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Since the t side is harder anyways and the game is heavly ct sided .. why not buffing the ak instead of nerfing the krieg ... /discuss
2019-11-12 07:27
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buff the krieg
2019-11-12 07:27
The krieg is ok tbh
2019-11-12 07:28
yeah but no its not even worth buying atm
2019-11-12 07:29
2019-11-12 07:53
lmao why buff ak if t already have krieg and ct has nothing
2019-11-12 18:04
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
I think so too... except for the price point.
2019-11-12 11:43
Buff pp bizon
2019-11-12 11:53
It's already too op
2019-11-12 17:49
-1 it needs a scope and -300 dollars in price
2019-11-12 21:53
But then it will be the most overpowered gun in history, by far!
2019-11-12 21:58
No men)) we’ll reduce kill reward to 100€ so it’s fair.
2019-11-12 22:09
but if you have it, you can't die
2019-11-12 22:11
Yes but you don’t make as much money so it’s balanced
2019-11-12 22:19
reduce recoil
2019-11-12 17:41
Finland Love_God 
buff the glock
2019-11-12 07:28
Netherlands PasscaLl 
2019-11-12 08:04
Germany pmb  
glock is way better than usp
2019-11-12 11:34
i aren't think that
2019-11-12 17:41
thats because you're LEM and lvl 4 faceit
2019-11-12 17:42
what u talking abt favela?
2019-11-12 17:43
im dj and i make 150k usd/year try harder
2019-11-12 17:43
prove it or didnt happen...
2019-11-12 18:22
erkaSt | 
France CKs1 
Just make it one shot or at least two shot
2019-11-12 17:44
Game is/was never CT sided. It all depends on how t side players execute their game and enter any bomb site. T side players are driver of the game. Only few maps are CT sided but again it all depends.
2019-11-12 07:30
Taking 2 teams from the same range of skills overall .. the ct siders will do alot better then the ts
2019-11-12 07:32
Only if T side don't know how to execute properly.
2019-11-12 07:40
India Wise_Indian 
Thats why he said same skills
2019-11-12 11:50
I totally agree, the game is T-sided by its definition. If Ts do everything right, Cts have no chance, and economy is relly unfair for CT side
2019-11-12 07:34
But 5 streaks (gun rounds) for ct and gg the game is done
2019-11-12 07:39
yea, and if they lose one of them, they get reset, lose a free round with usps while Ts build their economy thanks to that
2019-11-12 07:48
Liechtenstein Niko0 
I have always thought that CT-side is more aim based and T-side more utility/teamwork based. Hence the damage difference between both.
2019-11-12 11:12
OK | 
Switzerland _Boomer 
Inferno, Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, Vertigo are more or less CT-sided, what are you talking about? But I am not supporting idea of topic anyway xd
2019-11-12 11:52
United States KKonian 
The game was pretty ct sided back with $2900 laser beam m4a1s and old inferno and nuke were a thing
2019-11-12 22:12
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
then cts will always get fucked by ts bcz of weapom massive advantage. Imo, the best solution is to revert aug fire rate and accuracy and keep sg the same, increase their prices to the one that were from the beginning, and just removing the scope. That way these rifles will be used like ak qnd m4 in future yet not be overpowered and the pros wont have anything to complain about because accuracy will stay better in aug, along with multikill potential due to easier spray while sg will remain better for brawl due to 1 shot kill potential.
2019-11-12 07:33
But the scope what made thos 2 guns popular removing the scope from them will have a bad impact and eventually no one will use the again (hard spray of the krieg ) sure buffing the aug and making the krieg more expensive is a good solution .. but cts will havethe same advantages as the old days
2019-11-12 07:38
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
nope bro... the players using sg, if they are indeed good with it, counter the spray very nicely... so it can be like a gun used in higher tiers due to its accuracy and not scope. I personally switched to aug and sg the day update came out last year... and have been using them since. To me sg and aug feel way better than ak and m4 now and i buy these guns every time. But what i know for a fact is that sg and aug are said overpowered because of the scope that makes pre held angles harder to clear. But reverting the accuracy and firerate of aug , removing tge scope from aug and sg will definitely help for that. Pros with higher skill ceiling and superior aim will have advantage as it should be and skill cap will be reverted back. In my opinion personally, removing the scope and reverting aug to its op state without scope will fix everything... but with an increase in price to like 3300 for aug and 2900 for sg so that newer players have a harder time learning sg while high tier players can use it even without the scope.
