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Worst presidents ever
China lenin_is_back 
Top 5 all time: Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan Konrad Adenauer Margaret Thatcher Richard Nixon Top 5 in the last decades / atm: Macron Trump Bolsonaro Both Bushs Opionionz?
2019-11-20 00:32
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But Gorbachev introduced Pizza Hut, commie hater
2019-11-20 00:33
China lenin_is_back 
Gorbachev ruined the greatest thing a working class member could have.
2019-11-20 00:34
nt retard communist gorbachev was great until boris yo les noob yeltsin gets pissy like a commie would and installs fake democracy for ur shit country
2019-11-20 00:41
only brainwashed slavophiles think gorbachev was weak glasnost + perestroika + demokratization = best combination for any country
2019-11-20 00:42
China lenin_is_back 
"demokratization" worked great i guess.
2019-11-20 00:43
lol fake lenin fan you arent even russian LOL
2019-11-20 00:44
China lenin_is_back 
i never said that im russian, lenin is still the greatest for me
2019-11-20 00:47
yeah youre like one of the cringy school shooters when i was in 7th grade who wrote in their book about becoming a communist without even knowing how economically retarded lenin-marxism actually is
2019-11-20 00:49
China lenin_is_back 
lul there are so many countries which did better economicly with ml than they are doing today, get some facts lmao
2019-11-20 00:51
because of capitalism... big yikes
2019-11-20 00:51
China lenin_is_back 
2019-11-20 00:52
communism is only good when a country that has been mauled apart by war needs economic reform but has too much of a debt deficit to afford structural adjustment programs after that ur shitty "communist" countries prostrate themselves to the king of capitalism
2019-11-20 00:53
China lenin_is_back 
no, after that the americans are coming with war lmao, i wonder why "communism is not working"
2019-11-20 00:54
ok autist you clearly know nothing if you cant even give a proper explanation to defend your "beliefs", not even worth my time to keep bumping this thread for you
2019-11-20 00:55
Yeah look at russia being all democratic LMFAO
2019-11-20 05:58
Belgium _KenNy_ 
Are you retarded???? Do you not remember this
2019-11-20 06:24
Fuckin ruski reported
2019-11-20 20:53
brainwashed slav LUL
2019-11-20 22:25
Konrad Adenauer was the last based German leader
2019-11-20 00:34
China lenin_is_back 
- based - banning the only political party which was based in germany at this time pick just one please
2019-11-20 00:36
Brazil D1sco 
Top 5 all time: Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan Konrad Adenauer Margaret Thatcher Richard Nixon Top 5 in the last decades / atm: Macron Trump Bolsonaro Both Bushs Opionionz?
2019-11-20 00:35
Netherlands poeya 
George Bush
2019-11-20 00:36
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
op is a dumbfuck
2019-11-20 00:37
United States Number1User 
2019-11-20 00:42
op is a dumbfuck 100%
2019-11-20 06:11
Israel OKOptimistic 
1. Obama 2. Obama 3. Obama 4. FDR 5. Both Bushes
2019-11-20 00:37
You’d just have to be stupid to put FDR up there. Obama I’d understand if you’re conservative, but FDR literally did so much for the US during his tenure.
2019-11-20 00:39
United States PsychoLogical 
agreed. and I’ll be honest Obama had potential but it went to waste. He couldnt even pass his flagship proposal which was a healthcare public option.
2019-11-20 00:40
If not saying I’d put Obama anywhere close to this list, I’m saying that my arguments prolly wouldn’t matter because he who put him there is likely conservative. Furthermore, I’d put Trump up here. Most people would say that’s because I’m liberal.
