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Activate steam card
chrisJ | 
United States Left_0_shootings_right_252_lul 
How to activate steam card? I are not stole, i found in street Not stealing lol
2019-11-17 23:43
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hahahahhahahhahah exactly what someone from brazil will say
2019-11-17 23:44
2019-11-17 23:45
2019-11-17 23:50
2019-11-17 23:54
Brazil Impulsionista 
gimme the fucking steam gift card you steam anime profile owner weebo 👱 🔫🐒
2019-11-18 00:14
Brazil Impulsionista 
give me the code so I can test here if it wasn't used
2019-11-17 23:44
I already tested
2019-11-17 23:51
autist | 
Brazil hrp_ 
send me it through PM, i'll activate your non-stolen steam card for you !
2019-11-17 23:44
what do you mean "how"?
2019-11-17 23:45
Code is not working, wasnt used because i found it without scrapping
2019-11-17 23:50
You stole it from a store? They have to activate the card when you pay/checkout. I did the same when i was younger just with apple cards, stole like 500€ worth of cards and was happy that i didnt get caught just to find out later that they dont work lmao
2019-11-17 23:52
lol, good information. rip OP
2019-11-17 23:54
if you could send a pick of it I might be able to help
2019-11-17 23:45
United States JoshDAA 
Just give me your steam account and ill tell you how to activate it mens
2019-11-17 23:45
Canada gatssbyy 
Click "Games" on the top left of your steam app. Click "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code." Enter your code and hit continue. Buy all the hentai puzzle games you could ever want ;)
2019-11-18 00:16
Retard is not work
2019-11-18 02:27
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
bring it back to the store, maybe they will activate it for you if your story fits the situation.
2019-11-18 02:29
Doubt that works i dont even know what store i found it
2019-11-18 03:35
send me it
2019-11-18 03:39
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