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Indians who are studying come here
India theyaskyou 
I just met another Indian friend and felt compelled to ask, how many of you are going to be writing JEE this coming January / April? If you've already written, how did it go? where did you end up? thanks!
2019-11-23 15:32
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Heard that jee is hard. Good luck mens
2019-11-23 15:35
thanks man I think I will need it haha
2019-11-23 15:35
its considered very tough but untill our govt has reservations we cant do anything mate
2019-11-23 19:05
i wish all the very best to u buddy but i too wish u dont belong to general category life is shit for general category students man i myself failed all bcz i am a general student i hope u understand buddy
2019-11-23 19:11
Stop complaining and face problems like a man. Fail kra lol
2019-12-29 08:45
no shame if i failed that much more things that i am much better at but not a sadist like u this general being is a problem and it will be and complaining and manhood is connected for u ask them those who have suffered ll bcz of these when u dnt get what u deserve all these manhood goes into gutter. so be in ur successs and let me cherish my complaints and failure.
2020-01-01 07:46
keep crying loser u want my bank details let me lend u a couple bucks
2020-01-02 13:09
Awww champ u will need it when ur ego goes down the drain keep tht
2020-01-04 09:56
ye thanks i hope u get a job in the next 10 years GL!
2020-01-04 13:08
Font stress too much if you study well its going to be easy
2019-11-23 15:37
I can't not stress and I'm not a genius at studies either there's 1 month left and it's going to the biggest exam in my life which will probably decide my entire future
2019-11-23 15:38
Plus it has become a bit easier. 15 less questions and without negative markings
2019-11-23 15:41
yeah but it's integer type. although there's no negative for it it's still integer type, if you don't know guessing is a long shot
2019-11-23 15:42
Fake flagger? you know lot about indian education system
2019-11-23 15:59
Yes he is lmao
2019-12-29 08:46
His flag is a country that doesnt exist anymore... what do you expect?
2020-01-01 14:39
India AI_monk
bro im from IIT and get one thing straight These exams and the colleges you get into , look at them as your oppurtunities to achieve success in your life. They solely dont decide your future. You decide them. Where ever you go after these exams, if you put in effort to learn things, it doesnt matter which college you get into. So dont think as if this exam is gonna decide your future.
2019-11-23 20:21
+1 bro In today's world "Coding seekho and pese kamao"
2020-01-01 07:49
India AI_monk
2020-01-01 10:46
pathetic fakeflagger is pathetic.
2019-12-28 08:33
Btw are you giving jee this jan or april?
2019-11-23 15:37
2019-11-23 15:39
Are you drop out? Coz you cant give jee before boards
2019-11-23 15:40
no?? who said you can't lol
2019-11-23 15:41
No you cant. Read the eligibility
2019-11-23 15:42
jeez why would you want to argue over something like this I've literally already registered ages ago. it's true the exam is before boards but councelling (admissions) is done much later, after boards
2019-11-23 15:44
Yes you can give JEE before boards my brother has already registered for it
2020-01-01 08:11
Ok fuck now i have to give in jan ffs
2020-01-01 13:58
are u in 11th??
2020-01-01 14:35
2020-01-02 09:59
No wtf, I gave my boards after january session this year
2019-11-23 15:43
Yeah so you have completed ur 12th right this means ur a drop out
2019-11-23 15:50
??? You have some weird misunderstanding mate.
2019-11-23 15:53
no since last academic year a person can write JEE two times once in january and once in april... the eligbility is taken into consideration for admission into the colleges which can be applied to through JEE
2019-11-23 18:34
Better to attempt it in Jan, harder to get better percentile in april session since students are usually more prepared by then
2019-11-23 15:40
Giving it in January too just gave the kvpy exam
2019-11-23 15:42
nice did u quality for kvpy? where do u go for coaching
2019-11-23 15:43
Thats the thing i dont go to coaching i have supplement from allen my kvpy exam didnt go so well
2019-11-23 16:48
ohhh I see, anyway good luck fellow aspirant
2019-11-23 16:57
I'm also giving jee mens
2019-11-23 15:42
India somecunt
I attempted 2 years ago got AIR 7988 in 1st attempt.
2019-11-23 15:53
in mains or advanced? where u studying now
2019-11-23 16:51
India somecunt
In mains bro, in advance though I had a better rank but being general is tough. I wanted to take CSE and my health condition wasn't good cuz of playing games all day and waking up all n8 so I end up taking a CSE in a decent NIT
2019-11-23 17:39
India somecunt
NIT hamirpur.
