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59hz —> 240hz
Italy bennyhana 
hello i am considered a upgrade to my computer build. do yuo think it will be worth my money and it will be noticeable. My monitor only is 59 h z .... and i wanted to get the benQ monitor i haved been recommended b4. Yes or no?
2019-11-10 13:07
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yes 240hz but maybe not benq, aoc or lg or even the alienware monitor are better alternative
2019-11-10 13:10
flusha | 
Denmark Mudza 
why are they better alternative?
2019-11-10 13:18
ive only heard good things of benq but never had one myself
2019-11-10 13:31
I have one. Works flawlessly
2019-11-10 13:37
Noticed a guy complaining about their colors; but im pretty sure most if not all 120+ hz monitors are tn panels which all have relatively shit color. Not like it matters for gaming; especially because "shit color" mostly just means inaccurate, not that it looks bad.
2019-11-10 13:40
The colour is washed out af on some monitors and it looks terrible
2019-11-10 13:43
By model or individual units?
2019-11-10 13:43
Brazil NukebRS 
my was the same thing, i turned black equalizer all the way down and its way better now
2019-11-10 19:24
i have a benq zowie xl2546 240hz benq monitor . Works fine, Colors are good for a TN panel. Way better then another TN i had.
2019-11-10 16:52
2019-11-10 13:24
2019-11-10 13:24
2019-11-10 13:34
Nifty | 
Turkey G4Z01 
better alternative Is view sonic better than benq
2019-11-10 13:37
why not asus, have the 240 from them, very good
2019-11-10 14:26
You don't need 240hz in my opinion. The best thing and the cheapest of course is to buy a 144hz one and you will be amazed. I'm not exactly sure what's the price difference between the 144hz and 240hz, but I'd assume it's noticable. I've recently upgraded my monitor to benq 144hz (the cheapest one on the market right now for around 220$) and I'm pretty happy with it. It depends on a lot of things tho... If you are going to play cs only, 144hz is perfectly fine. 240hz is most used if you are going to do some type of drawings on your pc... for example if you are ingeneer and you gotta create blueprints or stuff like that.
2019-11-10 14:48
its definitely smoother than 144hz imo, with 144 sometimes i can still notice some flickering, 240hz looks basically as smooth as real life you can take a look at website basically the idea is, that an object will appear to move smoothly if it moves a small amount of pixels on the screen, consistently. with 60hz, the speed at which an object will appear to move smoothly instead of teleporting across your screen is 4x lower than with 240hz. with 144hz, it will usually be fine, but objects that move across your screen in a fraction of a second will look a lot less smooth than with 240hz
2019-11-10 14:59
Russia cuba_libre10 
wait for 480hz screens
2019-11-10 15:03 sure its smoother, but is it worth paying those extra money for such small differencial?
2019-11-10 15:05
i got a 240hz screen for 300 euro, a good 144hz screen is like what 230? imo worth it
2019-11-11 11:32
+1 144hz is a great upgrade, i dont think 240hz is such big difference. Since the majority is playing with 144 or less, it wouldn't really be worth those extra bucks to get such small edge over the opponents.
2019-11-10 15:02
Finland Mirfic 
definitely. I am lucky enough to have a 144hz and a 240hz monitor and to be compeltely honest, i don't even notice the difference that much. It is actually so minor that i could forget which one of my monitors is which if they looked the same
2019-11-10 15:51
yeah, you wont really notice if you are a casual csgo player or like lvl10 faceit, it wont be as noticible like it would be for someone like kennys who seems to see every pixel. May be a difference game to game, but csgo and not pro level, it wont make a noticible difference :)
2019-11-12 00:43
whats the point of 240 over 144 though? will you notice a difference playing CS? Also why not benq? Are you talking about the colors?
2019-11-10 19:32
Denmark WeiZy0 
I think its hard to believe before u tried yourself. I do believe tho there is a difference. Same as playing with 300+ fps and not cap them on 144 still makes it even better in cs. :)
2019-11-12 00:50
Ahh, the daily question. Just as last time, you will be told it's totally worth it. A few will sarcastically say it makes no difference. There you go.
