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best comback?
Tunisia edcmiami 
2019-11-13 04:59
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United States EZ_4_Trump_CS 
Antonio Brown
2019-11-13 04:59
faze vs c9 boston major
2019-11-13 05:01
best comeback, not worst choke
2019-11-13 05:03
idk men ask my exs they're always coming back for more :(
2019-11-13 05:03
United States Vollizie 
worst choke would be Liquid vs. LG at MLG Columbus
2019-11-13 05:23
Yeah but that was more of a comeback on top of an impossible play (almost pure luck)
2019-11-13 05:24
United States Vollizie 
Okay the jumping AWP was disgusting, but Liquid still had like 5 more chances to close out Mirage. No excuses for not being able to close out Cache either. You can't have a comeback without a choke.
2019-11-13 05:31
I can understand mrg, wtf do you even do after that, cache was a 50 50 cuz it was their best map but SK was a 100% momentum based team, after that game on mirage nothing could stop them
2019-11-13 05:33
United States Vollizie 
The momentum already swung back into Liquid's favor after going up 15-6 T side on Cache. Was just a massive choke
2019-11-13 05:36
Idk, cache t side aganist SK's shit ct was good, and then their ct was a blowout aganist the best T side at the time, still a choke I guess
2019-11-13 06:05
vp vs sk for me
2019-11-13 05:36
United States Vollizie 
Liquid vs. LG was at a major though. It SHOULD have been a Na'Vi vs. Liquid final. Besides, VP vs. Astralis at ELEAGUE Atlanta Major was a bigger choke than VP vs. SK at Epicenter.
2019-11-13 05:39
Of course I will not clearly remember VP vs SK @ Epicenter 2017, but what I do remember is that it was boltz's first tournament with SK and the it went to 5 maps and they played like 40 rounds on the last map. Don't remember anyone choking, to me it was more of really close match and the difference maker, especially on the 5th map was boltz.
2019-11-13 06:10
United States Vollizie 
Think he meant one of the last rounds of the final. Championship point for VP, and it was a 4v2 in their favor, and they lost.
2019-11-13 06:13
Ok, I don't remember this round. But for me the biggest choke was LG vs Liquid. First because it was a major, second because Liquid was up 15-9 and they managed to lose 15-19...
2019-11-13 06:18
United States Vollizie 
2019-11-13 06:19
Oops, hehe^^ my brain lagged its almost 2:30 am here
2019-11-13 06:23
nukkye | 
Albania fault43 
2019-11-13 05:02
United States Inapplicable 
ok boomer
2019-11-13 05:06
yes | 
Sweden mridk7864 
2019-11-13 05:27
2019-11-13 06:21
Havu vs Avangar, train
2019-11-13 05:28
Russia NikSmoK 
Qbf vs mouz
2019-11-13 05:32
Brazil ZlatanIsGod 
O.J. Simpson
2019-11-13 05:33
qbf vs mouz. train
2019-11-13 05:34
boltz | 
Europe matt_gv 
IMT vs Fnatic, Mirage
2019-11-13 05:35
astralis going from choking and losing everything in 2016 to picking up gla1ve and winning atlanta major in 2017 top 1 comeback of all time
2019-11-13 05:39
Liquid vs LG Come on guys?
2019-11-13 05:47
United States nedwab 
ence v liquid inferno iem katowice 2019
2019-11-13 05:47 fnatic vs envy cologne 2015 final map1 dust2
2019-11-13 05:57
ropz | 
Argentina rawe1337 
mousesports vs Liquid @ ESL One New York being 1-2 down in maps at the 4th map in a Bo5. They were losing 4-13 and they managed to win 19-17, after that they won Mirage and it was 3-2 for them.
2019-11-13 06:10
11:00Alpha Red vs OneThree
Alpha Red
15:00AVEZ vs Izako Boars
Izako Boars
02:00DETONA vs W7M
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