2019-11-23 17:39
that's still awesome bro good luck in the future
2019-11-23 18:05
India somecunt
Same2 u bro i'd rather say u should stay away from phone, internet for few months.
2019-11-23 20:11
yeah hltv is like my only passtime
2019-11-23 20:13
Wait is that you PD? From Jaipur?
2020-01-01 07:51
India somecunt
2020-01-01 08:15
Dafuq is JEE?
2019-11-23 15:56
an exam
2019-11-23 16:51
To see who poops better on streets?
2019-11-24 09:28
name doesn't check out
2019-11-24 09:31
Peacefull to 1st worlders not 3rd worlders
2019-11-24 09:33
name doesn't check out
2019-11-24 09:33
1st worlder education stereotype country with over 12 billion people lul
2019-11-24 09:45
1st worlder education? Bruh he doesn't even know the spelling of peaceful lol
2019-11-24 09:47
Btw I gave JEE in 2015 and I had prepared like eight-nine months for it. Exam was pretty chill it actually tested with how much speed one can solve questions just as I was expecting and I have mad respect for whoever gets 250/360 and above. I was good at math and physics but unfortunately it turns out phy was the most difficult of all three in that paper and math usually eat up time. With a bit of luck on my side I got about 75,60,55 in C,M,P respectively so I was pretty much set for NIT if BITSAT doesn't go well. 40 days later there was JEEADV I had no plan for. My physics teacher from school asks me to give practice tests and see how it goes, there were like six-seven students anyway(out of 300) who showed up for it. I made up my mind in about a week after 6-7 different movies and mall visits. I was kind of having fun solving the question banks, previous papers etc. I went to school again and gave those tests, helped me mentally prepare for a six hour session. I ended up getting 4.6k Gen in JEEADV and opted for MSc integrated in IITKGP. Been downhill ever since but will see how placement tests and stuff goes next semester.
2019-11-24 10:16
nice dude that's sick, good luck for your placements
2019-11-24 10:20
Thank you! Good luck for your exams! :))
2019-11-24 10:23
Is this more or less the indian equivilant to the german "abitur" which are the final examens before ending school
2020-01-01 14:41
final exams are different from this. Every board in this country like central board has a final 'board' exams after 12th grade or equivalent but that doesn't really help much in admissions to colleges(especially for science stream) JEE is a competitive exam and is a gateway to many top ranked national institutes in the country and is very competitive, around 1 million take it each year and are essentially fighting for 5-10k seats in the most premier institutes. unlike board exams, jee is taken by students of all the boards students
2020-01-01 14:46
Damn I saw ur flag, and I thought u were gonna type some racist shit, honestly, you've surprised me.
2019-11-23 20:14
couldn't expect some honey eyed curses from porkistanis.
2019-12-28 08:35
he didnt even say anything, no need to be toxic for no fucking reason
2020-08-16 09:00
If you are interested in taking computer science related branch then forget about getting into iit if you are not expecting a rank below 2k.
2019-11-23 16:01
Also what's your mains score?
2019-11-23 16:01
I'm going to write in Jan and April. How was yours?
2019-11-23 16:52
I gave mine back in 2k14. But these days all the computer science related seats get filled before 2k. I got a rank just below 4k, ditched the iit brand to get a better seat based on my mains marks(270-280) in one of the iiit's. Would've got a CSE seat in Bhvaneswar IIT, but it was a very young college back then, so my hopes on that were not high.
2019-11-23 17:41
IIIT is still really good
2019-11-23 18:05
No my friend you are perhaps deluded IIT has shit professors they only teach what's in the book and sometimes can't answer questions based outside of the course
2019-11-23 18:15
I was talking about IIIT like iiit-h or allahbad, not iit yeah I know the professors don't really care in iits but what matters is the few that do and u taking the initiative to study. Also it's more for the market value of the iit tag u hold
2019-11-24 09:21
Sorry my bad
2019-11-24 09:35
That kind of happens. Very few professors actually care about teaching and some are not much friendly with the students but most of them have shitton of knowledge in their respective fields. Most of them have PhDs from wellknown college/Unis and that they keep publishing research papers every year.
2019-11-24 10:29
Yeah but only some of them care if you listen to them or not otherwise they don't even care if you are bunking your class
2019-11-24 11:05
Are you IITian?
