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North America cake1 
-Very high skill ceiling -Constant updates -Huge playerbase -Big esport scene Why aren't you playing Rainbow Six Siege?
2019-11-23 01:54
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Panama FUN4ENCE 
Because I can't run it
2019-11-23 01:55
make me sad
2019-11-23 16:58
Finland MeeTaZ 
U didnt have to change ur name i see...
2019-11-24 04:25
2019-11-23 01:55
I do agree with that, but even though Ubisoft is a shitty cuck company, the game is really good. And do you really feel the need to say N word all the time? I stand for free speech and not leftist cuck censorship, but I don't really care that much when the game itself is good.
2019-11-23 02:31
just saying in general people should have freedom to speak whatever whey want even if the word is very offensive i think you cant even type asshole cunt and alot more words i cant remember now
2019-11-23 13:54
Favourite player does not checkout
2019-11-24 00:28
United States KKonian 
oh no you cant be racist without getting banned what a bad game
2019-11-23 03:37
i never said r6 bad game good job your comment is the stupidest for today and what is wrong to say n word in-game i understand it is offensive in irl but in-game if u get offended then you shouldnt play
2019-11-23 13:56
United States KKonian 
iq high
2019-11-23 18:25
What if a black person plays r6 and wants to say the n word?
2019-11-24 16:23
2019-11-23 03:39
2019-11-23 13:56
Canada ProvexPyker 
It has too high of a skill ceiling. I don't even understand whats happening when I watch others play it.
2019-11-23 01:58
Finland pokka 
I already have 1600hours on it. It is addictive in the beginning because there is so much shit to grind
2019-11-23 01:59
United Kingdom Aqishimaaa 
top two are true bottom two not true
2019-11-23 02:01
Jame | 
Latvia VAIZE 
R6 does not have a massive player base lol it's quite the opposite
2019-11-23 02:04
Finland Autisthicc 
2019-11-23 02:04
Ukraine ksay 
isn't it like second most popular FPS on steam?
2019-11-23 02:08
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
pubg is second
2019-11-23 02:28
Slovakia iorveth 
2019-11-23 11:20
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
pubg is first person shooter, no one plays third person
2019-11-23 14:42
Europe black1ch 
me play third person
2019-11-24 00:25
Favourite team checks out
2019-11-24 00:29
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
2019-11-24 04:55
China SwooksarV2 
2019-11-24 04:23
50 million players is a small player base for you?
2019-11-24 00:09
Finland Autisthicc 
you need to pay for the game, then you need to pay to play different people in the game p2w game playerbase almost the size of dead fortress 2 smaller esport scene as a result
2019-11-23 02:04
India EnfyB 
+1 ENCE recruit this dude to be your IGL lmao
2019-11-23 02:25
Australia TotalEclipse 
TF2 as nowhere near as many players as it states on the Steam charts. Info on that here: So Siege probably has 3 or 4 times the amount of active players.
2019-11-23 11:16
Ukraine ksay 
i'm playing ranked recruit only and people are fucking mad at me just let me have fun ffs. don't wanna bother with filthy operators
2019-11-23 02:07
If you wanna troll around with recruit, maybe play casual? People are right to be mad at you for trolling in ranked.
2019-11-23 02:32
2019-11-23 11:04
Ukraine ksay 
i'm not trolling it would be troll if i had any other operators devs let me play recruit and im having fun with it. i like that i can use any weapon in the game. it's just upsetting that there are so many tryhards at lower ranks that keep flaming me ;( there are heroes that far more useless than recruit anyways
2019-11-23 12:52
How are you level 30 with no operator? Even if you buy basic edition with no operators you would still have enough reknown to buy a few operators at level 30
2019-11-24 14:23
Ukraine ksay 
well im farming money for operators i'd like to play and i don't see a problem with playing as recruit. i'm not trolling. i'm tryharding and learning the game. i have a decent scores. it's just that people have a prejudice towards me which is sad
2019-11-24 15:18
They have prejudice because recruit is literally awful. He's got no gadget, and if I don't remember wrong you cannot customize his gun, so you have to play with iron sights and no flash hider/compensator etc.
2019-11-24 16:29
you can't play recruit in ranked
2019-11-23 11:04
Ukraine ksay 
you can i have no operators bought the cheapest r6 version and haven't unlocked any most of the people have the same reaction as you. so first few minutes of the match they keep asking how am i playing recruit. i feel special tbh
2019-11-23 12:44
im playing mens)👍😎
2019-11-23 02:08
There's no skill ceiling in terms of raw aim because it's just like kriegs lol.
