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Why the fucke use a tiebreaker
Sweden NIP_1_Major_EG_0_Majors 
Use a system that is actually competitive ESL
2019-11-16 01:13
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United States EZ_4_Trump_CS 
All they had to do was win 1 map no sympathy from me
2019-11-16 01:16
Stupidest comment of the Day and its only 01.18 here. Tie breakers Are specifically applied for competetive situations, you dimwit. "uSE a SySTeM thAT wiLl gEt My teAm tHrouGh magiCaLLy, eSL"
2019-11-16 01:20
That is't really competitive because you can win as many games as the other team but just because you won a 2-1 the other team should qualify
2019-11-16 01:23
f0rest | 
Serbia dankoBGD 
2019-11-16 01:52
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
shouldn't have gone 2-1, the other team didn't so based on those results you are "worse" thus its justified that you don't make it , but you won't listen to reason anyway because your team didn't make it
2019-11-16 01:53
Let's say that this happens to faze I still would think it's a bad system not because I like faze but because it's a bad system
2019-11-16 01:57
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
lmao its decent system for the time frame imho
2019-11-16 01:58
So you think it's a good system if 3 team's in a 4 team group can tid?
2019-11-16 02:01
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
yes its a good system for the time period of 3 matches per team.
2019-11-16 02:08
Ok you have your opinion
2019-11-16 02:10
Fun how someone always complain no matter how they do it. not because of the system. but because of being fan of team and being blinded by a loss.
2019-11-16 01:24
Even blas has a better tiebreaker than ESL has atm
2019-11-16 01:30
I will bet a a lot on you would not have made this thread if it had played out to NIPs advantaged.. Your issue is not with the system. but your fanmode.
2019-11-16 01:50
No I it's just a bad system imo even if let's say it was a NA team that this happened to I would still think it's a bad system because it's not that competitive
2019-11-16 01:53
Like most others say.. Its not a bad system.. I agree to the point there isnt a "good" system.. All the ways have pros and cons... however this way is actually one of the better ones.. Making it about the teams that fight for the spot. and not putting stats from games against other teams into it. since that can make it more unfair.. So one of the better systems there is. And your salt is only because of fanmode.
2019-11-16 02:04
You have your opinion but if so many team's can tie in a format it's not a good format. I don't care that much that nip lost shit happens its how thy lost because the format
2019-11-16 02:08
Super fair system. one of the better ones.. OFC fans will always cry because most people in cs dont care about cs only nationality or fanmode.. However this system is fair as tiebreaker.. Its more fair to have it between those teams playing for the spot. Its unfair to make about teams not fighting for the spot. teams already "out".. since that put way more things into it.. bad days, bad teams.. what not.. If 2-3-4 what ever teams, fight for one spot. its super fair the stats used is only for those teams fighting for the spot. it make so much sense.. Sadly fanmode blinds people. That is speaking about the tiebreaker format.. when there is a tie.. If you want to have things where ties cant happen.. well that is hard.. not even adding an other team would make that impossible.. that is just how sport works. it happens in all sports really. Could also say its unfair when you look at regions.. take the NA region. because its not a strong scene they take teams from other regions into it. but still you have teams in there that will never win anything. Then take EU teams where bassicly all could win.. im sure many EU teams could use those spots given to NA teams better.. but because of region system.. teams with super low rating is playing for spots they will never win. why world class teams cant play because EU region is just so much stronger and there isnt enough spots.
2019-11-16 02:11
2019-11-16 02:13
Tiebreakers are needed
2019-11-16 01:25
Finland Smoonah 
shit game, shit rules
2019-11-16 01:52
12:55SKADE vs Nordavind
17:00paiN vs W7M
12:30Tricked vs Gambit Youngsters
Gambit Youngsters
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