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Spain nax0s 
900 viewers atm and 9327 twitch subs How?
2019-11-18 21:19
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Spain Vorja83 
2019-11-18 21:20
idk why people watch this guy, washed up optic temp
2019-11-18 21:20
stfu hes awesome
2019-11-18 21:26
2019-11-18 21:29
no ıwas just kiddding xdd
2019-11-19 05:30
rain | 
Brunei akriidwan 
2019-11-19 06:15
He was never good lol
2019-11-18 21:29
African Union mikecool 
bad bait
2019-11-19 07:39
not even bait, he didnt accomplish anything, he is just a meme guy
2019-11-19 15:38
Brazil _FaZeUP 
2019-11-19 15:42
He was actually pretty damn good initially. I looked at him as a decent upcoming IGL. Too bad he drastically fell of and just straight up retired.
2019-11-19 20:38
Why doesn't he join Mythic?
2019-11-20 04:33
Funny guy, has personality unlike shroud
2019-11-21 09:35
shroud is much worse, money hungry weasel him
2019-11-21 12:28
3/4 free subs he gave away
2019-11-18 21:22
i always wondered, too. i think most of his subs are sub gifts. his hardcore fans and himself hand out sub gifts every day.
2019-11-18 21:22
shrek | 
United States 69420 
Maybe I have a boomer mindset I still don't understand why people donate to streamers
2019-11-18 21:29
United States TheReelMVP 
Attention, for some people being noticed by a streamer will make their day.
2019-11-18 21:30
shrek | 
United States 69420 
That's sad
2019-11-18 21:36
People are stupid Shroud needs more 20000$ toilets
2019-11-18 21:30
shrek | 
United States 69420 
2019-11-18 21:36
Sweden Lagge15 
This is a naive answer and not my actual thoughts: Because you wanna pay for the content of the streamer and give him/her monetary help to do what thry love and for them to provide content that make you forget your troubles in life, if only for a few minutes or hours
2019-11-18 21:35
shrek | 
United States 69420 
Actually it makes sense
2019-11-18 21:36
this. tho i dont really donate. i feel grateful towards people who feel this way towards streamers, not just to get attention Jr at least has a fun personality compared to 99% of the CSGO pro "streamers" who are straight faced all day... i always tune in to this dude when hes online
2019-11-19 06:02
ah yeah... maybe they should go work and stop being lazy asses ????? but oh wait. We as a Society make the laziest Fucks in the World rich by giving them hard earned Money humans are fucking retarded :D
2019-11-20 04:24
Sweden Lagge15 
This isn't a new phenomenon. This is how artists made money for a long time. We've just modernized it. And it is not the streamers who ask for this, it is the viewers who still do it. Most streamers got a job and just stream as a hobby.
2019-11-20 08:15
Brazil _FaZeUP 
Imagine going to the cinema and paying to watch someone doing something on a screen, lul
2019-11-19 15:44
Australia urmumsurdad 
why would you go to a cinema?
2019-11-20 06:29
i think donating to huge streamers or fulltime streamers like shroud, ninja, tfue and co is absolutely dumb and unnecessary but i can definitely understand people donating to streamers they like. just donating excessively is absurd and never should be done. for me i just donate 5-10 bucks to pro players i like such as elige
2019-11-19 20:40
Those People who donates to the full time streamers, probably likes them as well lmao Your logic is pretty retarded
2019-11-20 04:35
to me most of them just want attention if they’re donating to the full time streamers but that’s probably just me
2019-11-20 06:27
Sometimes it's cool, for smaller creative streams that display game creation/music creation etc. Donating to someone who makes minimum 300k a year playing games makes no sense to me though.
2019-11-19 23:04
I understand donating a few bucks to streamers that you've been watching for a long time, they've given you free entertainment for who knows how long. Take me for instance, I've been watching Forsen's stream since 2014. That community is special to me. But donating $500 to someone like shroud without even it being a shitty attempt at promoting your channel ridiculous. 'He called out my name and pretended to be shocked at my amount!!!'
2019-11-19 23:07
ez munai 4 Jason "get rich or die tryin' R - 25 years old ex pro
2019-11-18 21:23
United States @FyreCS 
2019-11-18 21:24
B1ad3 | 
Hungary ImNATrash 
quit pro career to grow stream-dead stream nice
2019-11-18 21:24
9k subs, stream-dead-streamer getting hella paid
2019-11-19 20:38
United States twistzzgod 
cuz with mixwell, no moe
2019-11-18 21:27
LEo | 
Denmark FELIXXD 
I just gifted him 9000
2019-11-18 21:28
csgo streamers dead
2019-11-18 21:34
He is making more $ than csgo players xD
2019-11-18 21:34
if you think hes making +40k/ a month, you literally have lower iq than a dead rabbit.
2019-11-19 20:16
Sweden bakish 
Which csgo-player is making 40k/month? :D
2019-11-19 20:18
''Numbers are hard to find as contracts are private and few want to disclose the actual figures. I know some of the very top teams a while back were paying close to $30-40k a months to its players.''
