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Rio Major will suck
Brazil CAMgod "big problem in RJ is security, who has attended this year in GameXP, DH RJ among other events in the Olympic Park, know what you're talking about! Assault at the entrance of the park, shooting a few meters from the entrance If we have a major in BR the ideal would be SP" "But if it is even confirmed in RJ the ideal is that a large security apparatus is created even by the fact that it is an event that will attract a lot of attention! From the inside of the olympic park it's all wonderful Out that gets tense! Also transport is complicated""
2019-11-18 18:21
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Brazil CAMgod 
São Paulo: 2 t1 tournaments both were succesful Belo Horizonte: 1 t1 tournament and it was a success Rio de Janeiro: No crowd Technical issues No gaming chairs for the players and plastic chairs for the crowd Almost canceled No transport for the players
2019-11-18 18:22
hmm lets see
2019-11-18 18:23
Brazil Brasilien 
Brexe is right, Rio made brazil popular by its filthy favelas and huge crime rate
2019-11-18 18:23
Brazil kaiteN 
LUL the filthy favelas are part of brazil, and im sure that the majority people cheering for brazil on csgo are from there.
2019-11-18 18:26
Stewie2K | 
United States bxteme 
Wtf rio that one movie with the bird
2019-11-18 18:26
I agree with brexe, but problems that happen in DH rio should not be repeated, esl is very organized
2019-11-18 18:26
United States ferric 
Just add good security while the major is on and it would honestly be a great major. Brazil has great crowd, and great timezones for NA (sorry EU guys but NA timezones are the best. Look at NA majors [all 3 with 1 million twitch viewers alone plus 2 of them broke all time twitch and major records] and then compare them to the EU majors that followed [faceit low viewership major, Katowice legendary event major but still had low viewership and then TTours ladder major]). Hope they bring a major back in NA. just imagine a summer NA major (crowd would be packed since summer and viewership would probs break records too)
2019-11-18 18:44
01:009z vs Agressive
16:00WaitForTag vs SKADE
12:30Tricked vs Gambit Youngsters
Gambit Youngsters
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