2019-11-20 00:43
Israel OKOptimistic 
I forgot LBJ is suppose to be #1 over Obummer
2019-11-20 01:07
Obama worst president
2019-11-20 20:57
Edward | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
Great list would agree
2019-11-20 00:38
China lenin_is_back 
thank you
2019-11-20 00:40
United States Number1User 
Top 5 best: Hitler Franco Mussolini Trump Bolsonaro
2019-11-20 00:42
You're following the libtard doctrine to a tee
2019-11-20 06:12
United States Number1User 
no im saying these are the best, not worst
2019-11-20 20:48
Brazil xd_noob 
hitler was the bestest
2019-11-21 01:29
macron +1
2019-11-20 00:41
Name doesn't check out Nt arboga
2019-11-20 00:41
Niinistö bestest
2019-11-20 00:41
Brazil xd_noob 
i mean, mussolini was the bestest
2019-11-21 01:31
no Kekkonen
2019-11-21 08:00
Nt communist
2019-11-20 00:42
in america: 1.) andrew johnson 2) LBJ 3.) andrew jackson 4.) FDR 5.) abraham lincoln in the world: 1.) hitler 2.) mussolini 3.) hideki tojo 4.) milosevic 5.) franco some african ones have been pretty bad too and some south american ones good luck jonathan maduro nieto bolsonaro trump -- all shit bad ones in asia too: Sukarno xi jinping mao pol pot
2019-11-20 00:51
What’s your reasoning on FDR the only bad thing I see he did was create a precedent for expanded executive power. Other than that, he accomplished a lot of things that others had not been able to do.
2019-11-20 00:56
Also you forgot Nixon.
2019-11-20 00:58
nixon isnt very good but i still think my five are worse, if u can convince me otherwise though id make changes to the way i think
2019-11-20 01:02
if u look at the presidents ive chosen u will see a common theme between all of them but andrew johnson (who was just a retard) new deal is economically inefficient imo and his 100 days of congress thing reaffirms my thoughts that he acted against what a proper president should be doing. Founders definitely did not intend for the president to do as much as presidents like fdr and lbj wanted to do, that is congress' job as the most direct representative of the electorate
2019-11-20 01:03
Yeah, like I said, FDR set a bad precedent of too much executive power, but he got America out of the Great Depression, and led us into WWII after showing the proper restraint. Unlike future president he didn’t see a conflict and say to himself “hey we better get involved”. My problem with all pre 1960s presidents is that they all propped up some form of racism in the form of slavery or segregation. In terms of FDR, I think he just did so much helpful to the country. There were a few bad things, ex the court packing plan, but still.
2019-11-20 01:07
United States PsychoLogical 
actual worst US president list: 1) Warden G. Harding 2) Andrew Johnson 3) George W Bush 3) Ronald Reagan 4) Richard Nixon 5) Jimmy Carter 6) Gerald Ford 7) Bill Clinton 9) Donald Trump 10) Barack Obama
2019-11-20 01:06
"3) Ronald Reagan" ok boomer keep believing that LOL
2019-11-20 01:07
United States PsychoLogical 
He’s main source for the some of the problems we’re facing. Drug epidemic, his garbage trickle down economics or what its called “Reaganomics”. I can go fucking on. He may have done well with the Cold War but his domestic policies were hot garbage. Especially the trickle down economics.
2019-11-20 01:11
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
i mean under Reagan US unemployment went down, economy was rising fast, inflation was growing at a slower rate compared to previous presidents, income taxes were lowered. Almost 20m jobs were created after early 80s recession and under Reagan US economy recovered super quick after it. Sure after the 81 massive tax cut he was then increasing the taxes every year in one way or another, but in 1988 the taxes were still lower than before he was in the office Yeah, some people might say that all of that helped the rich more than the poor, but i think it helped everyone, 20m jobs helped everyone, it also pushed people to work harder etc. He was also against government interventionism, cut military spending etc. the only thing that was kinda bad about his presidency(besides the failure of the war on drugs ofc) is that national debt risen too high(well for its time), but you can cant put all the blame on him and his policies.. or any tbh and yeah, he did good when it comes to Cold War
2019-11-20 04:54
Xi is the best president compare to the past 3, at least he's trying to stop the western liberalism in China and he did it well, Hu was way too soft on those 'liberal' retards.
