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Poor people mentality
China SwooksarV2 
What's with all the poor people mentality on hltv? (Ok not the people from 3rd world/developing countries, you guys have it rough and I wish you the best of luck in life. I'm talking about people from developed countries like Sweden) Too many people on hltv have this "sense of justice" and "equality" mindsets and they think that money or "wealthy people are the source of these problems" when Infact, they're just jealous of their ability to not be useless. These "you're so privileged" comments just show how poor you are. And you have to face it, you aren't gonna make any money in your life if you think like that. Now, some examples are "Average_Conservative" and "malinkal" You can just smell the broke and failure from your screen.
2019-11-17 01:06
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2019-11-17 01:07
African Union 2011 
you beat me to it
2019-11-17 01:08
ok boomer
2019-11-17 01:07
China SwooksarV2 
Ok mens)
2019-11-17 01:12
And we're at it again I turn around, another fucking war, man
2019-11-17 01:07
i say yes bro
2019-11-17 01:08
Iceland CHAPOLE! 
who the fuck do you get you 300 euro salary retard
2019-11-17 05:22
2019-11-17 12:48
2019-11-17 01:09
For every dollar a man gets that he didn’t work for, someone worked for a dollar they didn’t get. Do you really think that billionaires work so much harder to get that money? Of course they fucking don’t. Most of the time poor people stay poor not because they don’t work, but because the value of their labour is stolen.
2019-11-17 01:09
China SwooksarV2 
2019-11-17 01:12
they are billionaires not because of their hard work but because of big brain. poor cucks cant do anything greater than 40hour/week office job or clean toilets, but yet they hate the ones who had the ideas and the courage to do something better and got what they wanted. ofc they prefer to cry and shit on others about how unfair their life is instead of actually doing something to make it better
2019-11-17 01:14
2019-11-17 01:19
But you just said they can't do anything better than office jobs or toilet cleaning, so how would they make their lives better???
2019-11-17 05:06
+1. The Nepal wannabe jacker just contradicted himself...
2019-11-17 05:09
capitalism is NOT a zero-sum game, that's what so great about it
2019-11-17 01:22
agreed, hate those dumb bitches who always cry about other people success when they have nothing of their own
2019-11-17 01:11
"they're just jealous of their ability to not be useless" everybody who's not rich is literally useless
2019-11-17 01:12
China SwooksarV2 
2019-11-17 01:12
if they are so useless why does bill gate need them to make windows?????
2019-11-17 01:13
China SwooksarV2 
Now see, everyone who's apart of the windows development team are software engineers. And has a minimum salary of USD$150000 Which you can't consider poor. That's a Pretty upper middle income.
2019-11-17 01:16
but you just +1ed my comment that said that people who aren't rich are useless. upper middle class isn't rich thus software engineers are useless and bill gates should be able to create windows all by himself
2019-11-17 01:17
China SwooksarV2 
They aren't rich, but they also aren't poor. So uh, I should have did a +0.5 on your comment.
2019-11-17 01:22
Lithuania arres 
haha you are funny
2019-11-17 01:18
just your average leftist...
2019-11-17 01:19
There is no short answer to it, but i will try to not make my essay unbearable. Let's go point by point. 1) Most HLTV Users are first world middle class boys from ages of 11 to 20, not all but the vast majority of them. 2) Public Schooling, anywhere in the world no matter when you read this, is a center of indoctrination towards statist ideology adjusted by the culture of the time, nowadays the excuse under statism is some sort of "equality of wealth" , they mainly focus this indoctrination in the history, civil and economy signatures at school. So, with both of those keys combined, it isn't weird that what you see in HLTV are mostly post from underaged kids who think the government should have the power to do something so primitive and criminal like redistribution of wealth, the weird thing would be if that wasn't the case. The rich man is rich no matter how many dollars or assets he posseses earlier in life, im from a country where once upon a time we had the freest economy in the world and freest individual liberty in the world, i know stories from domestic conglomerates where the founders of those companies came here pre-1928 and they were dirt poor, illiterate, worked cleaning someone else's shoes and not once did they ever feel pity, victimized or shame for themselves, they got here and they knew they made it, and they created some of the oldest companies in Argentina and they didn't scam nor fuck anyone on the is not impossible so long as you got the mindset. I could explain this so much more but my comment is too long already.
2019-11-17 01:31
China SwooksarV2 
I'm not sure if I interpreted ur thing right cause I'm kinda tired. This was pretty well wrote. I don't care if you're not wealthy, but the mentality that many people have are just bad. Most of the wealthy are self made, and with enough hardwork and dedication and skill, together with some luck , you CAN be successful.
2019-11-17 01:40
Their Marxist teachers, parents, uncles and older neighbours have been telling them for years that no matter how hard you try, if the top dog in the dollar chart wants you to fail you'll fail, their enviroments sets them up for failure, its no wonder why they live such mediocre and unhappy lifes, even if they're somewhat alright financially. Im glad you changed your mind in this all, i remember your older comments, you're actually like the 2nd user i've seen in this website go from left to right lul, are you really from China?
2019-11-17 01:45
China SwooksarV2 
Yes. From China studying in Canada for university(college if that's what you call it, post secondary) Hltv for me is just a way to de-stress. A lot of the extreme stuff I say is quite exaggerated. And the line about how the top dogs set up the others for failure is something that I can actually agree on in many situations. That happens a lot in many industries like entertainment, and is common in china's business world aswell. That's also a reason why I like Canada, and other countries, (like Sweden and other developed "1st world" countries) as it's not soo dependant on your background, and that you can genuinely be successful based on your skills, hardwork and dedication. Also kinda why I got triggered by what some people were saying, like I mentioned when I created this thread.
2019-11-17 05:03
2019-11-17 05:08
+100000 this reminds of what its like to hear serfs complain.
2019-11-17 05:10
United States gtmaniacmda 
unexpected from Chinese Communist Party 50 Cent Army dog
2019-11-17 05:10
cuz capitalism is bad
2019-11-17 05:12
They are also the reason the world is still working... They legit do the job no rich person would ever dream of doing. if you are going to have ppl that succeed in a society you also have to have some that don't.
2019-11-17 05:16
Low tier baiter, contradicts himself several times in his own thread which shows his low IQ.
2019-11-17 05:17
Iran Tajik! 
Here people who complain that rich control everything (which is pretty much true) seem to be laziest ones or the ones that travel to Russia for work instead of contributing Tajiks directly and not leaving family behind constantly. Hard working people stay here, contribute to society, even tho salary is small.
2019-11-17 13:29
play more minecraft bro... eventually you'll get the hang of it.
2019-11-17 13:34
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