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What i think about USA and Russia
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Are two countries with strong army. Now they have a tense relationship. There is some way how to solve it. They need to check up computers cuz they are using some exploits to see through walls in cs go. Probably they can easily get ban from valve in future and its good that they are still dont using it on pros tournaments. Cuz just imige two guys shooting through wall on everything. Its not good. I think only 3 wallhackers can easily win Astralis or Liquid. Maybe even zywoo too using this cheat. I cant understand why valve still dont ban them but hope that they will get banned in future. Very strange situation with it. They are still think that nobody understand that they are cheating.
2019-11-09 15:26
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2019-11-09 15:27
Psg > om by far since many years
2019-11-09 15:28
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