2019-11-20 05:56
Taiwan number 1
2019-11-20 06:07
Taiwan belongs to China so Taiwan numba 1 = China numba 1
2019-11-20 06:08
no it doesnt. China number 100 taiwan spits in your face and so does hong kong 🖕🖕
2019-11-20 06:09
what you say doesn't count. Ask your government to say it mens))
2019-11-20 06:10
China gay country have fun dying in smog 😂
2019-11-20 06:15
Free Hong Kong Democracy Now Free Tibet Democracy Now Free Uyghur Democracy Now Free macau Democracy Now Free Inner mongolia Democracy Now Taiwan No.1 China No.9999
2019-11-20 16:51
And Mao is the greatest man we had in China and I'm not even joking.
2019-11-20 05:56 If he was your best then I feel sorry for you.
2019-11-20 06:08
lol, you have no idea what was China like in 1940s, he spent 20 years and industrialised my country, built our own nuclear weapon, defended North Korea from American's imperialism invasion, and he's a great communism theorist on anti-bureaucracy. There's no point judging other's president or leaders, only their own people can tell who's good and who's bad, if you come China and do a survey, I would say more than 80% of people will put Mao as the best president.
2019-11-20 06:15
rofl fake news 😎 like i'd trust chinese opinions about anything lmaoooooo
2019-11-20 06:19
Why Macron? Also have you heard of Venezuela, there is a guy there which needs to go on the list. Also the new president of Bolivia looks like a candidate, and there was that Russian puppet they had in Ukraine.
2019-11-20 00:50
China lenin_is_back 
if you even need to ask "why macron" you are most likely a liberal/right winged so i dont want to talk to you
2019-11-20 00:52
- liberal - right wing Choose one
2019-11-20 00:57
liberals on a nornal political spectrum are on the right. You in the US does not have a left. You have liberal rightwing and conservative rightwing.
2019-11-20 06:11
Labels are very confusing. You are right about the US compared to how it elsewhere. To make it more confusing they have also swapped colors in that the "left" wing democrats are blue and the right wing conservative are red. Not hat things can not be confusing elsewhere, like for example here in Denmark the biggest liberal party, which one find slightly to the right of our middle, is named "Venstre" which literally translates to the word "Left".
2019-11-20 16:43
Yeah, but since when does party names reflect what type of party they are lmao. if I run a right wing budget i can call myself COMMUNIST LENINPARTY and I will still be a right wing party.
2019-11-20 20:53
Try again. I just know of his foreign policies as I do not follow what is up in France much. Also I am definitely not right wing, nor was I under the impression Macron is.
2019-11-20 00:57
I think he’s a little confused
2019-11-20 00:59
Brazil eumesmo 
1-Lenin 2-Castro 3-Hitler 4-Mussolini 5-Maduro 6-Dilma 7-Lula
2019-11-20 01:01
2019-11-21 01:23
2019-11-21 01:43
This isnt even good bait... So I will give something funny to the people
2019-11-20 01:03
2019-11-20 01:06
good list
2019-11-20 01:08
my list of best presidents: Lenin Stalin Hitler Mussolini Bolsonaro Trump Lula Obama (not in order)
2019-11-20 01:12
2019-11-20 05:29
i forgot pinochet sorry
2019-11-20 05:38
2019-11-20 06:14
Brazil xd_noob 
2019-11-21 01:32
why is lenin in with the rest? Lenin was a great revolutionary the others meh
2019-11-20 06:12
Definitely ours
2019-11-20 05:09
Top 5 best: 1.putin 2.putin 3.putin 4.putin 5.putin
2019-11-20 05:25
Brazil xd_noob 
putin bestest men)))
2019-11-21 01:33
0/8 Reagan was fine Woodrow Wilson was the worst in american history
2019-11-20 05:28
Top 5 currently 1. Erdogan 2. el-Assad 3. Putin 4. Lukashenko 5. Orban
2019-11-20 05:48
flusha | 
Brazil Kanevx 
2019-11-20 05:52
Margaret Thatcher president? LUL
2019-11-20 05:58
Gorbachev traitor
2019-11-20 06:02
China lenin_is_back 
2019-11-20 18:12
Thatcher if you’re wealthy and from London, trash for everyone else.