2019-12-28 07:46
It went pretty good men
2019-11-23 16:01
IIT Kharagpur alumnus here . I gave JEE back in 2009 and was lucky to get admitted in first attempt. Don't stress out too much and be relaxed, best not to attempt questions than get negative marking. Dont think about it too much, IITs are great but not the end of the world. All the best.
2019-11-23 16:30
thanks for the advice man!
2019-11-23 16:52
Let me guess your PC specs i9-9900k and RTX-2080ti ?
2020-01-01 14:46
Nepal Nepali
I came to say hi.
2019-11-23 17:56
hello neighbour
2019-11-23 18:06
Feels good to be raised in a country where freedom with no responsibility is stressed. Id rather have it this way then to have a mental breakdown about some stupid exam that determines my opportunities. I want to find my job in life on my own time not on the time of some exam.
2019-11-23 18:37
I think the main problem here is overpopulation but remember none of us chose to be born here but because we were, it doesn't mean we can just give up on the career we want to choose. Of course, it's nice to not be stressed about such exams if you're living in some other country but we accept it because we don't have a choice and if you're worthy, it's well worth the stress
2019-11-23 19:04
well the plus side is, I haven't seen a single indian at my university that struggles. Basically indians are the best students along with chinese, and some central european exchange students (dutch people are smart) etc.
2019-11-23 20:22
India is country where wealth creation comes with a lot of hurdles, so very less career paths with decent money to offer.Every parent in India takes pride in his child's education and career achievements, they sacrifice a lot so that their children can get decent education. public education is very bad and they only provide in regional languages. so everyone goes to private school from kinter garden and we all know how expensive education can be and it takes a long time to repay in career salary.
2019-11-23 20:31
Pretty much and these days parents have developed this pathetic attitude of 'We pay the fees, you get us results'. Like why tf do you raise kids if you were not planning to look after them at all!
2019-11-24 10:33
Didn't write jee since in UAE it's dasa. Doesn't matter anyways since I'm in Illinois now.
2019-11-23 19:14
nice :O
2019-11-24 09:20
India Noobdian
Ooof nice
2019-11-24 10:25
GL bro, if have very less time to revise. Start early and do a lot of mock tests. Mock tests will help u a lot with familiarization will help with your confidence.
2019-11-23 20:25
yeah I will do that soon, I'm just brushing up on everything I've learnt for the next 2 weeks then I'll start, thank u
2019-11-23 20:42
Mock test are the best resource to be better for any exam
2019-11-24 09:30
Russia cumdump
have fun with tech support haha
2019-11-24 09:33
yes 😎👍🏻
2019-11-24 09:34
Finland KieZuZ
They are all in Finland.
2019-11-24 09:34
are there really that many Indians studying in Finland?
2019-11-24 09:35
JEE is the toughest institutionalised exam I've seen. Not an Indian but I've looked around in academia, good luck.
2019-11-24 09:35
Finland KieZuZ
From finnish point of view yes.
2019-11-24 09:35
ah yeah, Finland is so sparsely populated
2019-11-24 09:36
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
so seems like u guys have an yearly exam to join university too, huh? seems like this is a 3rd world shit(no offense), here in brazil we have this stressful shit too, gl to you mens)) 😎👍🏿
2019-11-24 09:42
yeah man it's hard but we do what we gotta do, thanks gl to you in whatever ur doing aswell
2019-11-24 09:43
it's even worse for MCI exam my friend failed it in June and now applying for it in this December, and he is now so fucking stressed by studying a fucking 12 hrs a day, and he even told me he heard people crying during that exam, idk why they are making it hard for those people.
2019-11-24 10:42
India Dr_Champ
Don't take much stress men)) . I didn't clear JEE as well back in 2008 and got admission in some engineering college which was not the best. Still, I have really good salary as compared to Indian standard . You just need to work hard after college, coz I know you won't be working hard in college. Just enjoy your college life, you gonna miss those your whole life.
2019-11-24 09:52
How much salary btw
2019-11-24 10:33
India Dr_Champ
after cutting all the tax, I get Rs 182,000 per month which is decent in India.
2019-11-24 10:39
Nice good. What engineering?
2019-11-24 15:36
India Dr_Champ
Computer Science Currently working as backend developer in Ericsson India.
