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Help me (sexual problem 18+)
Netherlands Chrisjkk 
So I put myself to sleep, and I have a weird dream with a girl. I don't go into details. I just nut while sleeping.. yeah kinda embarrasing. Is this normal guys?
2019-11-11 17:13
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NNN failed. you are an embarassment
2019-11-11 17:14
I just tried to sleep and idk what happend...
2019-11-11 17:27
Your fap and porn addiction got the better of you. Youre a disgrace for all men
2019-11-11 17:29
Bulgaria GodHeaven 
2019-11-11 17:32
I don't have porn addiction men, I just had a dream with my ex...
2019-11-11 17:32
u dont dream about ex men) u r a disgrace
2019-11-12 11:46
Doesnt NNN have a clause that you can have 1 wet dream?
2019-11-11 17:32
Are you doing NNN? Then it is normal. This is what happens when you don't nut for a while.
2019-11-11 17:16
So what happend exactly?
2019-11-11 17:20
you had a wet dream? no its not normal, you might have prostate cancer, seek help. jk but u did fail NNN, F.
2019-11-11 17:24
we need details so we can help u
2019-11-11 17:28
So I don't remember verry good what happend. What I remember is that I was walking on the beach with my ex and idk why I wear only underwear and I remember that I was very embarrassed because my panties were overcrowded and I had an eraction, we were talking (I don't remember what) and suddenly she just grab my thing and start rub it, and I feelt like I'm about to nut and I try to think about something else, the erection didn't go away at all and I just instant wake up while having an involuntary ejaculation. So please help me now.
2019-11-11 17:44
totally normal
2019-11-11 17:46
oh thank god
2019-11-11 17:49
Wtf typical dream, of u once had a sex its gonna be in your dreams for the end of the life
2019-11-12 10:16
Canada herocoolzzz 
yeah its pretty normal, its just like another wet dreams
2019-11-11 17:51
Denmark WeiZy0 
Never had one lmfao.
2019-11-12 10:14
did you do NNN? for People who are used to excessive fapping its normal to release during Sleep after 1-3 weeks ;)
2019-11-11 17:29
flag checks out
2019-11-11 17:29
no u
2019-11-11 18:30
ur probaly from groningen or zeeland
2019-11-12 09:46
2019-11-11 17:31
Krad | 
Vietnam Furyyyyy 
Happens when you don't fap for a long time
2019-11-11 17:31
imagine doing no nut november and you just failed accidentally while being asleep LMAO
2019-11-11 17:31
2019-11-11 17:50
Denmark Gaxzdk 
Today is november the 11th therefore I have to nut 11 times..
2019-11-11 17:32
juice | 
Iceland wrId 
arent u bored yet? how much?
2019-11-11 17:43
how much what
2019-11-11 17:52
NiKo | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
i had many times situation like u lmao xdd just had dream about sex with some girl and instantly wake up after that with cum
2019-11-11 17:53
thank god I'm not alone
2019-11-11 18:30
Turkey Tempexx 
If you are on NNN it's normal for that to happen after a week or so.
2019-11-11 18:34
Does it happend to you too?
2019-11-11 19:38
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
happens when you have lewd thoughts. just think of your grandparents when you sleep
2019-11-11 18:47
Dude, my bad, I accidentally see a photo, his sisters post a photo with her on insta story, this should'nt happend because I do have her at block but not her sister anyway my bad
2019-11-11 19:38
Belgium NisseCS 
2019-11-12 11:15
misspelled... her*
2019-11-12 11:28
No. You'll die within 48 hours.
2019-11-12 09:47
2019-11-12 10:03
Yugoslavia seeeed 
Should be "normal" this stuff happens if someone got aa wet dream
2019-11-12 10:07
All these guys sugar coating the hard truth for you is very disappointing. SAD! The fact is that you have been indoctrinated by the media and the porn industry to fantasize about weird fetisch all day and night long. You appear to have no longer control over your emotions, thoughts, and dreams. Reconsider your behavior and try again next year.
2019-11-12 10:12
+1 I agree
2019-11-12 11:40
Brazil Collee 
It's normal, especially if you haven't ejaculated for a long time. Shouldn't be frequent though
2019-11-12 10:16
Liechtenstein Niko0 
If it happens a lot then go see a doctor. If during NNN im proud of you. Your body failed before your mind and that quite impressive.
2019-11-12 11:08
Nog nooit eerder gehad?
2019-11-12 11:12
Finland Homeless775 
What the fuck do you need help with, this is totally normal and im pritty sure it happens to every person, I’m 20yo rn and this has happened to me like 5 times, this even happened when I was sleeping with my girlfriend about a week ago, its normal just get over it
2019-11-12 11:30
Finland Qurko 
lol you never had a wet dream?? Its common on young age but deffinately can happen when ur older aswell. Im 21 and this happened month ago
2019-11-12 11:43
Australia Lon3wolf12 
It's because you called 100 kreigs fluke run.
2019-11-12 11:44
NNN what is that
2019-11-12 11:48
Finland mustiGOD 
its normal for kids at age 12-13
2019-11-12 11:48
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