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For how mucb longer will this guy continue to be trapped in garbage c9 teams. One of the biggest wasted talents of the scene right now. Yeah he wasnt the best in this dead c9 lineup but if you put him in a team with good players and give him his role, he can be very good. If i was Liquid id look at replacing naf fly with this guy.
2019-11-12 03:22
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the only player from NA eg or liquid could use
2019-11-12 03:23
2019-11-12 03:25
suNny | 
Portugal lksscs 
2019-11-12 03:49
2019-11-12 04:39
liquid should -Stew +auti
2019-11-12 03:25
United States TrashPanda 
2019-11-12 03:31
Stew is trash
2019-11-12 15:25
+stew took the team to #1
2019-11-12 04:30
stew just gave them a confidence boost and got rid of taco (bot). it's time for an upgrade
2019-11-12 04:36
any of the c9 core replacing taco would've made them #1
2019-11-12 04:40
lmao, +1
2019-11-12 20:29
Lithuania simo32 
stan - atui+?
2019-11-12 05:07
idk i think stan is a good igl though
2019-11-12 08:07
Italy bennyhana 
uh and what role would auti fit into the team? how could auti possibly replace the role stewie had or how could they even rotate the roles it just wouldnt work. they dont need another twistzz clone if anything it would be -twistzz +auti cuz then it actually makes sense
2019-11-12 15:31
Autimatic Get right Pashabiceps Scream Me
2019-11-12 03:25
United States TrashPanda 
I can hear Pasha yelling ROYYYYYLIN now
2019-11-12 03:30
It will happen trust me bro <3
2019-11-12 03:31
2019-11-12 03:43
United States EZ_4_Trump_CS 
Washed has been
2019-11-12 03:25
2019-11-12 15:24
Peru JuanThe 
-gratisfaction +Autimatic
2019-11-12 03:25
China Blitzer 
this is a 200iq post wp
2019-11-12 03:32
Peru JuanThe 
Thank mr lxxl
2019-11-12 03:34
+1 actually a good idea
2019-11-12 04:27
holy shit dude
2019-11-12 05:23
2019-11-12 07:01
United States Festive_ 
ez major
2019-11-12 12:41
Italy bennyhana 
awful idea
2019-11-12 15:32
Why ? Godimatic can AWP and he's surely better than Gratata. Plus , the boys are Australian so no language barrier either.
2019-11-12 15:51
2019-11-12 15:59
Norway TaraZ 
That's actually a really good suggestion! Grats inconsistent tho but i think maybe the roster need some more time cause they are playing really good now
2019-11-12 16:06
TenZ | 
Turkey SkySea 
best idea ever btw
2019-11-12 17:08
2019-11-12 21:02
The problem is that EG is a new project and Liquid don’t intend on changing players in the near future
2019-11-12 03:26
Eg is a new lineup but liquid have been falling for a while now. If they fail at ECS they should at least consider this.
2019-11-12 15:25
I support it only because stewie is a douche, but if their problem is an issue of lacking confidence then changing a player is a bad move imo
2019-11-12 15:58
United States TrashPanda 
NAF?? Why the fuck would you replace NAF? If you're replacing anyone you'd be moving off of Stew. That would make the most sense, Auti could be the main AWPer or do that weird AWP trading between Nitro they do. He would be a perfect complimentary fragger for Elige and Twistzz. I love Stewie to death but he just looks off, and Auti would make sense. But moving from NAF makes zero sense at all.
2019-11-12 03:28
"I love Stewie to death" why are you gay?
2019-11-12 06:15
NiKo | 
India antique94 
Who says i am gay
2019-11-12 07:09
then who is gay
2019-11-12 12:24
United States America! 
2019-11-12 15:26
+1 could be a great move
2019-11-12 12:39
Because NAF is inconsistent and it would fit more role wise. Stewie is a support player and does all the dirty work. Idiots like you only check hltv stats instead of watching the games. And it wouldn't even be a good swap role wise.
2019-11-12 15:26
United States No0bZ57 
A guy that's supposed to be supporting his team shouldn't be pushing smokes with an AWP during a retake.
2019-11-12 15:29
United States ferric 
Hes supposed to get flashed through those smokes. Probably miscommunication rather than just stewies's fault. If you've seen Liquid on inferno, they always push someone through the CT smoke on B, always assisted with a flash, except that one time he was maybe expecting it but there was bad communication.
2019-11-12 20:39
United States TrashPanda 
Lmfao. Nah I was just talking on another post that Stew doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He plays a really shitty role in the team, plays for info and space and baits for people when not doing the weird AWPing swap shit with Nitro. Stew gets no credit for wins, and gets shit for the losses. NAF isn’t the problem, Liquid finding a new strategy is the problem. Also saying Device is overrated is literally like saying the Earth is flat.
2019-11-12 16:48
United States TrashPanda 
Should have specified I don’t want this move to happen and I don’t think it will. Ffs.
2019-11-12 16:49
TenZ | 
Turkey SkySea 
twistzz is tbe the support
2019-11-12 17:09
United States TrashPanda 
They all don’t have a set roll if you watch their demos they all do different shit all the time.
2019-11-12 17:25
TenZ | 
Turkey SkySea 
Their roles are not certain but similar most of the times entry stew support twistszz igl nitro awp everybody
2019-11-12 20:27
replacing 2nd best player on liquid with autimatic lol
2019-11-12 03:35
United States AlphaMaleHere 
He’s moving to gen g
2019-11-12 03:37
2019-11-12 15:52
Brazil ZlatanIsGod 
+1 I think the same.
2019-11-12 04:29
According to rushb media Daps and Auti are close to being signed by Gen.G
2019-11-12 04:46
United States ferric 
According to RUSH B media, Liquid was also considering replacing NAF but it turned out it was just terrible reporting by them.
2019-11-12 20:40
PeeP | 
United States Den422 
Gen.G 2020 Lineup daps Autimatic (awping) SHiPZ Friberg ScreaM (Pronax - Coach)
2019-11-12 05:21
TenZ | 
Turkey SkySea 
trash team
2019-11-12 17:09
Naf >>>>> auti
2019-11-12 06:05
No shit
2019-11-12 06:09
Autimatic isn't that great anymore tbh. He fell off, probably was lazy to prac cuz he saw that he's much better than his teammates anyway
2019-11-12 06:09
United States Festive_ 
i think he needs to go back to awping. thats when he peaked individually
2019-11-12 12:42
Xizt | 
Canada Rommlel 
tarik <<<<<<<<<< Auti
2019-11-12 06:16
Petra | 
Netherlands Yourii 
There was one report that said naf-fly would be replaced by autimatic. But everbody knows stewie is way worst
2019-11-12 08:16
As much as I love naf he has the most disposable position on the team
2019-11-12 21:03
allu | 
Switzerland Jeded 
He lost motivation, just bringing in those lovely c9 salaries
2019-11-12 12:34
2019-11-12 15:33
Autimatic deserves better than C9 He shouldn't have to suffer because the org is dumb AF for not building a decent team around him.
2019-11-12 15:53
they should just pick an EU squad up
2019-11-12 16:10
I agree , all good NA players are In EG/Liquid , EU is the way to go.
2019-11-12 16:26
13:00FaZe vs NiP
02:00DETONA vs W7M
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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