2019-11-24 15:37
India Noobdian
Commerce guy here
2019-11-24 10:24
what's up mens
2019-11-24 10:25
India Noobdian
Economics sigh
2019-11-24 10:27
I can relate I think lol
2019-11-24 10:27
Such a friendly thread. Best of luck my friend
2019-11-24 10:39
thanks man
2019-11-24 13:03
I'm in 5th year of my Dual Degree now at IIT Bombay (gave jee in 2015). If you are sincere about it, first thing you should do is switch of the mobile and never turn it on untill advanced is over. I forced my parents to cut the TV cable connection so that I had no distraction, I had a Nokia phone where I can just call and receive text from teachers. It's not easy, but not impossible for a general category student to get IIT Bombay. My teacher used to say ki agar last ka ek mahina bhi lag ke padhai karo toh ranks improves a lot. This is just november right now. If you give up everything till may, think about just acads acads and acads, you'll get a triple digit rank for sure. And these months are worth sacrificing to get the experience and opportunities we get here. Also remember, life is a manifestation of what we believe what's possible for us. So first of all, firmly believe in yourself that you can get into IIT, everyday day before bed and after waking up, tell yourself that you are going to work your ass off and nothing is impossible to achieve. Good luck :)
2019-11-24 10:51
alright thanks for the advice dude. after tomorrow no more hltv and shit, but I might need to keep WhatsApp because of tution class stuff but I'll figure out something
2019-11-24 13:05
fat F for this
2019-12-28 07:38
Bhai apne time easy tha. But these days kids in school too are having android or iPhones. It's very easy for them to get distracted. Uske upar se jio aur csgo bhi abhi popular hua hai India me. Apne time ye sab ni the so we did not have much things to do than study. XD BTW I too gave jee in 2k15 and this year graduated from IIT Ropar.
2019-12-28 08:01
congrats :D what was ur rank in advanced/mains btw?
2019-12-28 08:04
CRL ~8k OBC ~1.6k Sed
2019-12-28 08:27
oh ur OBC?? 😬 edit: but I thought OBC had no reservations in IIT, only sc/st/ews ( I guess?) my friend has an OBC certificate from T.N and that's what he told me
2019-12-28 08:31
Hmm Edit: you need to get OBC certification for national level and not state level, then only it is applicable since it's a national exam.
2019-12-28 08:35
Obc CL obc NCL???
2020-08-16 07:38
2020-08-16 07:39
how's it going mens??? I've been spending so much time on hltv lately though fak btw did any of you write the IAPT nse exams?
2019-12-28 07:38
India Tritium
I gave JEE this year without coaching and I had 97.74 percentile.
2019-12-28 08:25
nice man where did you join?
2019-12-28 08:30
India Tritium
IIIT Gwalior
2019-12-29 08:42
This is the revising stage man just practice past year JEE questions and go for it. Keep an open mind. No point cramming new stuff rn(for Jan one).
2019-12-28 08:33
yeah I've been solving papers lately but it's hard to memorize the theory chapters in chem and physics. How was your exam?
2019-12-28 08:34
I'm in college lol. It was okay. 93 percentile.
2019-12-29 08:26
yeah I knew u already gave jee. where did u join btw?
2019-12-29 08:48
ok bro i go to sleep
2019-12-28 08:37
do u think forsaken failed the jee
2020-01-01 07:47
Of course
2020-01-01 07:48
men, that is probably why he turned to cheating ((
2020-01-01 07:50
who cars
2020-01-01 07:51
optic india cars forsaken cars :(
2020-01-01 07:52
Forsaken is actually from one of the top colleges of India. I doubt he's bad with studies
2020-08-16 10:56
Which one?
2020-08-16 10:57
I guess IIT Kharagpur/ Kanpur
2020-08-16 10:58
Really??? Dayummm where did you get this information?
2020-08-16 11:01
It was in his fb before he was caught, Kus**l
2020-08-16 11:03
Bhai I cant understand that word 😜
2020-08-16 11:04
2020-08-16 11:15
2020-08-16 11:07
I won't give any competitive exam ever in my life.
2020-01-01 08:13
That's how the world runs for us
2020-01-01 08:25
Japan Sayon4Ra
Why indians smell like onions
2020-01-01 08:17
well that's something new
2020-01-01 08:26
Nah not onions nowadays they are really expensive
2020-01-04 10:05
hello there
2020-01-01 08:38
why hello there
2020-01-01 08:42
happy new year
2020-01-01 08:47
Medico here lul. Brings back memories of surfing HLTV wasting time not studying xD
2020-01-01 08:51
What's up with the Microsoft Technical Support calling me now and again? Should I be worried, is my OS really that f'ed up?
2020-01-04 09:59
Yes men)))) its f'ed up give me 5 itunes gift card worth 100$ and I'll fix it
2020-01-04 10:05
They always manage to call me while I'm at work, so I'm not in a position for them to help me with my MS problems. BTW - haven't booted my PC since October 2019, maybe that's the problem?
