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Who can beat astralis?
Brazil You_Knows_That_God_Exist 
Faze and MIBR
2019-12-02 01:17
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REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO 
movistar riders
2019-12-02 01:18
2019-12-02 02:19
2019-12-02 01:19
Liquid tried many times and lost 99% of the time. I think only Faze and MIBR have the right mindset to face Astralis
2019-12-02 01:20
2019-12-02 01:20
No, sad that Astralis didn’t play MIBR this tournament, would have been 2 nice 16-0’s
2019-12-02 02:20
just like in good old days))))
2019-12-02 02:26
Lol @ faze Who were fake laughing out of sheer embarassment when they got 16-1'd the other week.
2019-12-02 02:26
Liquid EG Furia
2019-12-02 01:19
Furia was lucky Liquid tried many times and lost 99% of the time. I think only Faze and MIBR have the right mindset to face Astralis
2019-12-02 01:20
New Zealand rOtten_97 
MIBR LMAO. You are not serious are you?
2019-12-02 02:26
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
2019-12-02 01:22
EZ4ENCE! because more firepower
2019-12-02 01:26
FaZe if everyone is godmode
2019-12-02 01:27
Portugal YANRAZA 
2019-12-02 01:28
32-2 FaZe ofc
2019-12-02 01:28
2019-12-02 01:28
Any team that has an actual good T side and doesn't choke all the time like Lulquid
2019-12-02 01:31
faze and navi
2019-12-02 02:17
chillwagon - @ Check it on youtube theyre polish-brazilliana pro players
2019-12-02 02:20
2019-12-02 02:26
2019-12-02 02:19
France FanchD 
32-2 FaZe but ok
2019-12-02 02:20
Legitimately the only teams that have shown a competitive level to Astralis lately are Fnatic, EG, and Liquid. All these teams need to be on their A game to beat Astralis though. If Astralis just ceased to exist I imagine a good rivalry like SK and FaZe between Liquid and Fnatic while EG would be like the VP of them. Sometimes the strongest team in the world but a week later they could lose to a team like ATK or Singularity. EG are literally what VP were, but with a higher skill ceiling, a lower basement for underperforming, and they cant seem to stay consistent for more than 2-3 events at most while VP was a bit tighter and could be consistent for a year, then fall off for awhile, then resurge
2019-12-02 02:21
qikert | 
Canada cherryy 
AVANGAR when they drop AdreN and pick up anyone else
2019-12-02 02:21
Netherlands wesbvb 
You mean Faze and MIBR combined in a 10v5? maybe
2019-12-02 02:21
Only navi, navi and astralis need bo3 coz i think this year they never meet im bo3
2019-12-02 02:25
Denmark Karrigan500IQ 
2019-12-02 02:26
Faze 16-2 AST28LYS Mibr 16-2 AST28LYS SHARKS almost won, very unluko..if they play again will be izi for leo_drunky Fúria already won many times
2019-12-02 02:29
Albania Number1awper 
2019-12-02 02:29
buster | 
United States nedwab 
2019-12-02 02:30
2019-12-02 02:46
A lot of people laugh but MIBR/SK was one of the few Astrali's worthy opponents, and I'm not talking about their prime, somehow they managed to almost win a couple of times when they were considered underdog (yeah I know, 16-0, but they were getting fucked at majors even when they were top1) But right now without cold and a worse fallen I don't see them doing anything, they don't have enough firepower Imho fnatic and EG.
2019-12-02 02:32
Australia pinquii 
Grayhound. Watch their first game of EPL, just wait. GH > Astralis > Liquid > EG
2019-12-02 02:35
Mibr can't even beat ENCE or Tyloo
2019-12-02 02:37
Indonesia iqbaltaufiq17 
recently, EG is the strongest contender to take astralis down. They beat astralis twice on nuke, while the other team just got crushed. But yeah, EG has this problem called 'inconsistency'.
2019-12-02 02:40
Only contenders in a BO3 right now is Liquid and Fnatic - and it all comes down to the map VETO. Liquid just demonstrated, that they've been working a lot on Vertigo. Sure, Astralis could probably have won it - but they were off to a bad start and lost 2-3 rounds vs. pistols - and NAF was just kicking it. But it's almost like Liquids map pool have shrunk. The win on Vertigo show signs of improvement, but we all know, that Valve will most likely release a new Vertigo update within 2-3 month and then all of the work is down the drain. It's almost as they should hope for the introduction of Cache. Then they will have Mirage and Cache as their strong point. Fnatic is just fnatic. Brollan, JW and Flusha doing crazy unexpected shit. They are good - but they will never get #1. They are just not consistent enough. EG seemed to know how to engage Astralis - but they kinda fell short after their small #1 streak.
2019-12-02 02:44
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