2019-11-23 02:10
India EnfyB 
true shit lol and operators give you soo much advantage + you've to either grind or pay to get operators which irritates me the most
2019-11-23 02:24
Albania JonZherka 
All the best ops are free
2019-11-23 03:36
India EnfyB 
lol tf? they're not you've to purchase them using in-game currency
2019-11-23 11:00
Albania JonZherka 
It's hardly a grind to get good ops
2019-11-23 16:39
India EnfyB 
Not sure but it took me days to unlock mira
2019-11-23 16:57
Well yes and no. Acog is kind of equal to kriegs, but first of all far from every gun has acog, and secondly, they have more advanced recoil than krieg for the most part, and you can't run and gun as much. And then on top of that aim doesn't matter as much in siege as in CS, game sense plays a MUCH larger part imo in siege than in CS.
2019-11-23 02:37
No, I've played R6 since DUSTLINE (Year 1 season 2) and game sense does not compare to cs... Teamwork and skill in cs are must higher. The only thing R6 has on siege is knowing when and how to use operators' ability can be hard to learn. I'm ALSO LVL 356 and Hit diamond countless times!
2019-11-23 05:22
You're actually a moron if you think that. The maps are a lot more complicated in siege, you need to play a map many, many times to actually learn it properly, while in CS 2-3 times is enough to learn a new map. Not to mention spawnpeeking, you need to learn all the spawnpeeks both for your own use and to counter enemies spawnpeeking. You need to learn how to use your drones, and your gadges, and most of the time you need to use your brain to win rounds, you can't just throw a flash and rush into the site like in CS. In CS you just need to learn how to manage your economy (which is barely anything to learn) and smokes/flashes on the maps. That's basicly it, and then the rest is simply aim.
2019-11-24 14:32
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
the acog is the scope on the krieg my man
2019-11-23 20:42
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
''big esports scene'' i play siege to i like the fact that i can be a newbie in some shooter again but LMAO this is a joke. not mentioning every reason why it will not be as great as cs and why its not esports ready/not as good as a game as cs
2019-11-23 02:17
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
will do all those things tomorrow if you want me to, now i am going to sleep
2019-11-23 02:18
I'm waiting bro :D I kind of want to try some R6 but I'm not fully persuaded so hearing why it's worse than CS would be helpful!
2019-11-23 12:53
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
for a start, this is just my opinion. The game is not as simple as counter strike. don't get me wrong, if you have a good aim in counter strike. lets say the aim a normal supreme player has you should be able to absolutely obliterate some rainbow six players. the way of aiming on the other hand is completely different because almost all fights in this game are short or very short ranged. medium fights do happen some times but most of the times they do not. you need to scope in with every weapon. some might say that this is more realistic but i disagree, i am a air soft player my self and i can perfectly shoot a target with a pistol without actually ''aiming'' for it. i am personally not a fan of the ''all weapons need a scope'' thingy but i can live perfectly fine with it. non the less that i love counter strike more for not having this scope on all weapons thing. camera's, again as with the scopes. most people will say that this is more realistic. Yes in modern warfare it is more realistic and i think that camera's are a big good thing in siege, it levels the skill ceiling well and does give the game a giant tactical aspect. Counter strike is not modern warfare, its a quick playing active shooter that is pure built on being able to think like your enemy and aiming as good as possible. pay 2 win, this game is not really pay 2 win. yet i will not disagree with someone saying it is. the game is ''paying to get an head start'' you can buy ingame currency with real money, from that currency you can buy ''operators'' that have special abilities. if you do not spend the money you will need to play a couple of hours before you can play a different operator, cause by playing you will also get this ingame currency. not speaking about the fact that you have to play with an operator to get a feel for it and this will also take you a bit of hours, some people more hours then others and it depends on the operator per person. the soundbox is terrible, ubisoft still have to fix a lot in the soundbox. this is obviously my opinion again, but its an opinion that a lot of players and pro's agree with. its basically a meme that instead of cs on nuke having the worst sound box the one of siege is actually worse. i am currently playing 7.1 surround sound and get were the enemies are most of the time not by actually hearing the steps, but by combining the steps with logical thinking. there is no mini map. for a lot of people this is another argument on why this game is more realistic than counter strike, also the fact that there is no mini map levels the skill ceiling cause you really need to play maps over and over again to know what angles to hold, fire, what walls to break, reinforce or what hallways to rush and what hallways to be careful. the game itself is still very glitchy, i had in the last 3 weeks more as 6 incidents where either me or one of my teammates you stuck, fell trough a black hole, died because of ??, glitched trough the map after dying or (and this is the most annoying one) after someone died there body got glitched into a wall or door or fence, the body then hovered above the ground destroying entire angles. this exact reason is why i think that the game is not esports ready yet. because of the fact that every map has more than one level (which is good for gameplay etc) its hard to follow matches if you are watching them, the game is really in some ways to complicated and the simpleness of counter strike makes it less hard to follow and understand, yet cs plays are more impressive cause aim is a bigger factor and the one level on the cs maps (nuke ofcourse not) it makes for a really good overview. rainbow as i said earlier is mostly close and short fights, no wide angles and even tho i have seen some sick one tap flicks by beauso and shaiiko its nothing compared to simple's falling awp or colds jumping apps play. The community is really toxic, even tho you think that you cannot get it any toxicer that russians in cs. you are wrong, even with all the rules Ubisoft implanted in its game about swearing and getting banned for saying words like ''nigger'' and ''cancer'' (which is not bad) there is still a lot of toxicness going on and smurfing is abused AF. you think there are a lot of smurfs in cs? again! you are wrong. if you have any Questions feel free to ask. the argument that i am saying all this because i am shit is not really fair. i did not play ranked yet as i have played only unranked in my first 100 hours. but playing with 3 2 season dia's and still being able to frag just like them tells me that having played csgo for a long time does do good for your aim in other games. there is also the habbit of players to spawn peak, with some weapons in combination of an ecog scope its really not stoppeable. its really annoying sometimes. I enjoy the game, because even tho i am able to frag on a level my fellow friends are able to i still feel like a massive noob. i don't know the maps, spots or rotates and i mostly room around a bit just looking for peeps to fight. ps. rainbow is a more realistic game without a doubt, but its not necessarily true that more realistic is better.
