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overDose | 
India Daily_dose_of_HLTV 
Astralis vs Fnatic match on inferno, very crucial round for both teams, every one on astralis is dead except glaive, and on fnatic as well except flusha. glaive plants the bomb, 1-on-1, spots flusha rotating from at CT, immediately drops a smoke, and hides cleverly behind the smoke listening for sound cues. Flusha drops one of his own smokes as well. Who kills whom first?
2019-11-19 18:17
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Germany Bundeskanzler 
Flusha kills gla1ve cause he is cheating
2019-11-19 18:18
+1 ez mouse3
2019-11-19 18:18
But glaive is looking at the radar
2019-11-19 18:19
Spain Granjero 
-1 0/8
2019-11-19 18:54
Denmark Xipingu 
Lol yeah you would know with your flag
2019-11-19 23:41
gla1ve because he is the better player and he has the advantage and control over the bombsite.
2019-11-19 18:19
But flusha can see through smokes?
2019-11-19 18:20
What are you talking about? Flusha is like every other player and cannot see directly through smokes
2019-11-19 18:21
No, Gla1ve sees through smokes, Flusha toggles aimbot 😎👍
2019-11-19 18:54
2019-11-19 18:56
nt, flusha never lost a 1v1 in his life
2019-11-19 18:20
Are you sure about that?
2019-11-19 18:21
maybe he showed mercy and let some of his opponents win a clutch or two on purpose
2019-11-19 18:26
So flusha intentionally loses? This thread is reserved for high iq users only.
2019-11-19 18:26
it is not about losing, it is about hiding your hacks... this is pretty obvious, i thought u were smarter
2019-11-19 18:30
You cannot hide something you do not have nice try though.
2019-11-19 19:09
zet | 
Poland n3on_ 
2019-11-19 18:19
flusha knives glaive but bomb knifes flusha
2019-11-19 18:20
200iq from bomb
2019-11-19 18:23
yep ez clutch
2019-11-19 18:23
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1 
both cheaters so it`s kinda hard. Depends on their aim
2019-11-19 18:21
flusha's smoke is on top of the bomb, he taps bomb and goes at edge of flusha's smoke to trace gla1ve's spray through gla1ve's smoke, but gla1ve actually went towards construction after flusha dropped his smoke and sprayed from garden, flusha sees gla1ve but before he kills him, the pc crashed and a 2 hour tech pause is needed to fix.
2019-11-19 18:34
Wow pc crashed due to cheats?
2019-11-19 18:52
Kyrgyzstan JimHalpert 
and then forsaken dumpsters both teams
2019-11-19 18:58
forsaken is admin
2019-11-19 18:59
Flushable see through smoke he cheat Me I don’t see through smoke I no cheat
2019-11-19 19:02
gla1ve suddenly jumps to smoke with flash (ughh... thats gay) and starts sucking flusha's dick. people hear loud moaning and suddenly flusha's balls gets sucked inside his peehole inside his dick. Than the balls go out the dick. Uuuh... Thats gay :o
2019-11-19 19:03
Flusha obv i've seen him do that kind of thing for more than 4 years. Just to complement, thats an hypothetical situation an forced one, you can't hide in smokes when you're against flusha and Gla1ve knows it.
2019-11-19 19:18
gla1ve is more about calculated spraydowns than these specific clutches, flusha will just toggle and insta hs him randomly and then redditors will be like omg flusha god
2019-11-19 23:44
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