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motivation in cs
Turkey AsIanMashadW 
Whenever i want to play pugs i have to be so motivated, pumped up and in a good mood before i start. I have to be so ready mentally before playing soloq. Cutting my finger off would take less effort than playing 5 games a day. I don't understand how people manage to play 10-15 games per day just like that. I just got queued vs 1k hours 3k elo russki and we are getting rekt 16:0, and it's just the first game of the day and my moti is gone. How to be like everyone else and play 15 games a day without any mental effort?
2019-11-12 18:32
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your motivation should be improving as a player not only winning games
2019-11-12 18:33
1,057 hrs on record Currently In-Game ukrainian 13 yo boi with 3k elo kk
2019-11-12 18:36
United States Grishh 
He's not wrong. you' have a shit mental.
2019-11-12 18:40
how can i stay motivated when percentage of cheaters/smurfs is insanely high
2019-11-12 18:42
You cant in the long term. Add amount of retarded people who will throw won rounds and u get coinflipping in solo q
2019-11-12 19:01
i got to level 10 with around 1k hours too . it's the community being shit, not him cheating. as for the smurfing part, surely not at 3k elo
2019-11-13 14:35
Finland AleksiBenched 
First of all, boosted. Second if you were level 10 you would know there are these guys who make "smurfs" or new accounts or whatever and go to 3k elo, while having 5k games on another account
2019-11-13 14:42
kid, they are not smurfs, they are simply alts. if you play at your own level on a different account you are not a smurf. also, don't get triggered just cuz you give your life to cs and not even get on a decent level. not everyone has to be as pathetic as you. that being said, i doubt that i can get 2k+ elo in 1.1k hours without even trying, but someone trying cant get to 3k. you being shit doesn't equal that eveyone has to be shit. 99.9% of this community is absolute garbage at the game anyway these days now that the cheaters got wiped out 4 years ago so it should be even easier, especially if you play premades which i never did. i won't bother answering anymore to you or other nerds that wanna cry to me as i am not your dad so it's not my duty to give you an education
2019-11-13 14:56
Finland AleksiBenched 
And i'm getting triggered? lmao
2019-11-13 15:03
I fell ya,as i get older and more mature i just cant play more than 2-3 games per day
2019-11-12 18:33
stinx | 
Sweden günT 
2019-11-12 18:34
2019-11-13 14:33
Brazil z1d72 
can confirm 22 and feeling like 72 playing cs
2019-11-12 19:00
Bulgaria overflowww 
didnt you just qualify for fpl or u stealing names
2019-11-12 18:33
he is fake
2019-11-12 18:40
Just don't solo queue
2019-11-12 18:39
just find premades 4head
2019-11-12 18:40
2019-11-12 18:41
also most people from fpl sound like they are depressed and are forced to play yet they play for countless hours idk
2019-11-12 18:40
haha agree :D grinderZzzZzzz
2019-11-12 18:44
i think if you play 15 games a day theres alot of mental effort... Like pushing away thoughts like 'ok ive been sitting here for 10 hours now maybe i should stretch my legs or do something good for me' the IDEAL is: -do your best no matter how things are going and -win and lose with the same mindset What happens: -Wtf is that? -What? How is that possible? -This game is broken. etc Short answer: If you wanna play 15 games a day get more addicted to cs(bad idea xd). You dont play 15 games a day of some stress inducing pew pew pew FPS games without it being some sort of addiction underneath the gaming passion. but.. i think.. if you make cs a part of your self worth, motivation will go faster alot of people try to escape real life with games, and real life just ends up following them into cs. How to be more motivated? I would say: remember that its a game and you can only do your best and nothing more. If you lose motivation while losing, thats a double loss. If you keep your spirits high and are still losing thats still a win, on a personal level.
2019-11-12 18:42
Norway JorgyZ 
Wasnt too sure about your comment but those 2 last sentences are wise words
2019-11-13 14:38
Brazil _FaZeUP 
You're not motivated cuz you're bad. Improve your game and you will be motivated once again.