2019-11-10 13:11
Cyprus Swishh_ 
+1 xd
2019-11-10 13:34
Finland Zedax 
59hz to 144hz is a huge change, so imo it is a must to have atleast 144hz. 144hz will also be really worth your money and it is good enough
2019-11-10 13:11
it will be extremely noticable lol. definitely worth.
2019-11-10 13:11
dont buy benq lol they have super ultra shitty colors benq marketing did a good job in the cs section. they make people think that their displays are good just because pros have to use them in tournaments. they are also overpriced af
2019-11-10 13:17
jks | 
Sweden Pepsizz 
BenQ is better than anything else,
2019-11-10 13:17
not anymore
2019-11-10 13:24
benq best
2019-11-10 13:24
benQ is only good if you want super low input lag and other related shit. when it comes to colors its just puke
2019-11-10 13:25
Dude its a TN panel. They're all shit. We're talking about teens playing a game where they need info and low input lag; not graphic designers who need accurate color representation.
2019-11-10 13:33
You need like 5 mins to make colours good enough tho
2019-11-10 13:24
no amount of tweaking will make it better than VA or IPS panel
2019-11-10 13:25
Yes but colours won't be shit that's the point
2019-11-10 13:27
Belgium RobinDG 
Ofcourse you can't compare normal 240hz screens to IPS panels. You have any idea how much a 240hz screen WITH IPS costs?... And this goes for all brands.
2019-11-10 13:34
Sweden hyllie 
you don't need VA or IPS while playing games lol
2019-11-10 14:21
United States n3h 
Do you get 240fps consistently? If not your better off with 144hz and upgrading ur hardware with leftover money. Just assuming the rest of your computer isnt very good since you have a 60hz monitor. If your getting average 70Fps you wont notice much difference if any with 240hz monitor.
2019-11-10 13:19
oskar | 
Czech Republic skokan 
yeah, buy 144hz and upgrade pc to get 240+ fps. big brain time
2019-11-10 20:29
If you have money, buy the new Gigabyte Aorus KD25F which is 240hz 0.5ms and 8bit colors. The benq model is 2017 panel with 6bit colors
2019-11-10 13:16
flusha | 
Denmark Mudza 
uf it looks nice!
2019-11-10 13:23
fail info - get xl 2546
2019-11-10 13:25
wrong, gigabyte has the new 2019 AU panel while benq has 2017. Theres no reason to buy benq if u have the money
2019-11-10 13:26
oh wait, you are playing on 60hz and getting these infos out of HLTV Trolls! NICE GG
2019-11-10 13:28
0/8 kid
2019-11-10 13:30
0/10 of your knowledge about 240hz monitors
2019-11-10 13:31
you are just upset because mommy bought you a new screen last week, which is an old model
2019-11-10 13:31
oh bruh where are your arguments ZzzZZzzZZzz
2019-11-10 13:32
for example in #7 and #20, i have infinitly more arguments than you do
2019-11-10 13:33
interesting that xl2546 has also 8bit.. check your sources ;-)
2019-11-10 13:37
nope, its 6bit+FRC, not true 8bit ;-)
2019-11-10 14:51
2019-11-10 15:46
never go full retard
2019-11-10 15:49
now he is offending . poooooor
2019-11-10 16:40
I am right, so this was the easiest win of my life 👌
2019-11-10 19:18
8 bit = 8 bit also 6bit+frc = 8bit. 10/10 200iq
2019-11-10 19:45
Even 60 hz -> 120 hz will be noticeable.
2019-11-10 13:24
2019-11-10 13:30
Fountain of pure knowledge right there. Someone hire this man. #TheAwakening
2019-11-10 13:34
The guy was asking will it be noticeable 59 hz -> 240 hz...
