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Best coming Major
Denmark Noobs0mpleeee 
Will be the best Major ever because Brazil crowd gonna hype the are up like nobody did ever before I wil go for sure 2000$ budget, will I make it?
2019-11-18 19:33
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Make it as in alive out of it? Because most likely yes
2019-11-18 19:35
most likely no*
2019-11-18 19:37
2019-11-18 19:37
he won't make it out alive, so no
2019-11-18 19:46
He most likely will
2019-11-18 19:46
+1 crowd is amazing
2019-11-18 19:35
Yeah if Furia or Faze or Mibr doesn't get to the Championship stage arena is gonna be half empty
2019-11-18 19:37
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
LOL no chance dude
2019-11-18 19:38
2019-11-18 19:42
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
2019-11-18 19:56
that's how it is with Brazil fans, no offence
2019-11-18 21:09
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
When it happened?
2019-11-18 21:27
i'll just leave it here a very respectful and supportive crowd
2019-11-18 22:33
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
1. Being "disrespectful" != not going to the event just because all brazilian teams lost. 2. I was going to say "i'll just leave it here" with more than 20 tweets of pro players saying good things about brazilian crowd, but unfortunaly i lost it. Also, only 1 retarded spitted, so...
2019-11-18 23:26
men, dont get me wrong, im happy for u, and i hope u are right but i feel like it will be the opposite way hope im wrong
2019-11-18 23:29
Switzerland naveJ 
Nice schedule for everyone, nice crowd, ESL production, good teams (i guess Astralis, Liquid, Vitality, 100T, fnatic, NiP, g2 are all contenders for the next major and They'll all be ready), huuge hype because 9 monthes without major. Sure
2019-11-18 19:37
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
Vitality, NiP, g2 contenders for Major LMAO
2019-11-18 19:41
Add 100 Thieves to that list
2019-11-18 19:47
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
I hope so!
2019-11-18 19:39
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1 
Be careful
2019-11-18 19:39
Argentina kongro 
Finally something i can attend to
2019-11-18 20:02
16:55Heretics vs Fierce
18:00Ambush vs FATE
11:00forZe vs Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
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