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Albania randomguywitha$500haircut 
anyone smoking hookah here? favourite tobaccos? hookah for life
2019-11-22 16:58
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proplayers smoking hookah? richard lewis once said that gob b used to smoke shish while practicing nades etc
2019-11-22 16:59
Gob b is smoking for sure. Caught him in Cologne one day. He used to be very funny and he was smoking something interesting. For some reason I didn't find out it as something illegal. Sorry for myself because I was 14 that day and didn't took a chance to talk with him for longer time. But I recognised him. It was time of mouz with Troubley and strux1, and he said that the main thing in team is to love your mates as your brothers. For sure funny and positive guy)
2019-11-22 17:20
he quite often does insta storys of him in shisha bars so yeah he smokes
2019-11-22 21:04
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
I saw video about kennyS childhood, in the corner of his room I saw hookah
2019-11-22 21:05
Shisha for life bro, al faker, gazi and adalya are best tobaccos bro
2019-11-22 17:00
al fakher grape mint :D could smoke that one 24/7 smoking adalya ice lime on the rocks rn
2019-11-22 17:02
yea bro grape mint or blueberry mint anything goes good ;)
2019-11-22 18:02
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
Swiss, ice bonbon and argellini best, youve ever tried it?
2019-11-22 21:06
I like ice bonbon :) favourite flavours are grape + mint, grapefruit+ß + mint, lemon menthol, peach mint, blueberry mint I never had argellini tobacco most of the time i have social smoke, starbuzz, al fakher and adalya.
2019-11-22 21:08
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
Nice Mine favourite: swiss, ice bonbon, mint-chocolate argellini tobacco
2019-11-22 21:24
Romania Anonym20 
adalya yes, rasberry and gum or smth
2019-11-22 17:03
don't be a weak person. don't smoke.
2019-11-22 17:02
only smoking on the weekends... how does that make me a weak person?
2019-11-22 17:04
why do you want something to interfere with your thought process? want to make sure every single thing you feel is real. no masking.
2019-11-22 17:15
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
What is your point ?
2019-11-22 18:28
drugs are for the weak.
2019-11-22 19:07
2019-11-22 21:04
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Who mentioned drugs ?
2019-11-23 00:06
2019-11-23 00:25
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
2019-11-23 09:26
2019-11-22 20:57
do you ever go outside
2019-11-22 21:15
yeah and i don't think smoking shit will get you out more
2019-11-22 21:18
im not talking about smoking Judging by what you say , you think everything that "interferes with your thought process" is dangerous , harmful and you shouldn't do it. That's basement dweller mentality lol.
2019-11-22 21:22
absolutely not. it's a warrior's mentality. how can you get your mind ready to attack life's challenges every moment of every day when you waste time and energy to get yourself in a state of delusion?
2019-11-22 21:37
that's literally what a basement dweller would say :DDDD Go out and fucking enjoy your meaningless simple life , chances are you will never become anything worth of note so experience as much as you can while you still can :) And yeah I'm willing to bet that browsing this forum is 10 times more dangerous to your mental health than smoking shisha hahaha
2019-11-22 21:40
not going to argue with generation z kids. stay hard. or try to.
2019-11-22 21:43
nah you're not going to argue cause you don't have an argument so crawl back to ur basement and quit talking shit
2019-11-22 21:44
2019-11-23 00:25
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
boring person cope
2019-11-22 21:52
that's why generation z is so pathetic
2019-11-22 22:01
Netherlands poeya 
I dont smoke but I used work in store that sold this and alot buy Double Apple or watermelon flavour
2019-11-22 18:03
wheres my mommy
2019-11-22 18:04
2019-11-22 18:04
hello guy ! best tobacca its khat %100
2019-11-22 18:05
United Kingdom alcazar4 
i smoke ur mom (she a hookah)
2019-11-22 18:05
2019-11-22 21:38
Tangiers <3
2019-11-22 18:06
Nt drug addict
2019-11-22 18:25
just a pointless habbit without benefits.
2019-11-22 19:10
life's pointless.
2019-11-22 20:57
kinda true, u live and u die what u do inbetween is up to ur liking. so keep smokin. but its not for me :D
2019-11-24 14:53
Is shisha other name for hashish? People do in India. Only few people. I don't though.
2019-11-22 20:59
it isn't same sorry.
2019-11-22 21:03
Finland mustiGOD 
hookah british way to spell hooker or wat bish
2019-11-22 21:02
2019-11-22 21:41
Shisha bars are a plague and only for money laundering
2019-11-22 21:03
who is talking about shisha bars here?
2019-11-22 21:04
Just in general. That's why u either buy a Shisha or don't go to bar
2019-11-22 21:05
there is still no better place for a first date tbh
2019-11-22 21:05
Kkkkkkkkkkk richtiger Albaner
2019-11-22 21:09
even if the conversation is shit, she is too shy etc.. you can still smoke and cover up the awkwardness of a first date
2019-11-22 21:10
Und nebenbei noch Fußball auf dem TV gucken
2019-11-22 21:11
und tipico live wetten abcashen
2019-11-22 21:11
Aber im Ernst. Wenn ich manchmal bei uns in den Shishashop gehe und Tabak hole ist das ein Araber in Trainingsanzug der mal eben 3000€ in Cash auf die Kasse legt lmao Solange der Tabak gute Qualität hat scheiße ich drauf
2019-11-22 21:18
wicked sick lad
2019-11-22 21:27
. wrong reply
2019-11-22 23:25
2019-11-22 23:29
x6 finanziert sich nicht von selbst...
2019-11-22 23:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
2019-11-22 21:04
smoking is trash -1
2019-11-22 21:05
i read hooker sister
2019-11-22 21:06
are you 15?
2019-11-22 21:06
2019-11-22 21:08
only kids go to shisha bars here
2019-11-22 21:13
shisha bar is 18+ so your statement definitely false.
2019-11-22 21:14
you're ignorant lol no one cares about that shit here if you go out of your way to smoke shisha instead of going somewhere else and you're over 16-17 you're a bum tbh
2019-11-22 21:16
I've got my own shishas :DDD I have no clue what you are talking about. shisha bars are the perfect place for first dates... even if the conversation is shit, she is too shy etc.. you can still smoke and cover up the awkwardness of a first date
2019-11-22 21:18
Yeah bro I'd totally take a girl to a smoke filled , fruity smelling basement instead of a resturant or a simple coffee shop lool :D. Like seriously man how would you take a girl to a fucking shisha bar have some class.
2019-11-22 21:23
"Yeah bro I'd totally take a girl to a smoke filled , fruity smelling basement" sounds fun except the basement part which is definitely not true :DDDDD
2019-11-22 21:24
That's what most shisha places are like here. Dark basements with some fat bearded nerd that sits on his ass all day sucking on a stick for a living. I have nothing against shisha in general but those places are cancer and I've definitely outgrown it and you should too tbh.
2019-11-22 21:29
I live in germany and i think shisha bars look definitely different here :D
2019-11-22 21:30
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
I have met a girl for the first time on a shisha bar and we are married, there is no something bad on meeting a girl on shisha bar
2019-11-22 22:09
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
Ive been smoking since 15 and im 26 atm, smoking is life my friend
2019-11-22 22:10
used to smoke some when i was younger (15 or smth), nowadays i only rarely go to shisha bars and only when my kanacken friends annoy me so much that i go with them. i always smoke a different flavor and drink icetea with vodka so everything tastes good to me
2019-11-22 22:11
Israel Z1X0 
Duft, Darkside and WTO
2019-11-22 23:26
14:00Zorka vs GODLIKE
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
00:00Isurus vs RUFUS
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