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United States Nohj 
I've seen a lot of hate towards reddit here. So, I've gotta ask, do you hate all of reddit or just the r/globaloffensive sub reddit?
2019-11-14 03:48
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DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
Cuz hltv likes mens more than teenagers
2019-11-14 03:49
People just remembers things that triggers them, instead of looking for things with value.
2019-11-14 03:50
Most of reddit is cringe
2019-11-14 03:50
Mexico evm 
Reddit is cool for subscribing to communites based around a hobby or passion but most subreddits like the Am I The Asshole or unpopular opinion are just full of retards that think they are smart. In HLTV retards know and accept they are retards so its better
2019-11-14 03:51
United States Nohj 
yeah, some subs are actually decent
2019-11-14 06:58
reddit community of sheeps
2019-11-14 03:53
Mexico evm 
That too men, and they constantly repeat the same jokes everytime
2019-11-14 03:54
Brazil [0x0] 
dae narwhal bacon XD
2019-11-14 07:10
I just hate the csgo subreddit. They act like intellectuals who pretends that theyre globals but are actually silver. And it's just so easy to bait them that it's not even fun. You do even a small bait and boom thousands of downvotes and a permanant ban. I can say almost whatever i want here without fear of downvotes and moderation is very lenient here compared to reddit. Hltv is for big iq individuals who are actually good at the game. Be proud you are in hltv mens
2019-11-14 03:55
United States Nohj 
2019-11-14 03:58
NEO | 
Poland JakubbPL 
While I agree when you bait on reddit you have to make it obvious and add /s add the end or you get downvotted to hell. Also do not even try to make an unpopular statement or you you are going to lose all your karma. And hltv users are gods at baiting, noone can compare. So i use hltv for baiting/unpopular opinion and reddit for overall/daily browsing
2019-11-14 03:59
Ye, every time i go onto the subreddit, there's always some nova who thinks his lucky silver esque AWP ace is insane
2019-11-14 08:37
Canada rayrayrayray 
The upvote system promotes a circlejerk for karma which in turn makes the site insufferable
2019-11-14 03:55
Luxembourg _hhh 
post-match discussions and roster move leaks are ok, but rest is kinda shit. Remember that Spunj thread? What a bunch of loons
2019-11-14 03:56
Brazil [0x0] 
both of those exist on hltv and are better
2019-11-14 07:11
Probably both I went on reddit a few times and it was insufferable everything was unfunny overemphasized and blatant begs for internet points. Especially on r/global offensive
2019-11-14 03:59
United States Nohj 
2019-11-14 04:05
I don't hate it, I just don't use it either
2019-11-14 07:04
Brazil [0x0] 
all of it and you are a filthy reddit newfag
2019-11-14 07:09
1. clips of awful aces(absolutely zero xhair placement, shittiest movement in the planet, etc. etc. ) - theyre so proud with their shitty aces they have to post every single fucking match theyre in 2. silvers that literally "WOW" when a pro just fucking breathes(or does a 4k but nothing that impressive) 3. novas talking about game balancing and updates as if their opinions fucking matter(at least have 2k hours CS experience before u even consider discussing about game fixes) 4. u hate s1mple means u get downvoted to oblivion i mean my list above is still prevalent here in hltv but at least there are also like-minded people who agree with me
2019-11-14 08:12
Finland Autisthicc 
idk but ive seen way more better players on reddit than here lol
2019-11-14 08:13
of course you would, they post clips 24/7 on that subreddit and you rarely find good ones, either its a good clip, or a funny one. people dont really post clips on this site
2019-11-14 08:24
Finland Autisthicc 
nt, redidt just have superior gamers
2019-11-14 08:25
hmm try harder 0/8
2019-11-14 08:29
Latvia Matematikis 
1. is sooo true, every time i go to reddit i see some mediocre ace or one tap, and they always write they have 2k hours, and then the comments are just an never ending circle-jerk on how amazing the play was.
2019-11-14 08:45
Reunion 1iquser 
fuck r/globaloffensive and r/dankmemes
2019-11-14 08:25
Not just csgo reddit but many many subreddits devolve into circle jerking
2019-11-14 08:33
Finland Qurko 
most reddit is just cringe because of the upvote system, say anything negative / controversial and you get bombarded with snowflakes downvoting you = your comment gets hidden
2019-11-14 08:36
Brunei TtE 
The only good subreddit was SoccerStreams but they banned it like they banned TheDonald, typical leftists
2019-11-14 08:37
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
True but they always kinda recreate it under different names. Just google it when you need a stream and you'll find die current subreddits for it. E:+csgo vods page is also good, actually never used anything else except these
2019-11-14 08:43
Canada ZHF 
The popular subs are always the worst, smaller subs can actually be decent if it’s about something you’re interested in because there’s no stupid comments just discussion
2019-11-14 14:32
2019-11-14 14:34
Mainly the CS:GO one
2019-11-14 14:35
12:50HellRaisers vs Yalla
12:30Tricked vs Gambit Youngsters
Gambit Youngsters
14:00AVANGAR vs mousesports
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