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Where is it??
2019-11-16 01:31
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Jkaem Rain Hallzerk ??? ???
2019-11-16 01:32
Jkaem Rain Hallzerk Cromen +igl (h4rr3 or some decent igl ) Could be a good team , but aint gonna happen.
2019-11-16 02:18
2019-11-16 15:34
Its rain mens hallleeelllulja. I have spoken.
2019-11-16 01:32
Dead since what???? 2006???
2019-11-16 01:34
Germany the_dukes 
shut up
2019-11-16 15:33
Spain Lorenzo_Lamas 
Rubino Tenzki Cromen
2019-11-16 01:36
They’re petty bad, cromen Is meh
2019-11-16 01:38
Tenzki converted? Baptisted in oil? I have spoken.
2019-11-16 01:39
Europe rushbnoflash 
2019-11-16 01:43
Spain Lorenzo_Lamas 
Braindead I have spoken
2019-11-16 02:39
1. Tenzki is danish 2. Tenzki is not good. 3. Rubino is bad too 4.Cromen is good support , but they need igl too
2019-11-16 02:19
Spain Lorenzo_Lamas 
Who cars
2019-11-16 02:38
Do they NEED to have a scene? Small country with tons of money and other shit to do, as opposed to Denmark where it fucking rains 24/7. Swedes Are just nerds, really. Norwegians Are all about that outdoors life, men.
2019-11-16 01:39
2019-11-16 01:41
rain | 
Norway MathiasSka 
2019-11-16 01:41
Norway m16rlul 
2019-11-16 01:42
My Grandpa is like that, yes fan of Norway checks out. Thinking about learning Norwegian
2019-11-16 01:45
Just learn danish. Then shove a twig up your butt and keep speaking danish = fluent norwegian. Jkjk, u should learn it to talk to ur granddad about fjords, Roald amundsen and stuff
2019-11-16 01:50
You mean learn Norweigan = speak slower = swedish = Put a dick in your mouth = Danish. So norweigan is best to learn all 3. I have spoken.
2019-11-16 01:51
Ya. Norwegian is both danish and swedish. So its like speaking while drunk with a hot potatoe and a cock in ur mouth All at once. Good times
2019-11-16 01:53
I filled a couple of danish boys in my days. Done 2 prides in cph.
2019-11-16 01:55
Nice bruh. Lots of gays here. My daughters mother is half swedish, the cunt :')
2019-11-16 01:57
flag checks out, why are all swedes gay does the arabs not let you near the women anymore?
2019-11-16 01:57
Why are all danish boys bottoms that need swedish men to fill them up?
2019-11-16 01:58
"swedish men" is that even a thing? i only see soy looking cucks when i go there
2019-11-16 01:59
I challenge you to a rock off at tivoli this summer, im gona pop rock you.
2019-11-16 02:01
Lol this thread derailed quickly
2019-11-16 02:01
sweden = gay denmark = VIKINGS LÅLÅLÅLÅLÅ
2019-11-16 02:17
Well... mad swedistan cant handle the truth of him being gae :(
2019-11-16 02:22
broky | 
Sweden 0sko 
I lost a lot of braincell while reading both of you having a fight over witch country is best
2019-11-16 15:46
Hahha, my Mom dates a Norwegian who just fishes in rivers and shit. It’s hilarious and I think it’s cool
2019-11-16 01:55
tbh nothing is better than flyfishing for trout/salmon
2019-11-16 15:37
North of Sweden and Norway = Amazing.
2019-11-16 01:53
Yes, was thinking about going to Tromsø
2019-11-16 01:54
Go even further up, narvik and above. Highest mountain in Sweden, kebnekaise is amazing to hike during the summer, you can go up and down mountains all day and night and the sun never sets.
2019-11-16 01:57
Id consider it
2019-11-16 01:59
or if you want to see Polarbears, go further up to Svalbard
2019-11-16 02:04
Will you be there to show him around? *wink wink*
2019-11-16 02:02
2019-11-16 02:03
I would, if I was in Sweden. But Im never going back.
2019-11-16 02:04
Ah yes. The danish boys haha
2019-11-16 02:06
Like I would live in denmark... Almost did when i dated a rich model but I ditched him cause living in denmark wasnt worth it. I live the european gay capital right now.
2019-11-16 02:08
Lol bro thats so hot im literally jerking off to this fabulous recount of your life's sexcapades
2019-11-16 02:13
Trueeee +1
2019-11-16 02:26
Rain Jkaem Hallzerk Cromen Harr3 Ez tier 2 team for WESG
2019-11-16 01:43
The thing is that they will do better in seperate teams, Jkeam will never leave 100t for a Norwegian roasterm and Rain is more shaky but pretty sure he wont leave FaZe in some time. Cromen disappeared after he stepped in for FaZe
2019-11-16 02:21
Maybe if rain gets kicked from FaZe Nordavind will offer him a salary he can not refuse then maybe Jkaem wants to come home and play with them. We can only hope.
2019-11-16 15:33
faze clan is norwegian team
2019-11-16 01:57
>London Conspiracy >Norwegian TF
2019-11-16 02:01
what u mean homie?
2019-11-16 15:29
mountains > CS
2019-11-16 02:22
Truth - IGL That fraggs rain - support / entry jkaem - support cromen - support Hallzerk - awp ????
2019-11-16 15:33
Been asking myself this for so many years.. Gaming isn't really accepted as a sport here, at least not to the extent that it is in Denmark and Sweden.. Maybe we've just had bad luck? We have lots of good players, but sadly no great team
2019-11-16 15:38
17:30forZe vs Rugratz
17:30ORDER vs INTZ
11:00forZe vs Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
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