2019-11-12 18:42
coming from lvl 6
2019-11-12 18:44
Brazil _FaZeUP 
See, that's visible. You're uncomfortable when someone says you're bad. It's surely a mental stuff. You're assuming I'm a bad player because you canno't accept you could be better.
2019-11-12 18:48
PeeP | 
United States Den422 
Dude I've been playing cs every day since 2013. About 3 months ago i also lost my motivation, i used to hop on and warm up for about 30 mins and then play like 4-6 pugs per day as well as league play. I can no longer even find warming up entertaining, and I queue for a pug or MM game with hopes to have fun but 3 rounds in i am instantly bored with my fucking clown teammates and everyone on the other team is just somehow better than all my trash teammates. game is boring as fuck to play, but great to follow the esport
2019-11-12 18:44
Norway JorgyZ 
Been playing cs every day since 2013 and you still havent found anyone to play with?
2019-11-13 14:39
PeeP | 
United States Den422 
I played with friends every single day on cs, i played 8 seasons of open and 3 seasons of IM i always play with friends lol but none of my friends play any more because we all agree its boring
2019-11-13 16:29
Norway JorgyZ 
"i always play with friends lol" "i am instantly bored with my fucking clown teammates and everyone on the other team is just somehow better than all my trash teammates" mby you should start being a little nicer to your friends m8
2019-11-13 17:22
im not motivated until i change my computer
2019-11-12 18:45
Oh stop the troll (fake) aslan fpl threads already...lmao♿️🤦🏽‍♂️
2019-11-12 18:46
this thread is not about fpl...lmao♿️🤦🏽‍♂️
2019-11-12 18:48
United States JustBitsy 
I don't think you need to play 60 hr a week to be good at the game. I think its necessary if you want to go pro but to be consistent at a high level you can definitely play a couple here or there and be fine. As for keeping motivation after getting your shit decked, I like to end on a good note if possible. Usually my motivation after losing ridiculously is to play well before I get off.
2019-11-12 18:48
stop to think about winning think about long term improving you'll have alot more fun on your training sessions one loss should not make you feel bad
2019-11-12 18:49
these "single unlucky losses" happen more often than normal losses. I'd say 70% of my lost games were caused by trolls, griefers, leavers, people who play premium que like it's matchmaking, enemy trihard stacks or cheaters. There are rarely any close games that i lose, majority of them are 16 - (one digit) scores.
2019-11-12 18:58
you shouldn't care bro care about improving your game this is much more important than a specific loss
2019-11-12 19:00
this is much more important because it wastes my time, just got queued vs 70% winrate german who is atm 1st in the master league rank and got 0,97 kd french guy in my team as a tradecard l m a o m a o
2019-11-12 19:02
ok then f u and rot in lvl 4 faceit
2019-11-12 19:11
2019-11-12 19:17
2019-11-12 18:56
cant buy just like that u need some bullshit papers
2019-11-12 18:58
In Turkey? Nahhh .. fake flager? ;) Go to cyprus then, u can get it in any pharmacy.
2019-11-12 20:07
No preparation, no motivation. You need ideas and plan on how you're going to play, otherwise you're just throwing yourself into fire.
2019-11-12 19:04
its pugs man wtf, you just control mid/ rushb/ smoke a and play connector ct side
2019-11-12 19:05
I dont have motivation, I just start a game, hope for the best and then just try to adjust to the match.
2019-11-12 19:06
just do sth else xaxa whos forcing you to play
2019-11-12 19:13
team with no mics great
2019-11-12 19:13
Shara | 
China |REM1| 
just don't play if you don't want to lol imagine needing motivation to play
2019-11-12 19:14
aaand i got toxic lvl 9 bot to my team that follows me for no reason
2019-11-12 19:19
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
I can't play competitive without premade because i will always get matched with really bad people whilst my enemy team has no problems so i just grind retakes and FFA DM when i'm alone.
2019-11-13 14:38
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