2019-11-23 20:26
Poland Hanse 
yeah R6 is realistic af, i remember when I browsed photos from Afghanistan I'v seen 19yo yoga instructors with custom made stun devices and prototype SMGs all the time
2019-11-24 00:08
I AM playing siege. I have 100 ranked matches this season.
2019-11-23 02:38
United States Kick_Rush_FFS 
no, I dont think I will
2019-11-23 03:01
not huge player base and not a big esport. also too slow for me
2019-11-23 03:03
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
even tho i know what you mean, i had the same problem. but if you are good enough at aiming in general. you can deside the pace of the game completely by yourself before you start agruing with me about anything make sure to read my opinion about the game at #65
2019-11-23 20:22
smh you are gold i guess
2019-11-23 20:22
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
#65 i have not played ranked yet. i play with a range of ranks between gold and dias and think its a fun game. just because i wanna be a newbie in something new maybe but still
2019-11-23 20:24
How do you think you know so much about the game then.
2019-11-23 23:56
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
why would you think that i know much about the game?
2019-11-24 04:20
Denmark nrth_LUL 
ADS borderline recoiless 1 second time to kill guns wallhacks built into the game slow movement speed Test of patience or test of how deep your wallet is makes it a p2w game 1/5th of the player base of csgo atleast on steam sure it has players on xbone and ps4 because its a console shooter but those players usually don't transfer into esports fans >big esports scene I loled
2019-11-23 03:06
Poland Hanse 
- bullshit, skill ceiling is faked by need of buying operators. Once you have all operators and know maps just ok you can go straight to diamond under 100h - Constant updates with skins, real updates wait for YEARS to be released, to keep this tag of "game developing" - not really huge - literally no esport scene compared to other games, my friend was riffler in Flipside for some time and they barely payed them, matchfixing was common and he was said it's "normal here", that was back in mid-2018 but still
2019-11-23 03:11
Poland Hanse 
btw you post this very same thread every now and then, here for example could you just fuck off a little?
2019-11-23 03:14
its so fucking boring, i have over 1k hours in it and it isnt fucking fun anymore, ranked, casual, semipro, pro league, its all so stale
2019-11-23 03:20
Sucks Defenders always got 70% chances of winning because they just have to camp and kill the terrorist team
2019-11-23 03:39
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
sounds like cs does it not? xD
2019-11-23 20:22
No dude Cs had 2 bomb site and a lot of people using 2-1-2 strategy,so its balance
2019-11-23 23:58
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
yet a defensive aim is always faster then an attacking aim cause you can focus on the angle.
2019-11-24 04:21
i got 6.4k hours of this game, i was in the challenger league and i can ensure to you that skill is the last thing u need in this game
2019-11-23 03:49
Russia LeGoBoys 
Csgo do it much better at every aspect
2019-11-23 11:01
Poland gg_retard 
2019-11-23 11:19
United States Nohj 
2019-11-23 12:41
Argentina trackssZZZ 
2019-11-23 18:30
Ukraine R0m4nus 
I bought it 3 months ago, and I play only 20 hours
2019-11-23 11:02
Game for campers and spawnkillers sry
2019-11-23 11:02
United States Nohj 
why play a game inferior to csgo in every way?
2019-11-23 11:05
Lmao true, especially considering it’s p2w unless you grind all day every day .