2019-11-19 20:21
North paying players 35k. So imagine liquid faze g2 such as big fat org. Shroud said he was paid 20k 3years ago. The gaming market has been much bigger now.
2019-11-20 04:20
9300 subs x 3.5 = 32.550 dollars + sponsors + donations + ads way more than 40k
2019-11-19 20:28
i use ublock cuz i fucking hate ads (unless i want to support that content creator, and in this case i dont). and many others use some kind of adblocker aswel. the sub number changes every month, like few months ago, he was bitching how he lost 700 subs. also, add streams, tournaments and sponsors to csgo players, the number is somewhere between 40-70k/ a month if not even more.
2019-11-19 20:40
World ZMDR 
no adblocks on mobile
2019-11-19 20:42
havent tested but from what i read on google, it seems that there are adblockers for mobile that works when using browser and not the twitch app.
2019-11-19 20:47
World ZMDR 
rather tank a 10s ad than go through the aids that is the mobile web browser
2019-11-19 22:56
Sweden bakish 
He does have an insane spray control from the clips I've seen of him, but I can't stand the guy
2019-11-18 21:37
vanity | 
United Kingdom camzh 
any time im on his stream hes gifting them to people himself
2019-11-18 21:37
Because some people buy more than 1 sub like me
2019-11-19 05:40
he's a good streamer, puts out the content
2019-11-19 05:43
I personally think hes fucking nuts. He can do things most legit top pros can't do in the game. Explosive as shit.
2019-11-19 05:44
+1 love Jr's gameplay
2019-11-19 06:03
It’s a lot easier to do insane shit when there is nothing on the line
2019-11-19 20:39
no fucking shit for real? goddamn thanks man holy fuck
2019-11-20 02:22
You’re welcome mens)))
2019-11-20 03:49
Other wholelottared 
2019-11-19 05:47
Other who__cars 
if he stops putting his chair up like a retard then maybe i'll sub to him
2019-11-19 05:50
hes not amazing at the game but hes good at it, but i find him unfunny and annoying
2019-11-19 06:05
China Blitzer 
he just plays in his shity faceit league vs blind noobs, trying to get some clips on the front page of reddit what an annoying little bitch FUCK THIS GUY
2019-11-19 06:13
Edward | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
true tbh
2019-11-19 20:40
Vietnam tat96 
this guy is good & funny man. i think the views drop since he switched to fortnite back a while
2019-11-19 06:24
Germany den7 
Im one of his subs and im really happy with it. Imo hes pretty much the most entertaining streamer (CS) and is really good at the same time
2019-11-19 15:45
imo hes childish and most of the time acts like a 15 year old who just hit puberty. good player, not deying that, but i'd much rather watch almost anyone else.
2019-11-19 20:19
Europe unlukomaluko 
2019-11-19 20:37
+1 prob the most entertain streamer out there
2019-11-21 09:37
Europe unlukomaluko 
i like him
2019-11-19 20:37
good streamer i always watch his youtube videos he seems like a very nice and funny guy
2019-11-19 20:41
Italy bennyhana 
he banned me because I went in to his chat and ask "why not watching major" he read it and banned me perman
2019-11-19 23:01
kinda sad how people are talking shit to him when non of them are even close to his skills
2019-11-19 23:04
yeah I mean to be honest I don't think any of us could ever replicate such whining and complaining even in our whole lives, JASONR really is the best at whining on the internet and for us to criticize for being a whiny bitch when we ourselves could never match that level of stupidity is unwarranted you are correct
2019-11-20 03:59
United States Fan_of_JasonR 
GOAT streamer 👍
2019-11-19 23:10
Why he is not playing fpl anymore?
2019-11-20 02:29
he is honestly garbage so its nice to see trash rot
2019-11-20 03:58
was actually a good pro player
2019-11-20 04:08
Since gift subs were introduced the numbers have gotten inflated a lot
2019-11-20 04:29
United States jsxanatos 
how? he's canadian. end of story LOL
2019-11-20 04:39
he's from alberta i think, who currently want to separate from canada btw))))
2019-11-20 06:30
United States jsxanatos 
canada has like 1/11th of our population, who cares mate meaningless flex. you're thinking of quebec. i think it's quebec that acts like they want to separate from canada. it'll never happen. country with 30 million people isn't going to change if one part of it fragments from the other
2019-11-20 20:25
how is that a flex ?wtf no i'm not thinking of quebec, lookup "wexit"
2019-11-20 21:09
United States jsxanatos 
how is wanting to separate from your current country not a flex lmao
2019-11-20 22:09
it's not really a flex cuz like you say it'll never happen. tbh i was just calling him a retard i have no idea what your point was))))
2019-11-20 22:36
United States jsxanatos 
they know they aren't going to be able to become independent from canada in actual reality, therefore, it is a flex
2019-11-20 22:37
who? lmao
2019-11-20 06:30
United States jsxanatos 
2019-11-21 06:56
18:00GODSENT vs Spirit
13:00FaZe vs NiP
17:00paiN vs W7M
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