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Girl gave me her phone number
autist | 
Other The_Merchant_of_Venice 
Later virgins....
2019-11-16 03:42
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first time u got a girl's number? wow good job u made it in life 👍🏻
2019-11-16 03:46
no?????? its probably the 27th time 👍🏻
2019-11-16 03:47
lol nt The Virgin of Venice
2019-11-16 03:49
wtf mens))
2019-11-16 03:49
Europe sn00b_d0gg 
2019-11-16 04:50
Brazil Gunzel 
2019-11-16 06:46
NAF | 
India FosFate 
2019-11-16 10:01
2019-11-17 03:40
kike | 
Liechtenstein Chortled 
2019-11-17 04:02
2019-11-17 04:03
Europe thaifinnen 
You did him dirty
2019-11-17 04:09
And this time it's special because you will probably lose your virginity to a whale ? :)
2019-11-16 10:14
I thought india didn't have phone numbers
2019-11-16 03:55
yeah we don't
2019-11-16 03:57
Or girls
2019-11-16 03:57
2019-11-16 03:58
I feel bad for you bro
2019-11-16 03:58
thanks but u don't need to lol
2019-11-16 04:01
2019-11-16 04:02
2019-11-16 03:59
2019-11-16 04:01
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
for a second i thought that i got a virus wtf
2019-11-16 04:39
India hitman4636 
Our parents get us them coochies.
2019-11-16 10:03
The Virgin of Venice calling people virgins
2019-11-16 03:47
Damn you got another alt that was quick!
2019-11-16 03:48
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
ahahah virgin of venice is doing it again
2019-11-16 03:49
my name are Merchant_of_Venice can you not read?
2019-11-16 03:51
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
ahahaha virgin backwards is merchant to the power of two
2019-11-16 03:52
this is your age in binary 01100
2019-11-16 03:55
ahahah virgin of venice is doing it again
2019-11-16 03:54
this is your age in binary 01100
2019-11-16 03:55
ahahah virgin of venice is doing it again
2019-11-16 04:10
Youre name has the characters "my waifu" and youre calling me a virgin ahahhahaa
2019-11-16 04:10
ahahah virgin of venice is doing it again
2019-11-16 04:19
Only a virgin know about binary number
2019-11-16 10:08
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
ahahaha nice edit virgin
2019-11-16 03:58
Hey look I just found your age as well and then I converted it into base two! Wow incredible 1001
2019-11-16 04:00
hehe virgin of Venice doing it again
2019-11-16 07:19
Virgin of Venice😏😏😏😲😲👁👁🐌🐌👀👀🐓🐓 that sounds menacing)) 😎
2019-11-16 03:53
Stop calling me faggot
2019-11-16 03:50
lmao 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍😎😎👌👌👌👌🤙🤙🤙🤙👀👀👀👀🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩💩
2019-11-16 10:12
Finland em8 
Virgin of venice lmao
2019-11-16 03:50
nt The Virgin of Venice
2019-11-16 03:50
the goat indeed
2019-11-16 03:55
My crush gave me her phone number, but some days after she said this: I'm in a phase of my life that I just want to enjoy the moments with friends, know places, anyway. I don't want to get involved with anyone lovingly, at least I don't mean to, so I avoid how often haha, not to let it happen because I don't want any way (not now) I just want to take care of myself and live my life, focus on me and myself. my profession. So she said that im ugly and she isnt interested on me :/ ? But at least i tried. :)
2019-11-16 03:55
I was only joking there is no way im going to date this girl we just talk alot and understand each other pretty well.
2019-11-16 03:57
That's almost the same with me haha. But at least im counting with her to introduce her friends of interesting to me, maybe after some time we could turn the things more nice for both xD. Btw, it seams that when u find someone that think like you, its more easy to become friend than girlfriend. Some sad things that im learning about live. But i think this isnt a absolute thing, must have exceptions.
2019-11-17 03:35
Yeah exactly.
2019-11-17 03:46
RpK | 
France KepleR82b 
Bro I lived exactly the same thing and let me tell you that your girl just wants sum fuq
2019-11-16 04:27
Yes, i totally agree with you, but she doenst see me as a man to fuq, i think im already in friendzone :/. But at least i asked her to introduce any friend of interesting after all. By the time, maybe i try to change it to a "colored friendship", then we could "combine business with pleasure". But not creating massive expectation. Anyway, u just confirmed something that i had to hear. Thank you, m8!
2019-11-17 03:33
RpK | 
France KepleR82b 
I had a crush for 3 months until I hold my balls, we kissed, we told each other that we were attracted, but we never fucked, it lasted 2 weeks before I asked "so what are we now" and she answered exactly the same thing as your crush, it felt like she wanted something but were unable to do it 1 week later I learnt she just sees a lot of guys. Too bad
2019-11-17 15:18
aleksib is the problem
2019-11-16 04:08
2019-11-16 04:11
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
Virgin of Venice
2019-11-16 04:13
Just dont come here and cry when the number turns out to be for a taxi-company.
2019-11-16 04:21
Why would that happen.
2019-11-16 06:36
For an academic nature?
2019-11-16 04:30
obviously not im far too egotistical to ever ask someone else for help or partnership in academics.
2019-11-16 05:09
Peru JuanThe 
Flair checks out
2019-11-16 04:42
wtf mens))
2019-11-16 05:15
2019-11-16 06:48
Russia seized_goat 
Nt virgin of venice
2019-11-16 06:48
How can you call me a virgin while you are a goat lol wtf go eat tin on a farm in yakutia
2019-11-16 07:19
Russia seized_goat 
Ok virgin of venice
2019-11-16 07:21
at least im not a goat axaxaxa
2019-11-16 07:25
Russia seized_goat 
Ikr you’re not Greatest Of All Time
2019-11-16 09:57
then u woke up
2019-11-16 07:20
DIdn't your mom tell you I have been awake for almost 10 hours.
2019-11-16 07:26
If you have had 27 girls numbers in the past, why feel the need to brag to a bunch of nerds? Your winning life bro. Enjoy your night of texting.
2019-11-16 10:04
2019-11-16 10:08
Other wholelottared 
2019-11-16 23:59
gj op
2019-11-17 03:34
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16:00WaitForTag vs SKADE
01:00DETONA vs W7M
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