2020-01-04 10:11
Bump lol.. how's it going for September guys
2020-08-13 14:05
xD, still waiting, though I have decided to go to jadavpur university electric/mech engg, and idc about sep jee results
2020-08-13 14:13
Ohh, congrats it's a good one :D When did they have WBJEE?
2020-08-13 17:11
ayy thanks exam was on 2nd feb, results came out on 7th of this month
2020-08-13 17:13
Damn so early.. they postponed counselling or what? My cet exam got over and comedk on 19th but im scared if they have counselling and then we have to pay and shit early to book seat and then won't refund later because I want to wait till advanced but if I do well in cet/comedk and not in advanced and don't book the seat in comedk aswell then I'm basically fucked lol hope that made sense??
2020-08-13 17:16
Its like a dilemma.. I just hope they don't have this counselling before josaa mains/advanced
2020-08-13 17:18
yeah i understand your concerns we have online counselling, till october, means 3 sessions of counselling per month. we also have the option to refund if i dont get our choice one way which you can go though is to pay for cet/comed seat, if you are CONFIDENT in getting a good college and stream, it is the safest way possible also for advanced, good luck to you
2020-08-13 17:23
Yeah I will wait for the ranks and see and thanks B)
2020-08-13 17:27
np m8, these 2 years have been a roller coaster actually
2020-08-13 17:29
Yeah I swear haha and best part is I am only like 50% done with the ride with the exams still to come lol
2020-08-13 19:16
Come to kgec with cse/ ece bro
2020-08-16 10:57
India Drakkan
11 ke bande ko bhi kuch bat do yaha coaching ke bina padh rahe
2020-08-16 07:56
Get 1 book for physics like HC Verma and 1 for math maybe arihant or cengage and just keep solving questions. For chemistry ncert is enough for inorganic and maybe you should get a book for organic problems (I use ms Chouhan). pls research before buying, check Quora etc for good books. I just heard those 2 are good I don't use them If you can find seniors etc who did well you can ask for their help and study material aswell. And also remember that the internet is a great resource for basically anything and everything. For jee, it all comes down to how much you practice Don't switch books after you get one. Stick to it and solve only from that
2020-08-16 10:01
good luck on your exams dude
2020-08-16 08:21
thanks m8
2020-08-16 08:58
Europe X1gma
Gave Jee in 2018 Right now at IIT BHU in mechanical
2020-08-16 08:24
Oh! Congrats :D What was your rank in advanced?
2020-08-16 08:57
Europe X1gma
2020-08-16 10:01
You preferred didn't want to take cse in a new IIT or you were interested in mechanical?
2020-08-16 10:09
Europe X1gma
I was aiming for a core branch thats why i only filled for electrical , mechanical and civil. So that i can after aim for GATE and UPSC
2020-08-16 10:57
Are you related to to xigmagames in any way?
2020-08-16 10:49
Europe X1gma
2020-08-16 10:58
why are you writing this exam? do you really have the passion and the tenacity to become an engineer? Or is it because following this pathway which is also followed by millions of people in India is considered as a guaranteed path towards success and money? Isn't it possible that if more people consider taking up engineering, the demand for "engineers" in the long run would decrease especially in India? Would you consider yourself to be creative and open-minded to hold a position as an engineer after you graduate?
2020-08-16 08:33
Its a mix of both. After 10th we have 3 different streams to pursue- science, commerce and arts (history,law etc) Personally, after 10th I couldn't imagine myself studying commerce or arts subjects and being interested in them and science was intriguing and it feels amazing to learn new things about the way the world and nature works so it seemed logical to pursue it. Engineering is also stable here other than maybe some management courses or accountancy. The demand for engineers, specifically computer science I don't think will go down in this generation where technology is growing and technology and automation of normal human labour is gaining pace. And yeah I think only time will tell how suited I am for this but I feel Im capable enough
2020-08-16 08:57
Don't worry bro. Half of these kids go just because millions do and their parents force. But they realize once they're in college. There they pursure their real career. Either research or standups or acting etc. They all waste few years of their life just because they're not independent until they're in college. I'll also join and get a job, earn money and then study abroad and do maths research.
2020-08-16 11:07
Good luck. I'll give next year.
2020-08-16 11:04
Thanks m8 wish you the same for next year
2020-08-16 11:20
So much necro
2020-08-16 11:29
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