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Therapy session #1
United States 15_yr_old_friendly_user_ 
Alright guys today we are going to discuss our issues and see if we can help one another. Out of respect I will go first. My issue is that I almost had a bit too much contact with another person and now I don’t know where I am with that person.
2019-11-30 07:43
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My issue is that I struggle to try in school and it puts my good gpa at risk
2019-11-30 07:45
Where do you study and what do you study? Your age?
2019-11-30 07:46
Im the same age as you and I study all subjects I have finals in two weeks and I havent studied at all.
2019-11-30 07:49
Okay what subjects m8??
2019-11-30 07:49
I can give you my class list Spanish AP World His H Math Alg 2 Religious Class Speech and Debate Chemistry honors 11th grade ENG (H) Honors Brit lit
2019-11-30 07:53
imagine motivation for getting out of bed for these classes
2019-12-10 23:12
2019-11-30 07:48
posting on HLTV is not struggling to try in school it’s actually not trying at all. Decrease your distractions. Do or don’t, there is no try.
2019-11-30 07:59
I keep asking admins and nomad to delete my account but they havent responded.
2019-11-30 08:14
just change password to some random shit, ez
2019-11-30 14:11
I have said shit in this account I want it gone
2019-11-30 14:30
Give me ur account I'll take it off you
2019-12-10 23:19
United States 7hai 
even in programming, there is a try. (python)
2019-11-30 14:48
My issue is whenever I see a black person I accidentally yell the nword
2019-11-30 07:47
Wait how exactly does this work? Is there an urge?
2019-11-30 07:48
Yes basically I see a black person then I think in my head "hey look a nword" and then I say it out loud by accident. Please help, I got in big trouble for this.
2019-11-30 07:52
nothing wrong with that
2019-11-30 14:33
My issue is I need a tissue
2019-11-30 08:18
just use toilet paper
2019-11-30 14:34
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
I dont have the motivation do eat a lot for gains((
2019-11-30 08:24
then ur not hungry
2019-11-30 14:32
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
no kidding
2019-11-30 14:32
start there
2019-11-30 14:36
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
start being hungry?
2019-11-30 14:37
2019-11-30 14:38
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
thanks will try
2019-11-30 14:39
Try approaching the person and talk with them.
2019-11-30 14:09
showing your emotions as a male is beta noone cars axaxa
2019-11-30 14:32
Knowing a person for a long time but being afraid to express my feelings and fear of losing that person :(
2019-11-30 14:35
express your feelings, and if it doesn't work out, say "ha-ha! i was joking"
2019-11-30 14:38
Finland mustiGOD 
my issue: im 15 and my gf is pregnant, havent told my parents yet what do marry girl?
2019-11-30 14:36
xd stfu
2019-11-30 14:39
yes, and congrats
2019-11-30 14:39
Yeah I’d marry her. Get a job and in Finland you can get paid for studying so you have a lot of ways to receive income
2019-11-30 23:44
Reunion 1iquser 
really want to finish luigi's mansion 3, but i can't force myself to :/
2019-11-30 14:41
Play with a friend
2019-11-30 23:44
Reunion 1iquser 
its singleplayer tho
2019-11-30 23:44
Yeah I mean you and another person can take turns
2019-11-30 23:45
Reunion 1iquser 
its not that type of game tho. its like more of a banjo-kazooie than a super mario world
2019-11-30 23:46
I got no social skills and it makes me hate myself((
2019-11-30 14:46
If you pretend to be confident no one will be able to tell the difference
2019-11-30 23:44
African Union 2011 
I like you for who you are men))
2019-12-10 23:10
Thank you men <3))
2019-12-10 23:19
African Union 2011 
zeolikk, k1to Stuttgart meetup in 2021
2019-12-10 23:20
Lets do it men, hopefully im a chad as well by then)
2019-12-10 23:20
African Union 2011 
you dont need to be a chad or have social skills (especially not as informatikstudent). just use your strenghts and work on weaknesses that make you unhappy
2019-12-10 23:22
But I feel like I dont even know what to do. Idk I feel like I got no Spielraum to do anything
2019-12-10 23:31
United Kingdom Megamo10 
me too
2019-12-10 23:19
i have 20 inch dick and it ruins my life.. help
2019-12-10 23:16
BnTeT | 
Indonesia puelod 
Explain more im not sure i understand what's your problem. Mine : bad work and social status, im trying to improve it but it takes time and im not sure what to do (and im starting to be old)
2019-12-10 23:18
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