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God is a hypocrite
Finland rolezK1 
God always says that people in relationship shouldn't cheat, but he made Maria cheat on Josef with him... What a fucking hypocrite Lost all respect for God
2019-11-09 16:39
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Czech Republic SendMoneys 
2019-11-09 16:40
Finland rolezK1 
Oh i forgot that CZ education is pretty awful, you guys haven't even heard the story of Josef & Maria in school...
2019-11-09 16:41
Czech Republic SendMoneys 
No sorry link pls
2019-11-09 16:42
Do you heard of hippy named jesus from 2k years ago?
2019-11-09 16:53
Reunion 1iquser 
arent we all tho? i hate csgo and i still play it
2019-11-09 16:40
Germany Sonnabend 
2019-11-09 16:41
I'll see you in hell from heaven cya
2019-11-09 16:41
god is dead. - nietzsche
2019-11-09 16:41
Wow, lost all my respect in s1mple
2019-11-09 16:43
Poland DefeN 
That's why you should believe in the only true God - Allah
2019-11-09 16:44
France OtelloO 
That's a life lesson. God is teaching us that even the brightest spirit, creator of the universe, is flawed. And thus we should accept that no one is perfect and anybody can make mistakes and act badly. And that's why we should learn to forgive and to be forgiven.
2019-11-09 16:49
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
cya in hell
2019-11-09 16:49
Hobbit | 
Iran Tajik! 
Allah didn't do something like that.
2019-11-09 16:52
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