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CAM 360°
hello guys, so i need your help cause i should have a webcam 360 degrees, this is for one of my exam i will do in my house, for not cheating they asked me to have a camera like that the problem is that i can't find a 360° cam for pc but only for phone. i need to have the 360° vision not only the cam who can turn on 360°
2019-11-09 15:13
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Casting porn? gj menes
2019-11-09 15:13
Shhhhhhht don't tell it
2019-11-09 15:26
360 wide angles are hard to find and shit to use, really wouldnt recommend wasting money on one
2019-11-09 15:14
Yeah this is very expensive and i will use it only one time so i don't want to pay 70e just for this
2019-11-09 15:26
2019-11-09 18:34
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