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Europe il_Fenomeno 
More like Blast Clan, this dead team can only win fluke bo1 events only to get smashed in real tier 1 events lmao
2019-11-09 15:07
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FaZe ez top 3 they said. Me say xaxaxaxaxaxa 32-2
2019-11-09 15:07
Jame | 
Japan VAIZE 
Beat the best team twice in 2 days in a bo3 :DDD
2019-11-09 15:10
EG doesn't deserve no.1 spot.
2019-11-09 15:14
They rekt twice the supposed top NA team tho. Not that bad tbh.
2019-11-09 15:12
Astralis is no.1, two more spots are free
2019-11-09 15:12
zonic | 
Colombia MonstarX 
Flag check out, Liquid and EG talking
2019-11-09 15:17
I don't care about NA teams
2019-11-09 15:17
United States TrashPanda 
They lost to the best team ever. Nothing new to anyone.
2019-11-09 15:09
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