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Too many good players and few good teams
Albania friend_of_pashaaa 
This is what happen when money is involved
2019-11-18 01:17
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meyern | 
Argentina TavishT 
I hope some organisations start signing young players and free agents so we can have most of them in a team instead of just idling. We need more international squads!
2019-11-18 01:52
+1 need to see argentinas players more
2019-11-18 01:54
meyern | 
Argentina TavishT 
Yeah man, we need a better ARG scene in CS! I hope the Argentinian players find good teams soon!
2019-11-18 03:20
Other wholelottared 
2019-11-18 01:59
agreed. I also think the average skill is increasing while those who are above the average skill are decreasing. Real thing called the flynn effect
2019-11-18 02:02
United Kingdom Klashnekoff 
Could you go into more detail on the flynn effect
2019-11-18 02:07
as generations go further, people become more educated and are statistically smarter based on shit like post-materialism for example my retard dad was trained in school to be a farmer so his education was easier and simpler w/ a generally simpler understanding, while I am being trained to understand comprehend and fortify more elaborate and difficult to grasp concepts because now that people arent dying because they cant get food or shelter 1st world countries are able to educate people to accomplish higher levels of math and reading because they dont need to farm crops In terms of players, you will take note that a lot of new players are coming into the scene easily capable of outmatching veterans like get_right hiko etc because now the skill ceiling is higher with greater access to tools that help improve player skill (faceit esea demos) and a higher player base
2019-11-18 02:16
13:55SKADE vs
20:00Lilmix vs fightclub
14:30AVEZ vs PACT
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