2019-11-10 14:52
Yes, I can read what he wrote. Aswell what you wrote. I do not have any problems with comprehending the english language. Thank you for pointing out his question tho!
2019-11-10 14:54
You can read, wow.
2019-11-10 14:54
Yes, it is a quite good skill to have when using a computer.
2019-11-10 14:55
Amazing skills m8.
2019-11-10 14:55
Well you seem impressed. Or just salty x)
2019-11-10 14:56
Sure, impressed by your amazing skill, i.e. ability to read.
2019-11-10 14:57
rko | 
Saudi Arabia WWF 
Yes go for it
2019-11-10 13:24
Germany Sonnabend 
0 difference
2019-11-10 13:27
LG 27GL850-B besterest IPS+144hz. If you play other games you won't regret. Very fast for IPS Panel btw!! had TN 144hz Panels before (Zowie, Dell) the new LG Nano IPS is easily on same level with response/input lag.
2019-11-10 13:36
ips is very nice for everything except competetive cs imho
2019-11-10 19:19
nono I play csgo with it, it's FUCKING AWESOME FOR EVERYTHING!
2019-11-10 20:23
its good but not best for competetive csgo
2019-11-10 21:03
no, if i were a pro I would go for 2546 zowie benq 240hz 25 inch. just because focus is better. but I'm no pro. and so are like 99% of this site. IPS is all the way. if you are semi pro well go for 240hz. any other should consider a good gaming monitor with benefits in visual over like the slighty micro advantage in csgo. (like 20-40ms window)
2019-11-10 21:31
the slight advantage for me makes the difference in if i can awp a guy between double doors running to b from tbase or not. The input lag is that significant for me
2019-11-10 21:41
Germany fabiS 
If your Pc can hold 240fps, bis it. If not buy 144, cause if you cant hold 240 u will feel some micro laggs
2019-11-10 13:53
India Wise_Indian 
If you play other games as well I would say go for for 144hz and upgrade your PC, otherwise you can go for the 240hz .
2019-11-10 14:30
I use 144 8gb I5 1650
2019-11-10 14:32
Germany Merkelistan 
human eye cant see more than 30 fps
2019-11-10 14:50
2019-11-10 15:47
United States KKonian 
2019-11-10 19:30
2019-11-11 11:41
Russia LeGoBoys 
With 240 you have 4 times more frames so you will be moving 4 times slower and you have more frames to miss your opponent. Not recommended
2019-11-10 14:53
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
i just came home from a lan. One of my mates has a BenQ already over a year now. He forgot to change the settings.. He still was playing on 60 HZ :D:D:D:D:D:D
2019-11-10 15:00
buy 144 hz not spend money on 240 is useless . i have 240 and dont feel difference
2019-11-10 19:23
buy 240hz only if your pc runs over 244fps
2019-11-10 19:25
United States 1for1discount 
going from 60hz to 240hz is such a huge fucking difference i went from 60hz to 75 hz and i cant even go back to 60 hz lol it feels like 30 fps to me
2019-11-10 19:27
Slovakia mkII 
I went from 60 to 165 recently, no regrets at all, do it if you have spare money viewsonic xg2703-gs, really nice ips panel, recommending
2019-11-10 19:30
59 Hz best. But I think i will Upgrade too soon.
2019-11-10 19:31
144hz is more than enough
2019-11-10 19:31
Xyp9x | 
Denmark cOcun9 
Do you play better with 144-240hz? Im also still on 60hz and not sure how much of a difference it would make for my gameplay.
2019-11-10 19:38
Germany xReborN 
240hz is good dont spend extra money just for dyac or benq though its just marketing i have xl2546 and actually disable dyac
2019-11-10 20:25
For those on this thread who upgraded from 60Hz to 144Hz or whatever. Did your gameplay improve instantly on upgrade? (By gameplay I mean playing better, having more confidence to peek etc).
2019-11-11 11:44
I would rathr get a 120hz 4K momitor
2019-11-18 18:30
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