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Investment in astralis group
k0nfig | 
Denmark monkeybrain12 
So i just invested 4500 DKK or about 700 dollars in astralis stocks XD Thoughts mens?
2019-11-21 16:31
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Reunion 1iquser 
good choice
2019-11-21 16:31
bad choice
2019-11-21 16:45
Reunion 1iquser 
2019-11-21 16:45
where can i buy astralis stocks????
2019-11-21 16:31
i used nordnet, but you have to spend atleast 4000 DKK in the pre signing before the stock goes public and becomes tradeable
2019-11-21 16:42
Denmark smobot 
You can't invest in them yet, nice try. You can from the 9th December ;)
2019-11-21 16:33
Croatia feelsbadmane 
investing pre 6 figure $$$ PepeLaugh
2019-11-21 16:47
China SkywakerR 
With this investment, you will become a millionaire man, good for you!
2019-11-21 16:50
Great idea they're a top10 esports organisation and in 10 years you'll make mad profit
2019-11-21 16:51
yea, im going to hold for some years, depending on how it goes
2019-11-21 16:52
Don't get nervous if they drop in the first weeks. It's common for newly listed stocks
2019-11-21 16:55
How many stocks do you get for 4500?
2019-11-21 16:53
2019-11-21 16:56
Alight.. No doubt you will make money on it.. But sport stocks are just weird in general, so i keep away from them.
2019-11-21 16:59
Europe thaifinnen 
What do i search to find their stocks?
2019-11-21 16:58
i used nordnet, not sure how it works when ur not from Denmark. Try to go to astralis groups website
2019-11-21 17:01
Europe thaifinnen 
how fast did you get answer back from them after you made a request for your stocks?
2019-11-21 17:31
its instantly, you just need to have the funds available on your account.
2019-11-21 20:57
Europe thaifinnen 
I placed an order for 560 shares and filled out all information. But under my inventory i dont find any of my stocks
2019-11-21 23:43
Europe thaifinnen 
When im logged in on my webbrowser i can see my order But Not on the app
2019-11-21 23:46
you just got S C A M M E D
2019-11-21 23:47
ufcking idiot who knows 0 about stocks LOL rather invest in nvidia/intel/amd
2019-11-21 23:46
Yes listen to this HLTV stock expert
2019-11-21 23:54
ye invest in a company/team that is million of dollars in debt even tho they had the most sucessfull csgo year ever. its a bad industry to own/invest in direct teams clown
2019-11-22 00:10
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