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Custom Models don't belong
Brazil DaRos517 
And we need to do something about this
2019-11-19 02:37
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2019-11-19 02:38
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
Yes, i like the new operation in overall but this new character models doesnt belong to a game like cs and valve should remove it or do something better about it.
2019-11-19 02:40
I said the same with the gun skins. Eventually, it won't bother you. There's no point in making a big deal out of it anymore. Ideally they'd have a setting to disable all skins but it is what it is.
2019-11-19 02:41
lool yea we really should do something about this right? yea we totally can lemme just call gaben and let him just do something about the custom models! lool yea thats totally gonna work! ahahaha lool . yea lets do that! its totally gonna work lool haah xd oh wait we should just goto valve HQ and actually do it ourselves ! loool lets just burrow their pc and code it right. i think its 15dollars per hour at the valve HQ pc cafe. we should do it fast so that we have some money for the operation pass! lets go !
2019-11-19 02:43
Kazakhstan bjornzz 
2019-11-19 02:48
2019-11-19 02:57
I was hoping for more customization but not like this. I'm not talking cases for character shit but like random drops for same rare shit and diverse stuff as is. Character models is extreme
2019-11-19 02:43
Poland p00ther 
In 1.6 you can choose your model lmfao
2019-11-19 02:55
2019-11-19 02:55
u could choose between 4 models on each site in 1.6 too. stop crying. tournaments can disable it ofc.
2019-11-19 02:55
China SwooksarV2 
Who cars 🏎️🏎️
2019-11-19 02:55
03:30Recon 5 vs Faint
Recon 5
14:30Sprout vs Cream
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
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