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Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
He was consistent during old-VP breakdown, he is GOD now, he has been always great aimer. He is like mentally unlocked old Byali.
2019-11-17 02:42
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Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
Get MICHU, Snatchie, Dycha, SNAX and Vegi/Innocent in one team and ez top10.
2019-11-17 02:42
snax in 2k19 xdddd
2019-11-17 02:45
Germany AdiZen 
igl i guess
2019-11-17 02:47
Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
Snax is the greatest Polish player and one of the greatest players of all time (im not delusional, till VP breakdown he was an absolute beast).
2019-11-17 02:48
Poland misterr_ 
but he is not now. i was big fan of snax as well but now i see that he seriously lost his form and he is not planning to bounce back. NEO would be better at IGL than him as well
2019-11-17 02:51
Poland misterr_ 
agreed with the greatest polish player in CSGO though, there was no better than him and it looks like it won't be changed in future
2019-11-17 02:52
Italy bennyhana 
Question if one loses form how does one regain it
2019-11-17 09:19
people just play better at times then others. You never gone a couple of months playing bad?
2019-11-17 14:58
"Snax is the greatest Polish player" 1.6 Neo says hi
2019-11-17 03:01
Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
"Counter-Strike Global Offensive" says hi btw if we put Snax and his skill in 1.6 he would stomp 1.6 Neo
2019-11-17 03:03
2019-11-17 17:26
MICHU, Dycha, Taz, NEO, snatchie/mhl - my opinion ez top10 team
2019-11-17 13:34
2019-11-17 13:48
Finland Miroyev 
Snatchie Michu Snax Vegi Taz - igl
2019-11-17 14:36
TaZ or Neo Snatchie Michu Dycha Innocent Coach Neo or TaZ
2019-11-17 14:48
Finland Miroyev 
I think Kuben is pretty good as a coach. Not sure maybe Neo could be good as well. I think Taz as an IGL would be more motivated and much stronger leader than Neo
2019-11-17 15:03
I totally agree with you
2019-11-17 16:50
2019-11-17 02:43
save michu
2019-11-17 02:45
stop calling cs players god its blasphemy
2019-11-17 02:45
+1 only astralis players should be called gods
2019-11-17 02:46
-1 and +1 but only aslong as they are number 1 then fast switch
2019-11-17 02:48
Poland Hanse 
Username, flag, flair, post history, ID number and card CCV checks out
2019-11-17 03:03
2019-11-17 13:23
2019-11-17 02:45
The best thing about michu is his consistency. He waa good pre vp. He was good while on early vp. He had a slightly rocky time where he went from hard carry to a solid player when vp fell apart and now hes back to his old shenanigans. Michu is the hope of the polish scene But DAMNNNNN michu is literally the most reliable deag player ive seen recently other than a few players like buster. He is always good for atleast 2 on a deaco round.
2019-11-17 02:51
Trash shit didn't win anything, delusional 160cm kid, should keep being trash in kinguin, they should delete snax and byali and take rallen and dycha instead 2 years ago.
2019-11-17 02:52
fucking shit
2019-11-17 03:02
Snatchie nowdays kekw missing 9 / 10 shots
2019-11-17 13:24
dycha 2 years ago XDD
2019-11-17 03:03
Vegi | 
Poland PUL53 
2019-11-17 09:26
Vegeta kekw 1.00 rating no name from pact kekw omegalul
2019-11-17 13:19
Even better to take mouz or other player than trash michu kekw after few months ppl heard about dycha
2019-11-17 13:19
2019-11-17 14:03
better than trash michu kekw
2019-11-17 14:04
kekw master baiting
2019-11-17 14:20
To be honest, he seems a bit lucky. Hitting shots whilst being mid air and shit. Typical polish player, has lucky matches every now and again, and sucks normally!
2019-11-17 03:05
lucky matches every now and again doesn't make you have 1.12 rating
2019-11-17 09:22
Dycha 1.20 nt
2019-11-17 13:21
And where did I say michu is better than dycha???
2019-11-17 13:26
Vegi | 
Poland PUL53 
ur just a typical hater of vp nothing more, PS. I checked ur comments XDDDD
2019-11-17 11:31
If he speaks English, any tier 1 team will be happy to have him as an entry fragger
2019-11-17 09:23
India aj0102 
He does bro, I speak to him sometimes on instagram
2019-11-17 09:24
Dude he said in interview that he not speaking well in English and that's why his only good decision was leave Kinguin which was international team (fox, mutiris) in that time for
2019-11-17 14:46
0.39 sens 800 dpi entryfragger XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2019-11-17 17:28
Zeus | 
United Kingdom iowBill 
he's good until he gets flanked and has to turn around
2019-11-17 11:34
steel | 
Brazil 1930 
should be pronounced mee-shoo
2019-11-17 11:34
2019-11-17 13:20
TaZ/Neo Michu Dycha Innocent Snatchie Coach Neo/TaZ or Arcy -minise - mouz +Snatchie +michu Thank you for cultural discussion
2019-11-17 13:28
he always was
2019-11-17 13:51
Australia Ohnorepo 
He's an insane aimer and incredibly consistent at his current level of competition. I'd love to see him get a chance on a better team, but every time I've seen him come up against higher tier opponents he loses all his discipline. Unneeded and costly aggression, re-peeking angles too often, and a sometimes over need to hunt for frags at un-opportune times.
2019-11-17 14:50
he has to learn english and go EU/NA, Poland isnt good enough for him. Snatchie is ok, but even the best polish team wouldnt be top 15
2019-11-17 14:59
India Smauxx 
all VP need to do is replace Snax with some young player. They have solid roster except Snax.
2019-11-17 17:25
+1 maybe -snatchie + some good pl awper but I'd give him some time anyway
2019-11-17 17:30
Actually -snatchie + 10iq+ Player and vp would be top 10 Yes snatchie sometimes hits unreal shots but you can get awp kills much easier if your postitioning is not on silver mm player level, but he prefers to pick and push with the awp like a retard, its almost 2020, even my grandpa knows he will re-pick after first shot lmao
2019-11-17 17:35
Sweden jimmyryd 
Michu is trash lululil
2019-11-17 17:36
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