2019-11-20 06:12
Thatcher thatcher milk snatcher
2019-11-20 06:13
Australia kTw0 
1. Kevin Rudd 2. Big Kev 3. Kevin 07 4. Kevin "Powershot king" Rudd 5. Kevin "GFC who?" Rudd
2019-11-20 06:14
Portugal tc91 
Not a president but i would put our former prime minister Jose Socrates on the list
2019-11-20 06:27
matt millen
2019-11-20 06:26
2019-11-20 16:44
Worst presidents ever Top 5 best : 1. moon jae in 2. moon jae in 3. moon jae in 4. moon jae in 5. moon jae in . . . 9999. moon jae in
2019-11-20 16:53
is he that bad?
2019-11-20 21:01
yes. He's ruining Korea...
2019-11-21 06:38
Iran Shia 
Clinton Bush Trump Macron Benjamin the Jew king.
2019-11-20 16:50
2019-11-20 16:54
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
Lula top 1 forever. And why is Bolsonaro a bad president? lol
2019-11-20 16:54
shox | 
Finland SkywaIker 
Where is erdog??
2019-11-20 16:56
United States PsychoLogical 
this guy’s a Kremlinist.
2019-11-20 20:49
United States PsychoLogical 
hes a Leninist aka basically a Marxist.
2019-11-20 20:50
gla1ve | 
Denmark flapdur 
This is the most confusing thread ever. Do people mean "best" like in Good or in best at being bad? Are all the lunatics loose in this thread, or is it a competition between extremists and baiters? These are actually rhetorical questions, I´m not getting into this rubbish "debate"
2019-11-20 16:58
1. Kersti Kaljulaid (the worst) 2. Toomas-Hendrik Ilves 3. Arnold Rüütel 4. Konstantin Päts 5. Lennart Meri (the best) Who does not agree is obviously delusional.
2019-11-20 17:09
stefan röven even tough hes not a president but he still rules the country
2019-11-20 17:12
You are putin supporter i take it ? Gorbacev wasnt that bad.
2019-11-20 20:55
His ideas were not bad, but the thing is - he lacked resolve as a leader.
2019-11-20 21:02
True. By lack of resolve i can agree
2019-11-29 05:48
putin?? nah, im a lenin supporter
2019-11-20 22:20
Finland MeeTaZ 
Why Macron? Every1 else are ok i guess...
2019-11-20 20:56
How is Gorbachev top 1 wtf
2019-11-20 21:10
top 1 worst.
2019-11-20 22:20
Poland JKG 
Seriously anyone cares who sits on that chair ?
2019-11-20 21:13
USSR was ruined way before Mikhail Gorbachev
2019-11-20 22:23
ussr was never ruined.
2019-11-22 16:23
Bolsonaro nt brozil huehue shit whothefuck bolsonera? Trump? i dont give a fuck about US presidents Boris Eltsin best for me. he destroyed USSR and communists. Also thanx Gorbachev for democratization. Eltsin and Gorbachev make bad for russians and good for kazaks. GOAT leader - A.Hitler.
2019-11-20 22:35
Agree with Macron and Bush Sr./Jr. Disagree with Trump, he's awesome.
2019-11-20 22:27
Europe KONKER021 
Georgia has the most useless president: I forget her name... LUL :D
2019-11-20 22:31
United States _icedtea 
> reagan > worst
2019-11-21 01:30
pick one
2019-11-21 01:33
Saparmurat Niyazov Ferdinand Marcos
2019-11-21 01:36
Aleksib | 
Finland tyksy 
2019-11-21 08:15
17:30Movistar Riders vs Owned
Movistar Riders
18:05AGF vs FATE
13:00FaZe vs NiP
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