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GuardiaN | 
Czech Republic shaggy_is_here 
- Better contract than in faze - better org than shitty youtube / fortnite joke org - actually playing with tier 1 pro players - playing with 2 top 5 players in csgo - not getting 0-16ed like washed up bots in faze do - not getting 2-32ed like washed up bots in faze do - managed to pull out an insane contract when his skill is worse than xsepower or shiro or jame happy that my boy left this shitty faze clan. one fluke win in blast tournament and people already thought that they are top 20 team axaxa
2019-11-09 14:19
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guardian is not laughing at any one, cause he is an old, washed up, shit player who will be kicked from the navi roster soon.
2019-11-09 14:20
2019-11-09 16:11
+1, lol. Though I hope he will improve.
2019-11-09 16:14
coldzera | 
Czech Republic M1kY28 
only this is true : - managed to pull out an insane contract when his skill is worse than xsepower or shiro or jame he is trash and Faze is 100% better without him
2019-11-09 14:20
Yes i see faze is so much better without him that they finally got deleted 0-16 because its literally just broky playing with 4 washedup clowns that pretend to be good.
2019-11-09 14:28
Turkey JoshDAA 
Remember when navi won against eg? Yea i dont either
2019-11-09 14:37
remember when navi got 0-16ed? yeah me neither
2019-11-09 14:38
You talk like 16-0 was the dead end for faze. They won last tournment, which was just after guardian left. He is old, now is bad, and just putting down navi tier
2019-11-09 14:50
Poland morosek 
> B L A S T > important tournament Pick one
2019-11-09 14:56
Are u really? Come and argue with decents arguments Navi would give its ass to won a tournment like blast, or any tournment
2019-11-09 15:02
Poland morosek 
sure LULW
2019-11-09 15:04
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
its true
2019-11-09 16:24
Poland Crai9Xen 
but it's true pal
2019-11-09 19:19
>Groups >Final and Semi-Final Pick one (hint: Navi only managed one of those).
2019-11-09 19:16
I'd probably take winning a final and making Semi's over going out in groups, no matter how shitty the Semi loss was. But you know, whatever, we all know this is bait.
2019-11-09 19:15
they won blast?
2019-11-09 14:21
This shaggy-is-shit wont replace you cause he knows that faze is better without guardian, he is just a kid pretending that guardian still is the 2016-17 one
2019-11-09 14:55
0/800 have to play with tilted s1mple trying to knife players and losing matches
2019-11-09 14:22
nitr0 | 
Czech Republic SexWithEx 
stopped reading at "better contract"
2019-11-09 14:22
look at this czech noobs, oskar is playing with his little dingdong right now so they are mad and hate on guardian hahaha
2019-11-09 14:24
bro, theyre mad they got no scene in czech... im not surprised, i would be also mad if i lived there lmao
2019-11-09 14:26
they will kick bot GuardiaN so fucking fast, he wont make december
2019-11-09 14:26
Yeah he wont make december because next matches for navi are played in 3rd december, nice logic. Also wouldnt talk about bots when youre a fan of botJ
2019-11-09 14:27
Metaphoric December...
2019-11-09 14:32
faze 1 tier 1 event last 3 monts navi 0 xDDDD
2019-11-09 14:27
Guardian is gon get benched next after next event.
2019-11-09 14:28
proof on contract?
2019-11-09 14:29
-bottom fragging every game
2019-11-09 14:31
nah they have also boombitch and flamie to bottom frag sometimes
2019-11-09 14:32
Yeah I know I'm overexaggerating but he's still been pretty underwhelming.
2019-11-09 14:35
United Kingdom bigbbanger 
At least faze didn’t lose a bo3 to heroic
2019-11-09 14:33
yea true they lost a bo3 to vp in 2019
2019-11-09 14:38
United Kingdom bigbbanger 
Remember that was online for faze and navi lost in a big event elimination match
2019-11-09 16:08
at least navi didnt lose 0-16 and 2-16 in LAN match in big event? sad
2019-11-09 16:20
United Kingdom bigbbanger 
At least faze make playoffs at a big event and aren’t so fat that they can’t sit properly
2019-11-09 18:45
i dont see faze in esl pro league event? cuz they didnt make the playoffs? good one
2019-11-09 19:12
United Kingdom bigbbanger 
There’s a second group stage you retard
2019-11-09 20:29
United Kingdom bigbbanger 
And I don’t even see navi in top 10 rankings
2019-11-09 20:29
United States theory^ 
id rather be in faze than navi...
2019-11-09 14:34
Who cars if every riffler better than GuardiaN with awp, Olof, broky, cold, NiKo I guess even Boombl4 is better with awp than GuardiaN nowadays Btw I would choose to get raped 32-2 by Astralis in semifinals than get raped 0-2 by Heroic in group stage 😅
2019-11-09 14:40
+1 FaZe must’ve really hurt this kid’s feelings
2019-11-09 19:16
Portugal dyds 
faze with guardian - 0 achiev faze w/o guardian - 1 achiev and semi final t1 event navi with guardian - worst results, road to top30 /close
2019-11-09 14:39
2019-11-09 14:40
bruh this is so bait too
2019-11-09 14:43
xsepower will laugh to guardian after 1 month
2019-11-09 14:40
this is so bait
2019-11-09 14:43
u is makes faze fans cryings with these thread postings
2019-11-09 14:45
Guardian sucks now anyone who disagrees with that is delusional
2019-11-09 16:12
2019-11-09 16:13
Russia ToughGuy 
come when NaVi won epl finals)
2019-11-09 16:23
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