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nylon | 
World lol_n00bs Aaahah so this fortnite player from faze cheated and got his acc banned/removed and now hes crying. Lmao dont cheat. Rule nr 1.... he got rekt.
2019-11-09 22:21
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LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
2019-11-09 22:22
nylon | 
World lol_n00bs 
Curious to see what statement they will provide from faze CEO first this ban. Then csgo team getting stomped 😂😂
2019-11-09 22:32
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
internet explorer?
2019-11-09 22:35
Mongolia bozgor 
what kind of cheat?
2019-11-09 22:35
2019-11-09 22:35
this should be used as hltv logo
2019-11-09 22:36
who cars about forklift))
2019-11-09 22:36
Chill dude, Trust the process.
2019-11-09 22:41
what a fucking pussy
2019-11-09 22:42
and the most pathetic thing is not just this kid getting banned but some retard "Ninja" comes to defend this cheating vermin saying star players should be handled differently with bans as opposed to normal players. they are so naive to gaming world that they got out of their caves to gaming scene with fortnite, and still at the beginning phase to think it's okay to cheat
2019-11-09 22:43
who cars about cheating fortnite kid
2019-11-09 22:43
cheating in fortnite = ????????
2019-11-09 22:44
China SwooksarV2 
Who cars 🚓🚓
2019-11-09 22:45
Hahah what a pussy deserved
2019-11-09 22:46
flusha | 
Finland ))) 
How did he even get caught?
2019-11-09 22:47
Thats even worse than to be a cheater lol. A cheater is a fking scum to this world, but playing fortnite and cheating at the same time is twice as worse lol. What a pathetic shit you have to be lol
2019-11-09 22:52
African Union mikecool 
Cheat and getting banned go hand in hand, the consequences need to be strong otherwise what's going to stop people from using it... He deserves everything he's getting, cheaters don't need support.
2019-11-09 23:16
17 yo crying LMAO grown up, nerd
2019-11-09 23:17
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