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list some shit pros who have good stats
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
possible examples: Jame, Plopski, XANTARES these are players who u watch and think are dumb and really bad at the game but somehow have much better stats than u expected
2019-11-17 19:50
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NiKo, the choke one.
2019-11-17 19:51
Ukraine s1v9mple 
2019-11-17 20:14
xantares good stats ? xantares on lan ?
2019-11-17 19:53
xantares on lan i aren't think that
2019-11-17 20:47
+1 totally overrated/onliner
2019-11-17 20:47
NAF | 
Netherlands Ramskis 
Not so Mr. Dumb Kebab of you mens???
2019-11-17 21:35
2019-11-17 19:54
Ukraine s1v9mple 
2019-11-17 20:14
Italy bennyhana 
2019-11-17 19:59
Brazil deuzikevin 
device is a good player, very smart and calm
2019-11-17 20:12
Italy bennyhana 
He is a very mediocre player on the best team in the world with the best teammates yet has to uses the telescope Gun to keep stats relevant
2019-11-17 20:33
>started to watch cs in 2018 lul
2019-11-17 20:34
Italy bennyhana 
Actually I started in 2019 so stfu
2019-11-17 20:37
Irony aside you clearly haven't watched any cs in 2015-2016
2019-11-17 20:39
Brazil deuzikevin 
watch 2015-2017
2019-11-17 21:27
Mediocre haha. Mental illness is real.
2019-11-17 20:50
2019-11-17 20:01
broky overrated
2019-11-17 20:01
Ukraine s1v9mple 
TWIST kennyS f0rest (baiter) device Choko Kjaerbye
2019-11-17 20:15
how is jame dumb? why don't you just make a "overrated players thread n°348436112" instead
2019-11-17 20:36
no one overrates plopski cuz every1 know he not good but somehow over last 3 months he has best rating on nip
2019-11-17 20:40
because he has playing good lately...? I don't get it, it's like saying that electronic is overrated because his rating over the last 3 months is better than s1mple's, but he's playing better than s1mple so why wouldn't he deserve that?
2019-11-17 20:43
*waah im too stupid to accept that for every pro player there exists ppl who think they're shit for some reason* are u actually retarded? is this not a thread about pros who are perceived to be dumb and shit and u make a comparison using 2 players who ppl rarely consider to be either? b4 u rage at my last example again, ive watched many nip games and every game that ive seen from him, his decision-making and play is just not very good....and that's how bad impressions are formed
2019-11-18 00:49
"b4 u rage at my last example again" What? Where did I rage? I'm perfectly calm, I'm not the one calling others retarded and stupid
2019-11-18 01:19
Poland Adisky 
s1mple obviously
2019-11-17 21:28
United States nedwab 
tariks stats aren't amazing but still more than i would have guessed
2019-11-17 21:33
Brazil BolachA_ 
2019-11-17 21:34
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