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Football/soccer fans
Denmark RuStY_pls_eat 
Can anyone please explain to me why some fans are so messed up, always fighting, throwing dangerous stuff at eachother like fireworks, Sharp stuff, bottles etc. I know it’s only some fans, but it’s still a problem imo
2019-11-11 00:57
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Spain VerySpanishGuy 
They use football as an excuse for their fights. Not related to football actually. Have a Spanish day! - VerySpanishGuy
2019-11-11 00:58
+1 You can tell when they do something that they know would damage the club that they're supposed to "support" (club being fined, playing behind closed doors etc),
2019-11-11 01:01
United States jonnyjones 
those are the few losers who are way too emotionally invested in their club, most of them probably got nothing but football going on in their life
2019-11-11 00:58
Denmark RuStY_pls_eat 
I agree on this, people take sport too seriously when it doesn’t affect them if they lose or win
2019-11-11 01:01
Being an Ultra is a way of life men
2019-11-11 01:00
Korea OKOptimistic 
that's what happens when you watch a ball being kicked around for 90 minutes u get brain damage
2019-11-11 01:01
Denmark RuStY_pls_eat 
It’s a fucked world we live in, some people really get hurt because their team either loses or win
2019-11-11 01:03
People do it because it's fun. For the adrenaline. Why is it a problem do you think? It's not like regular people get beaten up, at least not in our countries. Ultras/hooligans are fighting each other, they're all in on it
2019-11-11 01:09
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