2019-11-12 08:01
Australia liazz_top2 
make ak's first shoot accurate make sg $3100, nerf firerate to 600 rpm while scoped
2019-11-12 07:40
The krieg is not that bad comapred to its shit spray pattren
2019-11-12 07:43
Australia liazz_top2 
sg's spray pattern is easier than ak's u are just bad
2019-11-12 07:46
Nah .. i didnt use ittill now coz i didnt play cs for ages .. i m saying that based on community feedbacks ... yt vids and hltv posts
2019-11-12 07:48
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
Ak is easier u are just bad lol
2019-11-12 11:47
Australia liazz_top2 
2019-11-12 14:41
Sweden Lagge15 
It is insane that the AK doesn't have first bullet acc already That's the only change I wanna see regarding AK
2019-11-12 07:46
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
Just revert the AUG's nerf and increase the prices of both AUG and Kreig to 4100$ and 3700$. Now you have just finely equaled guns. If you think that easier spray and scope worth of extra 1000$ then you pay it for AUG. The same applies to Kreig, if you think that better firerate and scope worth of extra 1000$ then you pay it for Kreig.
2019-11-12 07:45
making the guns ‘win-harder’ tools when the side already has money advantage doesnt sound right to me
2019-11-12 07:54
United States DiabIo 
quit cs. go to gym get buff
2019-11-12 07:46
device | 
Germany lyannen 
expected from burgerman
2019-11-12 11:20
OK | 
Switzerland _Boomer 
unexpected you mean
2019-11-12 11:53
United States DiabIo 
exactly hes an idiot
2019-11-12 17:39
United States DiabIo 
expected na hatred from german untermenschen.
2019-11-12 17:43
device | 
Germany lyannen 
ok mens ))
2019-11-12 18:03
Australia Reapz^ 
buff glock, nerf krieg
2019-11-12 07:50
Australia Lon3wolf12 
Glock bestest.
2019-11-12 11:42
buff the sawedoff
2019-11-12 07:53
+1 Give it scope
2019-11-12 11:54
African Union mikecool 
Buff the cz
2019-11-12 08:05
buff aug and five-seven.
2019-11-12 11:14
Put a scope on it
2019-11-12 11:16
Buff the R8
2019-11-12 11:25
T side harder? You are insane my friend
2019-11-12 11:31
Croatia VampIre_HRST 
AK47 should be buffed. I did shoot from 3 versions of AK, in Army from Original Russian, outside army with Romanian and Serbian (Zastava). Every single one (Romanian and Russian were heavy used) could easy hit HS (size of head) on 80m which is not case in cs go, even at 50's.. It's a bullshit how random it is. AK's first bullet accuracy should be buffed a lot!
2019-11-12 11:35
Israel Stryger 
Nerfing the ak- Interesting. It would allow focusing on other weapons and not relying so much on the ak
2019-11-12 11:44
Finland mustiGOD 
how about first shot accuracy to all weapons
2019-11-12 11:47
Finland em8 
makes sense for smg's and pistols to not be as accurate
2019-11-12 17:49
And m4
2019-11-12 17:51
India JW_BesTesT 
Buff awp and make it automatic
2019-11-12 17:52
Ukraine zSnake 
buff zeus (and add skins) but tbh buff Galil and Famas. Galil is at least somewhat usable, but Famas is pure shit for 2250$. Like, UMP, MP9 and MP7 are a lot better and cost less.
2019-11-12 17:59
Iran Tajik! 
Buff nades
2019-11-12 18:25
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