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How Greta Thunberg saves the planet
Germany aitscheltihwih 
You are all bitching about how she is doing nothing but crying, but lets face the reality: Here is how Greta Thunberg succesfully prevents people from being wasteful. Thats the proof right there. Nobody of you would dare to touch those plastic spoons!
2019-11-22 22:24
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I'm sorry who? That sperg being held on strings
2019-11-22 22:27
id spoon her eyes out i just came out of the insane asylum btw, im not crazy
2019-11-22 22:29
this is so sad, can we beat up greta
2019-11-22 22:28
United States PsychoLogical 
She's a fool. Also you're not serious about climate change if you're anti-nuclear which she is. She's a fraud. You cannot have a future about dealing with CC if you dont have nuclear energy as one of the options.
2019-11-22 22:28
I thought my post made clear Im not seriously interested in discussing her ;D
2019-11-22 22:30
United States PsychoLogical 
meh. Just making my own statement ;d , which is also valid.
2019-11-22 22:33
Not really denying that, I didnt spent enough time looking into what realistic options there are for the future of energy. My big hope is still fusion reactors, which are based on when I last checked still around 20-30 years away from now. Maybe only 10 yearsa, maybe 50, who knows. But the theory is there and we have a proof of concept, which is fucking exciting.
2019-11-22 22:35
United States PsychoLogical 
nuclear is the future, the only pity I have is that people fear it cause of shit like Chernobyl. Even tho it's literally safe as fuck and extremely clean and far better than wind and solar.
2019-11-22 22:36
I only have 4 reasons why I dont like nuclear reactors: 1 We dont have a good and safe option to store the waste yet. If all out energy is based on it, the waste will become even more. 2 Terrorist attacks. Im not sure if you can actually make those reactors safe, especially if we also talk about attacks from theinside such as undercover operations or hackers infiltrating a system. 3 How are we gonna make sure everyone follows the standards of security? Accidents do happen, not only chernobyl and fukushima. There are tons of smaller incidents which still claimed alot of deaths and corrupted DNA. 4 plutonium isnt to abadund compared to what for example could be used in nuclear fusion reactors. A small fifth point is that nuclear reactors always have to run at a certain level, so for example at night time they still run with alot more power than needed. At the moment almost every country uses different sources of energy so many other where you can do that are kind of a buffer zone to keep it efficient.
2019-11-22 22:42
United States PsychoLogical 
good points, but to me it's still inexcusable that nuclear is often dismissed even tho the benefits are actually massive despite it's downsides like others have. For nuclear fusion reactors, we should start directing our source to being Thorium. It produces much less waste and isnt as radioactive.
2019-11-22 22:44
NiKo | 
United Kingdom ExCeL1234 
We need to use Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. Create barely any waste, currently our closest viable option to 0 waste in total. It is also not very radioactive, and the storage of waste is a small exaggerated issue especially when it becomes so little. Thorium is extremely abundant, the reactor is the most cost-efficient (and governments need to invest, not corporations), a disaster is impossible due to a liquid fuel and an automated system and it can create incredible amounts of energy. Undisputably the only true viable option to fix our burning of fossil fuels
2019-11-22 23:04
Yeah, I wtahced something about it first like 8 years ago and 1 year ago I looked into it again and there is 1 big project going on (ITER). Sure you know that based on what you wrote already. Who knows, maybe if they get some results they get more funding or some private company starts another project (Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? There are kinda afew people that spent huge amounts ofmoney of tech companies).
2019-11-23 00:34
meyern | 
Sweden meistr0 
Greta = Leftist puppet. /Close
2019-11-22 22:28
But what about the spoons?
2019-11-22 22:30
Germany waqaq 
you want to spoon greta?????? perv men((
2019-11-22 22:44
Obviously Greta is the little spoon. And if you ask her if you can be the little spoon for ones she will reply: HOW DARE YOU
2019-11-22 22:47
United States AlphaMaleHere 
she is spreading fake news needs to go back to school
2019-11-22 22:28
nexa | 
Yugoslavia tomasev1c 
poor kid i feel bad for her kid being brainwashed by brainwashed parents ):
2019-11-22 22:30
2019-11-22 22:36
mOE | 
Latvia wassupgee 
2019-11-22 22:45
2019-11-22 22:37
Brazil fuNNa 
fuck off with this propaganda
2019-11-22 22:48
Propaganda XDDDDD
2019-11-23 00:34
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