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NiP & ENCE same mistake
Nigeria Trippest^^ 
both make same mistake when in the top - kick the IG and ruin any group spirit. Fifflaren win ESL ONE with NiP, lurppiss basically force-hate him out with continuous hltv articles shit posting him. What happends then steady down hill to bottom with small hickups. ENCE kick aleksib, now steady downhill to bottom.
2019-11-16 02:28
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Fifflaren was a fcking bot and NIP only won a major because the pro scene was garbage at the start of csgo I have better aim than half of NIP in 2013
2019-11-16 02:29
How can u be garbage if u are the best?
2019-11-16 02:31
Because everyone else was even shittier. Just watch a demo of 2013 pro game. Level was rly low
2019-11-16 02:32
so? its 2019 now uve been training training_aim_csgo and aim botz for 7 years now since beginning of csgo in 2012, big difference.
2019-11-16 02:33
You added nothing with this reply.
2019-11-16 02:36
maybe ur brain doesnt understand that comparing his aiming skills in 2019 to players in 2013 when game was 1 year old is irrelevant
2019-11-16 02:38
Maybe you didn't understand that him comparing his aim to the players in NiP in 2013 was irrelevant to his main point, which is that the pro scene was garbage at the start of CS:GO, which isn't referring to the level of aim, but rather the level of tactical depth at the top level. So in retrospect, your reply regarding his aim is actually irrelevant to his main point, and only highlighting his side comment. An example of this just in case you don't understand :) = Person 1: Hey, FaZe are looking a lot better with coldzera than recently but they were still miles ahead with karrigaN - They should really look into getting a proper IGL so NiKo can frag out. It's such a shame to let a talent like him be burdened by the role of IGL, I really hope this FaZe lineup can prosper though. I'm as tall as NiKo btw! You: How do you know how tall NiKo is now? Have you measured yourself recently? You're probably using outdated information, big difference. That's you mate, you reply to the unnecessary information that isn't relevant, get a grip on reality.
2019-11-16 02:47
Chill dude u rekt him
2019-11-16 02:50
people sometimes take hltv too serious...
2019-11-16 03:09
Poland LiquidWater 
Fifflaren 9-44 in 2 maps xdddd ez nip playing 4v5 against vp 2014 major final ez 4 vp no mistake just poor execution.
2019-11-16 02:31
still won ESL one?
2019-11-16 02:32
It's possible to have a bad player and still win, get that through your head.
2019-11-16 02:35 look what u think, unlucky?
2019-11-16 02:39
wtf was that?? silver movement with terrible sprays and a bunch of awp whiffs=bad luck???
2019-11-16 02:44
Poland LiquidWater 
+1 xd cant even smoke short from apartments.
2019-11-16 02:45
Poland LiquidWater 
xddd most of the time he is whiffing easy awp shots and sprays. He whiffed ak spray and got 2 tapped by usp. He couldn't even do a simple short smoke from outside b apps. He's just a bad player nothing unlucky. there was only 2-3 deaths involving flashbangs / grenades that were the main reason for his death xd most of the time they just out aimed him bcuz he's trash.
2019-11-16 02:45
too much pressure from tournament and hltv, and bad demo. look this is like 2013, year before: not that bad, but dont compare to 2019
2019-11-16 02:52
Thanks for linking a video of him being completely retarded with his decision making and whiffing every opportunity he gets.
2019-11-16 02:50
yeye go kysh now lurppiss
2019-11-16 02:53
Haha, very funny!
2019-11-16 02:54
sry I dont have interest in your autism
2019-11-16 02:54
You're a clown, let that sink in and reflect.
2019-11-16 02:55
2019-11-16 02:56
2019-11-16 02:56
get right didnt get kicked... he left
2019-11-16 02:52
get right got kicked wdym
2019-11-16 02:53
He stepped down, he didn't get kicked. Takes 10s to find that out.
2019-11-16 02:56
2019-11-16 02:56
You have issues, you should get them checked out. Don't be afraid to seek help. :)
2019-11-16 02:57
Or I have no interest talking with a 18yo mentally unstable kid ! :D
2019-11-16 03:00
Except you'll talk to me until you're proven wrong, and then you'll start using insults instead.
2019-11-16 03:02
Or maybe you dont read the whole comment thread and just reply to the most previous one without context and then decide to go full retard and full autismo and seek my attention in every comment because you are lonely with nobody to talk to :D Go hug your mom little robert
2019-11-16 03:09
I read the whole thread, and reply with context everytime. It seems you are heavily damaged in the brain, that's unfortunate - I wish the best for you in that sense.
2019-11-16 03:12 "STEPS DOWN" expected from yellow teeth to not know how to read (steaklove)
2019-11-16 04:01
bro it was obvious he was forced out from playing and he didnt wanna remain as a coach. Only 90iq required. Also my teeth are white, but nt burgerbrain
2019-11-16 15:17
its obvious that he just wanted to step down from nip and to let other people get the chance to make the team better Also my brain is a brain, but nt no scene
2019-11-16 22:22
2019-11-16 02:54
Fifflaren was actually bad at the end so spare me your bs revisionist history. Aleksib on the other hand is a different story. Ence messed up big time.
2019-11-16 03:25
NiP had already gone to shit with Fifflaren.
2019-11-16 04:04
2019-11-16 15:19
Fifflaren was only IGL at the beginning, they switched the role to Xizt quite quickly.
2019-11-16 22:25
Bruh fifflaren was not even the igl, and ESL one cologne was kind of a fluke. They were going downhill since the start of 2014
2019-11-16 22:29
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17:45KINGZZZ vs Equinox
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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