2019-11-10 00:27
youre Right, ist not much of an Achievement i did however beat a 2400 elo Player today and i also beat another Player who beat a Player who beat a Player who beat Magnus Carlsen twice ^-^
2019-11-10 00:39
What's your elo? Must be pretty good if you're beating players at 2400 elo
2019-11-10 01:06
in bullet i recently got above 2000 elo for the first time (im now at 2040 elo) in blitz however im only at 1800 ^^ but i will grind and get better!
2019-11-10 08:45
u fking retarded
2019-11-09 13:57
umad brah? uscared to 1v1 me in chess
2019-11-09 13:59
still better results than s1mple's Na'vi in 2018.
2019-11-09 13:37
lol how is it better? navi won atleast 3 tournaments and faced astralis MANY times in the finals/semis vitality won 1 tournament without astralis in it KEKW
2019-11-09 13:38
what???? Vitality won 3 events and they've better H2H record vs Astralis in 2019 in bo3. Stay less delusional kid...
2019-11-09 13:40
"still better results than s1mple's Na'vi in 2018." then starts talking about h2h record in 2019 bruh
2019-11-09 13:43
expected from india
2019-11-10 00:52
lol fan of astralis and device and don't know their results LuL
2019-11-09 13:43
Poland wiktorex 
What?? Hhahhahahaa navi 2nd team for entire year more relevant tournaments won almost everytime in semis/finals And s1mple carried harder than zywoo this year
2019-11-09 13:47
+1 he is braindead.
2019-11-09 13:52
carried harder with a top 10 player while Vitality has no top 20 player in their team. lol
2019-11-10 04:44
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
So who's the number 1 then? S1mple? No. Elige? No. Device? Probably
2019-11-09 13:42
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
Agreed, zywoo top1 this year
2019-11-09 14:09
Top 5 filter isnt very relevant
2019-11-10 00:32
so he is top 1 in every filter what is your point
2019-11-10 00:37
I never said zywoo wasnt obvious top 1
2019-11-10 00:43
"Zywoo farms rating against shit team in group stage." "Not like device who never farm rating vs Chinese teams" Me: Okay.l.. Okay buddy ok
2019-11-09 13:49
He is weird, let him alone xD
2019-11-09 13:52
Canada twistzzgod 
s1mple lose heroic lol
2019-11-09 13:55
Zywoo still #1
2019-11-09 14:34
100t>>>>>>vitality as a team, wdym?
2019-11-09 15:50
but they have probably one of the worst awpers XD
2019-11-09 15:50
Portugal MR_CAL 
Cold is the goat
2019-11-10 11:07
Jamppi | 
Finland Leksi20 
Imagine not thinking that zywoo is #1 2019
2019-11-10 11:08
ZywOo | 
France MrWowo 
2019-11-10 11:19
Boombl4 | 
Russia Mer1an 
S1mple 2018>zywoo 2019
2019-11-10 11:29
ZywOo | 
France MrWowo 
ofc yep ^^
2019-11-10 11:31
ZywOo | 
France MrWowo 
Same for Elige, for Device, for single. Zywoo is very regular like these last players and can be below sometimes. ^^ It does not mean much
2019-11-10 11:18
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