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Norway ISpeakTruth 
what do you think about it? which one are you invested in? i personally have some ethereum, litecoin, monero, xrp and nano. my prediction is december it will be bull season
2019-11-27 10:26
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Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
Hahahaha, based on what. Better buy GOLD or SILVER after the yield curve inversion based on historical data.
2019-11-27 10:27
lol jesus ur dumb. cant tell what is worse being that dumb or ur name
2019-11-27 10:30
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
lol you're dumb claiming Bitcoin will rise in December. It's pure pump and dump. Funny that you say you will buy after it fell through the floor! Have fun losing your money instead of going the real way with what is real money, gold, like it always has been.
2019-11-27 10:32
guess kid isnt used to modern technology
2019-11-27 10:33
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
Modern technology?? Well if u want to use Bitcoin as a means of payment I'm not the only one using it. Start hedging against inflation and quantitative easing in the Eurozone and the US and buy gold. Protect your money!!!
2019-11-27 10:37
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
Gold outperformed the s&p 500 since 2001. Easiest investment of my life.
2019-11-27 10:37
and bitcoin has "outperformed" gold..
2019-11-27 10:40
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
Yes but it won't in the future. That's the point I'm trying to make
2019-11-27 11:28
Netherlands Im_gaaayyy 
It's a steady investment. Not like Bitcoin where you're guaranteed to have a volatile market.
2019-11-27 11:28
I agree with you, it's good to invest in cryptos but the technology of blockchain is not that modern, it was a thing in other forms even before 2009 just not advertised that well
2019-11-27 11:36
2019-11-27 10:30
Sweden quacke 
This is hltv who gives a shit
2019-11-27 10:31
hltv have experts in all kinds of subjects !
2019-11-27 10:32
+1 agree
2019-11-27 11:31
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