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Team Vitality. It's sad
World DolphinfK 
2019-11-17 20:21
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Finland Vkims 
NBK was the problem?
2019-11-17 20:21
2019-11-17 20:23
2019-11-18 05:00
Sweden flippig 
shox lul
2019-11-17 20:21
NBK was the problem
2019-11-17 20:22
they're constantly playing against players above their level
2019-11-17 20:24
idk what Zywoo still doing there, they give him all the money they earn or what?
2019-11-17 20:26
Finland Vkims 
What would be better place for him?
2019-11-17 21:51
Start learning Danish and go to Astralis , duh.
2019-11-18 05:14
In replacement of whom?
2019-11-18 05:43
Baitvice of course
2019-11-18 05:50
everything checks out
2019-11-18 05:53
United States Shmikeb0b 
that gave me a couple tumors
2019-11-18 05:46
2019-11-17 20:26
2019-11-17 21:51
lmao proper french cs thinking
2019-11-18 07:00
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Ooh, ZywOo deserves better. Team up with Happy. He's a mastermind!
2019-11-18 05:46
happy got kicked from vitality instantly its pretty hard to do that tbh
2019-11-18 05:52
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
He was too good for them, like is ZywOo now. It's natural.
2019-11-18 05:53
i guess he wasnt that bad but hes not good btw reported for baiting
2019-11-18 06:05
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
I never bait. Their personalities didn't match, his play style is very strict, young feminine Frenchmen didn't want much discipline going on and decided to nag until he's cut. Frenchies! What can you do.
2019-11-18 06:09
jesus christ shox sucks donkey dick
2019-11-18 05:52
France SplasHg0d 
Zywoo and shox back to G2
2019-11-18 05:53
g2 is an even shittier team than vitality OG ZywOo PogU
2019-11-18 06:05
Nbk, issa.. sure seems like a very good team
2019-11-18 06:23
obviously needs some adjusting -ISSA +Kjaerbye +ZywOo
2019-11-18 06:55
Sweden PentaPenguin 
I want zywoo in Faze
2019-11-18 06:56
One man army... I wonder how long he can take this without winning much.
2019-11-18 07:03
1 more year, max.
2019-11-18 10:30
Zwhoo to OG if #FreeJamppi doesnt happen.
2019-11-18 07:10
Losing to fnatic whos playing with a stand in KEKW
2019-11-18 10:34
shox | 
Korea Jew2K 
They need as much time as new team. The moral is down because no one wanted to play with NBK while he was in the team, and obviously after the way it went down and him getting kicked isn't gonna make the atmosphere much better. Their immediate results being sub-par also don't help their confidence, and they lack leadership figures. Rpk and Zywoo barely talk, the coach doesnt want shox to focus too much on taking a leadership role so its basically just ALEX and XTQZZ (i doubt apex is much of a leader either).
2019-11-18 10:38
Germany Trax_ 
shox😂🔥😂🔥😂🔥 thx for getting out of G2
2019-11-18 10:40
08:30srry4waht vs really weird
really weird
20:00RED Canids vs Isurus
RED Canids
14:00North vs BIG
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