2019-11-23 11:11
s1mple | 
Other zj2 
i dont play r6 but i watched this video and it gave me goosebumps, very cool story
2019-11-23 11:14
ubishite no thanks
2019-11-23 11:17
Every update makes it less tactical Many bugs Ubisoft's stupidity (auto-banning for bad words) Sheitty e-sport - just like OW, not a pleasure to watch that Huge toxic playerbase with CoD and CS players that were "too good" for their original games The old community was very nice, but CoD players ruined it (for me at least) as I was never that skilled.
2019-11-23 12:42
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
i can understand that
2019-11-23 20:27
I tried but meh
2019-11-23 12:43
Already am diamond out there , I love that game :)
2019-11-23 12:45
swag | 
United States Sprewell 
It doesn't have big esport scene because it is not fun to watch as much as CSGO. I wish Valve had this game. So much potential has been wasted in the good hands of bugisoft... sorry Ubisoft.
2019-11-23 12:48
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
the simpleness of csgo is more attractive to watch
2019-11-23 20:28
Netherlands JeffreyC 
i hate rainbow maps and movement
2019-11-23 17:00
Belgium Axelele 
tbh i prefer playing rainbow to csgo but i cant understand shit when looking pro matches
2019-11-23 20:23
Russia ZippSluvik 
It's so funny to see all these ancient mindset gamers who actually can't see and accept some advantages of R6S over CS:GO or just trolling
2019-11-23 20:50
United States oOMeowthOo 
In terms of entertaining level, R6 Siege > CS:GO, but in terms of eSports, CS:GO > R6 Siege. Both games have their own charm, R6 still has lots of bugs and QOL to go, while CS:GO is pretty ironed out. One game does not have a trading scene which can be good and bad at the same time. Can't really compare both games to be honest, one if hipfire FPS, one is ADS FPS, if you like it, then you like it, if you don't, then you don't.
2019-11-23 20:51
United States Nohj 
HAHAHAHAHAHA no, just no. "In terms of entertaining level, R6 Siege > CS:GO"
2019-11-24 04:21
Turkey TheKaiser 
No trading can be better? Come on mens))) You can earn money from CS:GO and it's definitely better than R6.
2019-11-24 15:20
i like how after you get to lobby it take only 5 minutes to start the game
2019-11-23 20:54
because i get disgusting minilags for no reason in this shitgame
2019-11-23 23:59
because CS is better, obviously
2019-11-24 00:00
Hungary StraYzie 
I do
2019-11-24 00:04
Poland PanArek 
Because i have no friends and im unskill :)
2019-11-24 00:09
LeX | 
Russia mddn 
because its garbage game
2019-11-24 00:09
ropz | 
Europe meramoer1 
Not fun
2019-11-24 00:11
good game but if you are new its hard to keep up and need to farm a lot
2019-11-24 00:12
Canada Garbilicious 
Good game but my brain isn't smart enough to thrive in a more complex game like siege. Cs is ez in my brain. Small and easy to understand maps, pretty straight forward gun play, not a whole lot of variables. If I'm honest, in siege I accidentally hit teammates with my operator weapons all the time, and my teammates take down my barricades cause I put them in useless/stupid spots :( Also 3000hrs in CS and 4hrs in Seige but that couldn't possibly be a factor right???
2019-11-24 00:20
Peru devbot 
Because server are in Brazil. High ping and very toxics.
2019-11-24 00:23
2019-11-24 04:24
I don't like ADS
2019-11-24 14:25
Turkey TheKaiser 
2019-11-24 15:19
"-Big esport scene" game's dead on twitch, shut yo bitch ass homie
2019-11-24 15:24
Portugal Zedonp 
the constant updates make it so the skill ceilling is forever changing, Its not high, you just can't get used to the mechanincs before they fuck shit up and change the way the game or a certain character is played Also the game might have a constant player base but calling it big? the jokes are insane
2019-11-24 15:28
- CSGO has it too, plus its gameplay is quite simple and fun - CSGO got an operation, new maps and stuff - 125k vs 764k - The esport scene is a joke, 95% of people watch it for the drops, its not something attractive for viewers, it has atmosphere like curling
2019-11-24 15:28
the chat is boring (i have been banned for pointing out to enemy players they were being boosted) you also cant use other words without being banned. the community is more toxic than csgo's (still not as bad as leagues or ow's) ranked is unplayable when you get boosted coppers/ bronzes that ban bad operators like jackal, nokk, cav, clash etc
2019-11-24 16:19
United States twistzzgod 
cuz cs have Astralis
2019-11-24 16:31
Georgia Broozman 
Because I can't run it
2019-11-24 16:40
18:00paiN vs W7M
00:00Isurus vs RUFUS
11:00forZe vs Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
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