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Zowie S1/S2
Finland rolezK1 
Anyone have one of those mouses, how does it feel and is it worth buying in your opinion?
2019-11-12 00:20
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I have zowie s1 divina pink, amazing mouse
2019-11-12 00:22
Finland rolezK1 
What grip you using/any double click issues or other issues that i would need to know?
2019-11-12 00:23
NiKo | 
Netherlands SMGianluca 
get the S2, avoid the S1!!
2019-11-12 00:26
Why? S2 is just smaller. If he has big hands and does not fingertip he should get the S1
2019-11-12 23:03
normal grip i guess
2019-11-12 04:44
mezii | 
United Kingdom salad! 
i claw the s1 with slightly above average size hands very comfortably. only complaint is that i wish it was quite a bit lighter. had it for a while, no other issues
2019-11-12 23:06
Yes same, what's your height? I am 187cm and if it was a bit larger maybe it would be better but idk. S1 seems perfect for me so far
2019-11-13 02:13
mezii | 
United Kingdom salad! 
i'm 191. the size is pretty perfect for my hand honestly, but I've been considering getting a smaller mouse just for the lower weight
2019-11-13 13:04
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
zowie ec2-a
2019-11-12 04:45
EC2 better
2019-11-12 06:17
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
2019-11-12 21:45
Zowie EC2 the newest of ec series
2019-11-12 22:15
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
2019-11-12 22:41
Poland misterr_ 
ur mom
2019-11-13 02:15
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
joe moma
2019-11-13 02:43
Sweden swediztann3 
Get ec2-b divina and attach a paracord cable to it
2019-11-12 06:40
Biff | 
Norway Sirius[$] 
Mouse2 button sensitive af
2019-11-12 06:42
i used to play with g102 and i would say the mouse2 is a bit harder to press
2019-11-12 22:47
get s2 bro i have divina blue its ez elo for u
2019-11-12 08:56
its a really good ambi mouse the shape is good for 1-2-2 grip or 1-3-1. side buttons are excellent, clicks are very nice. also the cable is slightly pointed up so it's easier to use with a mouse bungee(reduce cable drag) i personally am a claw-fingertip hybrid, with the upper part of my palm touching the mouse, the s2 bump is good as it is in the upper-middle part, compared to its brother FK where the hump is more middle-bottom, on the ZA its an aggresive hump on the bottom part of the mouse ive tried FK and the hump is just shit it gave me bad wrist cramps, at least for me. i think S2 is just really perfect for claw who like to feel the mouse on their upper palm as well, and microadjusting is very easy because of the hump and its small size(my hands are 19.5 cm x 11 cm)
2019-11-12 09:00
United Kingdom 4M4T 
the side buttons are not the best and the cable doesn't fit in my zowie camade, still an amazing mouse
2019-11-12 09:04
it was good for me who treated G305 as a God mouse, of all mice ive tried i werent really impressed with their side button placement/pre travel which is more important to me
2019-11-12 09:27
Good mouse imo but still no match for G-PRO or G703
2019-11-12 21:46
Brazil Mirekz 
lul g703 is a brick
2019-11-12 22:45
For me it was very good mouse, it's all about preferences and hand size, And i prefer wireless mouses
2019-11-12 22:50
Brazil Mirekz 
light mouses > heavy anyday, once you try a light mouse u never go back to a heavy mouse
2019-11-12 22:51
Yeah if i'm correct G PRO weight is something around 80g and G703 was 105-110? Imo modern and super reliable sensor is a little bit more important than weight but yeah weight is also pretty important
2019-11-12 22:53
Brazil Mirekz 
nowdays all sensors from gaming mouses of know brands are the same, what matters now is shape and weight. i never tried a gpro but i had a g403 hero and i couldn't get used to it because of the huge hump that it had.
2019-11-12 22:59
amazing fucking mouse
2019-11-12 22:46
i have tested s2 and it feels awful in hand, i went for g403
2019-11-12 22:47
Dosia | 
Germany nucular_ 
Beside their scroll wheel and sidebuttons its a pretty good mouse, nothing comparable to this shape imo
2019-11-12 22:59
i hate side buttons ,every gaming mice has that, i dont use that shit for anything and it annoys my grip
2019-11-12 23:05
Dosia | 
Germany nucular_ 
You could get a g pro wireless and you could cover them or on an razer viper they are really flat and barely noticeable, there are some mouse with decent sensors without sidebuttons but they are very rare
2019-11-12 23:09
2019-11-13 12:37
Scrool wheel is still the worst ive ever used, feels cheaply made compared to my Rival 310, but the shape is really nice
2019-11-12 23:08
I prefer my Za and Fk over s2, shape wise. The s2 has better buttons.
2019-11-12 23:09
i dont know. im still using mx518. its my third one now. no im not saying the remaked version.
2019-11-13 02:24
flusha | 
Finland MEZi 
i have s1, i switched from ec1b to this and it felt really weird, but after awhile its comfortable i palm it with 19cm hand
2019-11-13 13:06
Zerocool | 
Other rssyo 
I have the S2 pink and its my most favorite mouse by far.
2019-11-13 18:49
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