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Spain Sneakers Announcement today? What is Valve doing. Flagship VR game, expect them to change the whole VR industry. I think it be the only real VR game, but its not related with Half-Life 3 which is disappointing a bit.
2019-11-21 14:03
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cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
no thank nt volvo
2019-11-21 14:04
No not a nice try in any way
2019-11-21 14:05
xaaxaxaxxaxaxaxaaxaxxaaxaxxaaxaxaxaxaxx volvo milking the cows VR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2019-11-21 14:04
VR is new industry, underdeveloped and shitty games. So its good they try to change it If they can make how Half-life changed the shooters but in VR and revolutionize then Valve are gods.
2019-11-21 14:08
If they really cared they'd just do hl3 ffs
2019-11-21 14:09
Poland mikze 
Valve's games always were innovative. Another new standard 1st person shooter woould be boring.
2019-11-21 14:27
>hl >standard pick 1
2019-11-21 14:31
Hl2 today would be pretty standard game. In 2004 It was AS I SAID INNOVATIVE. They try new approach with VR.
2019-11-21 14:35
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
If they were making a new Half Life game that would revolutionise the VR gaming industry in similar fashion to the previous 2, they would've called it Half Life 3. The fact that they've not called it that, suggests it's probably not quite up to par. Anyway, let's wait and see, hopefully I'm wrong and it is a game worth buying a VR setup for.
2019-11-21 14:39
They calling it their flagship so yeah, we gotta see. In theory its today but dont know where will be the stream or if its a private announcement. I think half-life 3 isnt happening anytime soon too unfurtunately for whatever reasons they must have. Probably they have more to lose than to win at this point with HL3
2019-11-21 14:53
yah but it's new hl content
2019-11-21 14:05
who cars
2019-11-21 14:05
No thanks, I'm already fine with this deep of a simulation. VR- more immersion, less control.
2019-11-21 14:07
Maybe Valves mom gay?
2019-11-21 14:55
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